Vegan Beauty Basket March Edition

I have been super eager to receive this parcel! shooting_vienna_veganbeautybasketmarch
A present to oneself is one of the best… besides having a great time with people you love and home-made cookies ;)
Talking about presents, it was my birthday on Saturday and I had a really great time.
We stayed up really late, had great conversations and cheap booze.
I celebrated at Rupp’s, an Irish Pub at Arbeitergasse 46 which I can totally recommend! It is super cozy and they only serve vegetarian dishes (with vegan options) which I think is a nice alternative.

Ok random input end, now back to the beauty box.
The February edition which I talked already about here, wowed me a bit more but I still like all of the content except the eye-shadow colours which I sadly could not choose myself.
Eskay – Deo Cream 7€
I had the option to choose the scent here and I opted for rose with bergamot. The other options were lavender, mint and a neutral scent. I generally love deo creams and really like the consistency and scent!

Michael Droste-Laux – alkaline gem bath salt 2,5€
Since I just have a shower and no bath tube I wasn’t sure if I can try it out but apparently you can also use it as a foot- or hand bath!

Evolve organic Beauty – Hand/Body wash + lotion 4,5€ and 5,5€
I love the fresh and earthy orange scent with wood accents. Since the bottles are the perfect travel size I will save them for my next trip.

Highdroxy – Face Serum 34€
My face had some dry patches but it got a lot better after only one use of the serum. It is made up from mandelic acid and supposedly should help renew my first skin layer. From the whole box this was is my favourite item!

Purobio – Eye shadow Pallet 12,99€
I love nude shades for my eyes and would never haven chosen those colours. So either I get adventures or I will give it away to a friend who can appreciate that pallet more than me.
Have a nice week ahead of you!


Vegan Beauty Basket – February Edition

Since I changed my shopping last year to cruelty-free make-up, I also wanted to use more natural ingredients for my biggest organ, the skin.
Most of the natural cosmetic brands are very new to me and it can be quite expensive to try out lots of new products. I am glad that I found the vegan beauty basket because everything they offer is 100% vegan and cruelty free and the value of the box is always higher than what you pay!

I waited till the end of the month so I will be able to review the products better and how I like them, opposed to an unboxing where I can just tell you the products.

Inner Soul Organics (20€) – It smells heavenly of roses and jasmin and is a great body peel. You can also use it as bath salts (that’s what the instructions said) but since I don’t have a bath I will stick to it being a scrub. My skin feels not only scrubbed and cleaned, the skin is wonderfully smooth since jojoba extract has been added.

Pure Skin Food Toner (15,90€) – It supposedly should smell like roses, I am actually not too fond of the smell but it is really refreshing and soaks in really fast while hydrating the skin. In the evening, I like to seal the toner in with the kiehls midnight recovery concentrate, both work really well together. The pure skin food toner definitely works better than other toners I tried.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel (12,5€) – My skin has sometimes red patches after showering and this gel is perfect for soothing my skin. You can also share it with a Mister in your life, since it is good after a shave or just general after hair-removal or a sunbath.

Rivelles Eyecream (38€) – Wow, an expensive eye-cream. I am sharing this with the Mister. I actually don’t really have wrinkles and for me it is easier to see a difference on somebody else you see everyday than on myself with no wrinkles to begin with ;) The cream is light and is also absorbed quite fast.

Neobio Concealer Stick (3,99€)- Normally they always have one product where you can choose either the colour, the smell or other factors and I wish they would have given the option for the concealer stick since a lot of people have a lot of different skin tones and this is definitely not fitting everyone. For me it would be fine for my whiter winter skin but I am not too fond of the texture. It somehow does not blend in that smoothly and looks cakey on me.

i+m Ginseng Zaubernuss Fußcreme (8€) – I like the foot cream, especially in winter and how quickly it dries. Nothing more annoying then wanting to snuggle into the warm bed and having to wait for your feet to dry :P

The only things I did not try are the small samples from White Rabbit Skincare day and night cream. Both are supposed to be very mild and soothing and I will try them out asap. I must admit I forgot about them, sitting in my cupboard since the sample is really small.


In every basket you will find at least 5 items. You can order the basket as a present, once to test it out or monthly, which you can cancel any time after 3 months. There are no shipping charges if you live in Germany and the delivery to Austria and Switzerland is around 5€. In case you live in a different EU country you can just send them an email and ask them about the shipping price. I don’t think it is too bad since the box is worth more than the normal price plus shipping. For 3 months plus shipping I paid 87,63€ compared to the value of the February box alone which was around 100€ it is a real bargain.

Do you have any boxes you like or do you not like those surprise packets?

All opinions are my own, I did not get send the box or got paid writing about it. I am just really impressed by their offer and products and want to share my experience with you :)


Vidoni is a recently opened ice-cream shop with lots of vegan options near Landstraße (next to Joseph Brot) with interesting flavour combinations and a medium offer of outdoor seats.

