Partial Eclipse in Vienna

Could you catch a glimpse of the eclipse?


I luckily did not have to work and had the time to check it out before I had to rush into the taxation office.


It looked quite unspectacular and I just found out later by checking my pictures again that the partial eclipse can be noticed on this little sun flare speck? I don’t know how to call that but I am glad I took the time to enjoy this unspectacular natural phenomena that looks cooler on the pictures than it did in real life ;)

The eclipse reminds me of Doctor who, surprise surprise, and I can’t wait for the next season to start :)


Rainbow weather

Autumn is coming and demonstrating it by sending cold gusts of wind, rain and lots of clouds. Besides that, if you walk around with your eyes searching the skies you often see wonderful rainbow stretching out over the dark clouds.

My mood is never affected by bad weather, I just need a cup of tea and I am ready for the day :) but a small and beautiful surprises like a rainbow, makes me smile every time I spot one.



November 26 Photo Challenge – Something Old

Photo Challenge: Something old


My interpretation: I did not upload a “real” picture of Vienna for a long time and thought this challenge was appropriate. It started to snow here in Vienna yesterday for a short time but today there were huge and lovely flakes floating from the sky so I had to include them in the picture aswell because fresh falling snow is awesome :)

History to the building: This building (even though you cannot see a lot of it in the picture) is called the Bielerhof, named after the swiss town Biel that send the Viennese people living in Floridsdorf (the 21rst district in Vienna)  food and all kinds of support after the second world war. This building is also a piece of the rotes Wien which symbolizes the time after the first world war when the social democrats ruled and built around 63 000 affordable appartements with electricity and running water in Vienna which at the time was not the norm. They are still very popular because living in a Gemeindebau is a lot cheaper than in a normal flat.

Cool down and shy rainbow

After those very hot weeks with 40° in Vienna the rain and cool down was very much welcome.
Due to the balcony of the boyfriend I had a pretty awesome view after enjoying some home-made chicken fajitas I could catch a glimpse of a shy rainbow peeking behind those clouds and disappearing quite soon. Unfortunately my camera decided in that moment to be out of batteries and so I had to rely on my phone to shoot some evidence. I love being up there at the 8th floor because I live at the ground floor and do not have any great view over Vienna. Which is very sad.. but hey at least I have an awesome view sometimes and hopefully if everything works out more permanent in the future :)