What’s in my hand luggage for two weeks in Tokyo

I like to travel light and only packed clothes for a week, you never know what clothes or items you find while strolling in a new city! Clothes can easily be washed in the hotel and worn again to safe precious space in your luggage. It is Autumn now that’s why I opted for clothes that could be easily combined (neutral colours) and layered, if needed.

My clothes:

  • underwear for a week
  • 2 bras
  • socks for a week and one stocking (I packed some cute socks in case I need to take of my shoes)
  • 2 dresses (one more casual and one for fancy restaurants)
  • 1 jeans
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 short sleeves tops
  • 4 long sleeves tops
  • pyjamas
  • 1 pair of sport shoes for walking around
  • 1 pair of Chelsea boots for a more polished look (easy to wear and get out of again)



  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deo creme
  • Hairbrush and hair ties
  • Make-up (just the basics but anyone can take as much or less as they feel comfortable with ;))


  • My DSLR
  • Mobile phone
  • MP3 player
  • Chargers for every device
  • Travel adapter

I decided to leave my e-book reader at home because I easily get motion sickness and rather observe people in airports and in a foreign country than read a book I can read anywhere and whenever. I’d rather lay at home on the couch with a hot mug of tea, for a good read.


  • earplugs for the plane
  • nasal spray against air plane bacteria
  • (empty) memo bottle to bring onto plane
  • Neck croissant
  • Japanese phrase book
  • cash
  • photocopies of passport and other documents (reservations for example)
  • scarf for the plane
  • emergency medicine for headaches, cramps and motion sickness
  • Gifts from Vienna/Austria to give friends
  • weighing scale
  • pento fill out the custom sheet
  • umbrella

Do you have any tips on what I should bring for my visit to Tokyo in Autumn?
Did I forget anything important?
I am a bit late with posting this since I will be flying tonight but I hope your tips still reach me in time :)


Plan your trip to Tokyo with Odigo and Apps

I have been longing to visit Japan for about 11 years now and finally me and the Mister have the time and money to fulfill this wish of mine. Since I can be over the top with planning things and I just can’t seem to live without to-do lists, I already wrote out everything I want to see/do, what I want to take pictures of and of course, what I want to eat. I get too excited and pack my travel bag way too early (weeks in advance) and have weekly dreams revolving about my trip to Japan. Only a week to go, whoop whoop!

It just shows how excited I am and just thinking about this trip is getting me all fired up!
The platform that helped me out a lot with planning this trip is Odigo which is a great online tool to sort all activities by day. What I like best is that you see each activity/place on a map and therefore lose less time by trying to do two things that are on the opposite of Tokyo.


You can see the route I planned on Odigo, it is great for sharing since Erwin will also accompany us and we can compare our plans quite easily like this.
When you are done with your planning you have the option to download the travel itinerary, you created as a PDF file.


Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists

iPhone Screenshot 1

Other tools that are very helpful for your Japan trip are apps. The ones I installed are the Japanese railway guide (can also be used offline), a GPS tracker to see where I have been, maps me (also offline available) and of course google translate.

We are going to book a pocket wi-fi which seems to be the best option.
You can also use the wi-fi at Starbucks Japan but you need to be registered in this network first and need to confirm your e-mail, which is of course best done beforehand or in your hotel is possible.


Do you have any tipps for me regarding my Tokyo trip? I would love to hear from you :)

This post is not sponsored by Odigo or anyone else, everything is my own opinion.

Bratislava Summer Vacation

Due to the new flat I now share with the Mister and our little Percy we do not have a huge budget for vacation but we did have a blast and enjoyed our little trip to Bratislava.
Bratislava is not very big, especially when you come from Vienna but it does have its own little charm if you look closely!

shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2  shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2 shooting_vienna_bratislava2

Soon after that a very good friend of Germany came to visit me and we explored Bratislava together to find her an apartment! She aced the entrance exam and will study in Bratislava! I am not only super proud but I am glad that we can now spend more time together (if she won’t be too busy studying ;))


Seoul is a huge city and definitely needs more days than I had available to explore the capital of South Korea.
We explored mostly the areas around Myeongdong, Insadong and Dongdaemun.Also winter is not really the best time of the year to get the feeling of Seoul, so I need to come back someday and give the city another shot.
Now onwards to the real post ;)

How to get there: Korean air – I am not a big fan of flying but I enjoyed the service of Korean air and definitely would fly again with them.
The stewardess were super nice, we were offered a lot of drinks (hydration is very important!) and the food did not taste that bad.
If they offer Bibimbap you should definitely order this, a lot of people recommend it and I also think it is one of their best meals!