I love the look of their logo especially their font!

Texture wise vegan ice-cream is of course not comparable to normal ice-cream but what I also like about them is that they don’t use soy milk.
I am not a huge fan of soy milk since it has a very strong taste of its own and distracts the pureness of taste.
The milk they are using is made from organic oats, coconuts and rice which are more flavour neutral in my opinion.

shooting_vienna_vidoni shooting_vienna_vidoni
The flavour I had was matcha with lemon, which was really sour and refreshing, while the Mister enjoyed tropic and vanilla.
They even offer delivery from the first to the third district by bike so you won’t have to get out into the heat yourself and enjoy it from home :)

Swing Kitchen

Since last year, burger in Vienna is the new black and lots of new burger places popped up like baby ducklings in the spring. The best comparison I could come up with at the moment.
Burgers were one of my favourite foods but since I would get a tummy ache after any burger, I shy away from them now and eat them less seldom.


I visited the first vegan burger place called swing kitchen near Zieglergasse to see how they keep up to regular burgers and if my tummy would be ok.
The interior look is definitely a plus and has an international feel to it. Berlin, London or New York? Probably just my Fernweh talking here ;)


The burger menu is very affordable and I paid 7,8€ for the vegan burger, fries and my lemonade.
The service was friendly and the burger very quickly ready to be eaten and tested.


You can check their menu here.

The taste was better than I expected and I enjoyed my burger. The fries were a bit over salted though and the vegan cheese on Coco’s burger tasted way too strong.



Vegan burgers are something you have to try  out for yourself but I was satisfied with my choice. They also offer salads and I heard a lot of good reviews about the vegan chicken nuggets. I did feel bloated with my tummy grumbling so I guess I still have to see what causes my “burger allergy”.




Please tell me I am not the only one who did not know what tiger milk is?

The Mister and me were on the way to Veganista when we stopped in front of this place and could not leave without trying this weird drink.


It actually is made out of tiger nuts and reminded me texture-wise of chai/ginger tea with a strong lemon flavour. I am still not sure if I liked it or not, it was just so weird.


The Mister ordered the miso and potato soup which was super yummy and later had the tofu sandwich. As you have guessed from that pattern, yes this shop is vegan!




In case you are intrigued by my wonderful recommendation of this tiger milk, you can check it out here for prices and more information.

Loving Hut – Restaurant Review

Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant, located in two places in Vienna, at Neubaugasse and Favoritenstraße.


The boyfriend and me decided spontaneous to try it out and went for the one in the 10th district (Favoritenstraße for all not-Viennese people ;))
We arrived right on the doorstep at the opening time and chose the seat next to the heater since it was still cold that night.


I skimmed through the card and was wowed by the value-for-money ratio  since they make sure that their products are not GMO and most of their fruit and vegetables is biological and from fair trade as stated on their website.


As a starter we chose the golden wontons (4,2€ for 7 pieces) which was a solid dish. Crispy on the outside with a yummy and succulent filling.

For mains I went with Bun Thit Nuong (8,99€)  and the boyfriend had Combo spicy chacha.


My dish was excellent, it was perfectly seasoned and I am not 100% sure what my “meat” was but it was really similar to meat with a nice smoky note from the wok. Everything worked really nicely together and yes I am recommending you this dish ;)


The “meat” from the Combo spicy chacha was nice and crispy I liked the seasoning of my dish more though.

The desserts are also  fairly priced but we were too stuffed to eat some more. I would love to try out their banana split (3,99€).

They offer a two-course lunch offer for only 7,5€, I will have to try it out in the near future!

Their homepage is here and I hope you enjoy your food as much as we did!

Formosa – Vegan Restaurant review


Formosa is nestled in a side street of Mariahilferstraße in the Barnabitengasse 6 and is a small restaurant also selling vegan snacks and a proper shop is next door. The boyfriend and me wanted to check out the shop but it was closed for some reason, so I can just tell you about the restaurant.


I was intriguied by the drinks they had in the display window but sadly they only offer them in summer. I shall come back to get myself this mango yakult drink!

After taking a long time choosing between the yummy sounding dishes we chose to share the lemon “chicken”. The dish was tasty and I liked the soy stuff trying to be chicken but the sauce was a tad too sour. Probably because of all those chunks of lemon in the sauce.
Next time I will have to try out their burgers, the cute family opposite of us seemed to enjoy them a lot.
I ordered some green tea and was delighted when I got a huge cup of tea for just 2€!


Beware, the restaurant is quite small and only offers seats to about 12 people but you can take-away your order too.

The boyfriend tested out another vegan restaurant without me but keeps on raving about it and their perfect seasoning to all of our friends. It is called loving hut. I will have to try it out for you guys, or have you went there already?