Back from Asia – Instagram

I am finally back from my three week vacation!
For starters I will sum up my experience and post some Instagram pictures since I filled 40GB on my SD Card and it will take a while to find the best pictures. Also I have an exam tomorrow and next week, those need attention as well ;)

From the three countries I visited, Cambodia was my favourite part of the whole trip.

shooting_vienna_cambodia shooting_vienna_cambodia
I loved to explore the many temples in Siem Reap, eat the yummy food and enjoy the sun and the humidity of the jungle.
The country is poorer than the Philippines but I felt a lot safer there and we even got back the cameras my dad forgot twice without any problem.
If you haven’t been to Siem Reap yet, you should or at least write it down on your to-do list!shooting_vienna_cambodia
We had a package tour which was great since everything was being taken care of and we had a personal driver and tourist guide.

I was actually looking forward to Seoul the most but it was so cold (-10 with wind), we could not enjoy our sight-seeing that much.

shooting_vienna_korea shooting_vienna_korea shooting_vienna_korea

The food we ate was great though and if you need a cheap but clean and central hotel with an awesome breakfast buffed I can recommend you mine, which was Wonsville. It is located near the Myengdong shopping street and the underground station of Myengdong.

In the Philippines we had lots and lots of family reunions  since we only visit every 5-6 years due to the expensive plane ticket and the long vacation one has to take. But when we do it is always lovely to see everyone again!

shooting_vienna_philippines shooting_vienna_philippines
My Cousin married and it was great to experience a wedding in another country, especially since it was a beautiful event and I am glad I could attend this special occasion!



Lechon which is roast pig is probably the national dish here, no party would be complete without lechon!


Molly has two different eye colours and gave recently birth to a kitten which has yet to be named. It is so tiny!

shooting_vienna_philippines shooting_vienna_philippines

Elza is a golden retriever mix with a japanese spitz and the cutest dog ever and really fluffy. So sad I could not take her here with me. I miss her already.


Over New Year we stayed in Boracay, an Island famous for its fine white sand beaches. We stayed there 6 years ago but it we did not enjoy it that much because exactly during the time we stayed there we had a taifun and only rain, which is unnatural for December but hey climate change can’t be denied any more. Also it is a lot more commercialised with a lot more people than we expected but on the one day we had good weather we enjoyed the beach in its natural state, far away from all people.   shooting_vienna_philippines


Now I have to catch up on all those interesting and fun posts I missed from you guys and study a bit :)


Wedding at DZ

I read on my way to university in the newspaper that there will be a wedding at Dz (DonauZentrum) which I found really weird.
Maybe because I have worked there and have a dislike for shopping malls or because I really dislike that yellow light which makes me super tired.
Or maybe because it is just very random to me because there are so many beautiful locations in Vienna to get married but in the end it is not my business since it is not my wedding ;)
Well I was surprised on Friday evening when the Mister and me rushed to DZ, hoping to beat the closing time so he can pick up his shoes, to actually see the wedding celebration there. They were in the middle of a Wedding Quiz similar to Millionenshow.


Picture is straight from my phone hence the quality.