What to see: The top three tourist attractions for me, if you don’t have a lot of time to discover Seoul are:

1) Gyeongbokgung Palace



(technically this was shot at some other palace but I forgot the name of it and I really like the picture and did not know where else to put it ;))

2) Insadong (the traditional neighbourhood)


I just loved all those tiny shops selling handicrafts and traditional Korean items. Too bad I don’t need a massive paintbrush!


I thought this was cute,  Starbucks written in Hangul. They probably had to do it because of the area being traditional? I know that in the traditional shopping street of Salzburg all the shops are required to have “old metal signs” and even Mcdonalds has a different metal logo that looks pretty oldschool.

3) N Seoul Tower


In all the tourist guides they said that we should go to N Seoul Tower but we did not go into the building itself and just stayed on the observation deck. It would cost 9.000W to go inside but it did not seem that necessary to us.

You can technically walk up the hill but in Winter it is advised to just take the cable car. We actually planned on going up but the streets were already slippery enough due to the snow and ice so we did not want to risk it and the ticket for both ways is just 8.500W per Person.




It is a tradition for couples to leave a locket here. It is really impressive how many lockets there are!
I wonder if people ever take any off for safety reasons, because those lockets may be too heavy?


What to eat and drink:

It is all about the grilled meat and bibimbap for me!





People recommended to try the banana milk which I loved. Surprisingly the banana flavour is quite subtle and not very artificial.

Don’t forget their wide variety of street foods they offer.



Where to shop: Our hotel was located at Myeongdong, one of the busiest shopping streets of Seoul.



I loved the more traditional shops in Insadong which you have seen above, selling handicrafts and creative goods.

General information:

  • Get a transportation card which will make travelling with public transport a lot easier.
  • You are not obliged to give tip (sometimes there is already a service charge).
  • Drivers can be a bit crazy so be careful while crossing the street, especially look out for crazy taxi drivers!
  • There is a serious lack in bins and you are stuck with your garbage for most of the time.
  • Most of the people we asked don’t speak English or just very little.
  • Shops mostly have free wi-fi, you just need to ask for the code

What I loved:
-the Korean breakfast buffet at our hotel
– hot toilet seats are a real treat in winter!
– the mix of old temples and skyscrapers, it just looked fantastic! I loved the stark contrast between old and new. What do you think of it?
-the free pickles you get with a meal
– the very modern airport which is huge, lots to do if you have a long stop-over like me
-super nice coffee and teashops with the best lattes to warm you up
-artbox (if you love cute stuff, stationary and anything fun you don’t really need, this is THE place for you!) I bought myself a polaroid album for my fuji instax mini pictures, a cute card and a comb. I restrained myself but it was really hard!

What I didn’t like:
– the cold
–  they don’t seem to know the concept of just wanting to browse products in peace so there is always a salesperson right next to you, even if they hardly speak any English they will try and offer you their products. I know that this also happens in the Philippines and in other Asian countries but I still just want to look in peace since I am a bit overwhelmed with all those new products I have never seen before.
-if you change tube line it can be a looot of walking and be sure to know which exist you need to take, there can be 10 (or more) different exits!
– we kinda got ripped off at a restaurant and at a food stall on our first day, so always compare prices!

My hotel: We stayed at Wons Ville Myeongdong Hotel and I can totally recommend it.
It is very affordable, clean, the staff is very friendly and best of all they have an amazing breakfast buffet with many Korean dishes.

For breakfast they had cereals, salad, japchae, seaweed riceballs, kimchi, pak choi and mushrooms, egg, sausages, bread, ddeokbokki, daily soup and vegetable rice. I especially loved their japchae, I wish I could have that every breakfast :)


What to pack (for winter): Every single warm clothing you possible have and dress like an onion with many layers to survive the cold.
When we stayed in Korea it was -10° and with the cold wind it felt like -15°, especially great when you are on the N Seoul Tower, have forgotten your gloves and try to snap pictures in that freezing weather.

We did not need an adapter for Korea since they also have 220 Volts.

If I forgot to mention anything interesting to you or you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
I am by no means an expert of Seoul but maybe I can help you anyways.

Bratislava Trip

The Mister and me have been in Bratislava last weekend, which is the perfect get-away from Vienna for two reasons.


Number 1) It is just an hour away from Vienna Hauptbahnhof to Bratislava Hl. and number 2) it is a lot cheaper compared to Austria.
Just get a EUregio Ticket at an ÖBB counter for one person it is just 15€ for going there and back again, trains leaving every hour!

I actually was surprised about the price difference because I thought it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Another positive surprise was that the shops  in Slovakia are open on Sunday!
We didn’t know about that but a lot of Austrians come here to get some shopping done since Austria is mostly dead and boring on a Sunday.

I can be a bit stingy but I would always think; Why should I pay the full price if I can get the same service/product for less?
We stayed at the Austrian Trend Hotel, for 2 nights with a great breakfast buffet (a guy makes you fresh omelettes) and it was only 44€ per Person!
If you are interested swing over to this site and buy your voucher, it is valid for 3 years and a really great offer!

The location was perfect, just 1km away from the train station, near the city centre and the room was really spacious and comfortable.


After inspecting our neat room we dropped our bags and went to discover the city streets of Bratislava. Huge picture spam below!

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

Chestnuts, 200g for only 2,4€! In Vienna you pay around 2€ for just 6-7 pieces. The Mister and me were in chestnut heaven and very very happy.

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

It is our tradition to check out supermarkets when we are in another country to see what they have to offer and we stumbled over a shelf stuffed with different kinds of Marlenka! Marlenka is one of the Mister’s most favourite cakes and it is a delicious walnut and honey cake, especially great for autumn and winter.

shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

For dinner we went to the Slovak pub near our hotel which was lovely and very cheap. They had traditional Slovak food which we curiously tried out.


shooting_vienna_bratislava shooting_vienna_bratislava

garlic soup served in a bread bowl 3,5€ for the Mister.


and a tasty cabbage soup with sausages for me for 1,9€.


and this traditional dish which was some kind of potato spaetzle with bryndza, a salted cheese from sheep milk topped with crispy bacon fat.
I didn’t like the pieces of pure fried fat but the rest was yummy for only 3,9€.

After dinner we walked till the shopping centre Eurovea and found Bubbleology there after storming to Marks & Spencers food section.


Sadly the matcha latte did not taste like matcha at all and they didn’t have my favourite topping namely tapioca left but I still love the interior and concept of the store.


We really enjoyed our trip to Bratislava and plan on coming back spontaneous again, probably just for a day since it is really not that far away.

Have you been to Bratislava and have recommendations for my next visit? Please let me know :)

Shooting Linz

Summer seems to be fading away already and on Saturday I escaped rainy Vienna for sunny and warm Linz.
Sounds like a good deal. Yeah it was! Lisa showed me around her home town and I really enjoyed my short day trip.

shootinglinz (1)

shootinglinz (2)

I was looking forward to Izakaya but sadly the restaurant had to be closed today.. oh well can’t be helped.

shootinglinz (3)

We decided to eat instead some austrian cuisine and ate in Stieglbräu zum Klosterhof.

shootinglinz (5)

Lots of meat! That’s why I rarely eat austrian dishes, the portions are too big and it feels unhealthy but once in a while it’s ok. I guess ;)
shootinglinz (6)

After food we decided to get rid of those calories and enjoyed the exhibition Höhenrausch were you could climb a tower which felt at least 100 meters high even though it is only about 30 meters but anyway great view over the city.  :D

The ants were made by the artist Rafael Gòmezbarros and I don’t know if they had a special meaning but they were a great for pictures.

shootinglinz (8)

shootinglinz (9)

Lisa having fun in the bamboo tunnel.

shootinglinz (10)

Peeking at the church which is overtaken by the ants.

shootinglinz (11)

Inside the bamboo building it was great to sit in some shade and relax even though the bamboo was not the most comfortable material :)

shootinglinz (12)

A better view of the ants on the church with some lens flare.

shootinglinz (13)

A view on the restaurant we had lunch.

shootinglinz (14)

People enjoying the view.

shootinglinz (15)

shootinglinz (16)

shootinglinz (17)

Out on the streets again we stumbled over this cute stall selling corn. Oh it smelled delicious!

shootinglinz (18)

Elections for the National Council are soon in Austria and the new NEOS party is distributing flyers. Yes their colour is pink ;)
shootinglinz (19)

Up up to have a nice view over Linz.

shootinglinz (20)

shootinglinz (21)

Sinfully delicious. I love Schaumrollen and these were freshly made and divine.

The dough is puff pastry and the filling is egg white with sugar. Very sweet but so yummy!

I could have stuffed my face and tummy with those if I would not have been so stuffed from lunch.

shootinglinz (22)

The bakery Jindrak sells amazing cakes since 1929 and their strawberry Kardinalschnitte was so good I ate two of them..
I also bought Esterhazyschnitte for the boyfriend which he loves and which I liked a lot because of its nutty flavour.

Kardinalschnitte is a very fluffy sponge cake with baiser topping and marmelade as filling. It tastes very light but these are far away from being a low calorie dessert so beware ;) Esterhazyschnitte is made up of hazelnut cake with creme and the distinct glaze on top which is a black pattern on white background.
The prices were not bad considering the great quality, the pieces cost around 2,50€.
And oh I would drive to Linz again only for those yummy cakes :)