Tart’a Tata

Nothing better than strolling around the city and tanking up on energy with some cakes. Sadly our favourite go-to place, namely Brass monkey (cupcakes!!), is closed for vacation. Tart’a Tata had to substitute and we weren’t disappointed.


They have an open view kitchen and the huge tarts cooling off at the window are the perfect advertisement.




I went with this lovely brownie fraised 3,9€ and the Mister had the chocolate cake version of mine for 3,8€.
They also had huge macarons! Maybe next time.


Both tasted great, I loved his cake more though. It was still warm, out of the oven and was gooey chocolatey but not too heavy, with a nice crunch from the base.

So do try out their tarts if you have the chance or let me know if you have any favourites from Tart’a Tata :)



First Pavlova attempt

Pavlova is on my list of favourite desserts and just perfect for summer!
I never tried to make one myself but finally got to do one and hopefully the other attempts will yield better results.

It did not turn out perfect since I did not beat the egg whites long enough and thus it became a big dome with lots of air inside instead of a cute pavlova nest but I am not complaining, it still tasted great and had a nice crunch to it.

From this huge fellow:


To these pavlova pieces topped with lemon curd and fruit.



I just love the sugary crunch of the meringue, the sweet and sour note of the curd and the freshness of the fruits all in one bite.

What is your perfect summer dessert at the moment? :)


Donuts in Vienna

Up until Tasty Donuts opened this year their doors, there was shockingly no donut shop in Austria.
I would often joke with friends that we should open a shop and get rich since there is quite a demand.
Well Tasty Donuts and now the new runner-up Donut Heaven have beaten me to it and I have to find another way to earn money ;)

I have been with Saher to Tasty Donuts ages ago but somehow I forgot to write about it and now I have two donut places for you, also not that bad!

Tasty Donuts can be found near Karlsplatz at Wiednerhauptstraße 15.

Luckily when we went there, the queue was not very long since I hate long lines but you should be prepared to wait for a while. In the mean time you can check out the donuts or read their menu with all their different donut types. They even have some places to sit but the size of the shop is not that huge.



I chose the Cookie and Cream Donut and Saher had the Cake Donut, both with vanilla filling and 1,65€.

shooting_vienna-donuts  shooting_vienna-donuts

They didn’t skimp on the filling and I liked the crunch of the donuts but that special oomph! was missing.
I would love to try out more flavours but at the moment I am not craving any donuts. Will have to wait a bit.

Last Thursday when the boyfriend and me skipped classes to enjoy the sunshine together at Mariahilferstraße we noticed a donut sign which lead us into a courtyard, to a guy selling donuts for 1,5€ and Krownuts 3,5€  (as he called them, maybe because of the copyright?), in a tiny car. He explained that this is just a pilot experiment to see if people like his idea.
The filling was nougat and not as creamy as Tasty Donuts but equal in quality I would say. If you want to check out this mysterious donut car, it is located at Mariahilferstraße 101.



Brass Monkey aka my favourite cupcake place in Vienna

This tiny jewel of a cosy coffee and cupcake place is located at Gumpendorferstraße 71.


It is becoming a habit of mine and the boyfriend to stop by for some sweet delights.
Yesterday when we went there again they even offered a vegan cookie sunday, beside vegan cupcakes. It looked super tasty but we already had stuffed ourselves and may try it out next time.


I am always drawn towards cupcakes in a combination with chocolate and fresh fruits. Here the frosting was cream cheese with nutella and raspberry. Mhm~
The moist cupcake base is definitely better than in most places and I enjoy their cream cheese frostings more than the normal buttercream, which is always so heavy and rich.


I just love their cacao, they melt the chocolate with milk in a pan and pour it in a mug in front of you for some show factor ;)
You can choose between milk or dark chocolate and a cup is 3,5€ if I am not mistaken.
The boyfriend always loves the foam on top of his coffee, can’t say much about the coffee though since I don`t drink it but he likes it  a lot!

The interior is cute and simple, with a long table for all customers to share.
The only thing that I would add are some labels for the cupcakes since you always need to ask which flavours they have but beside this, there is nothing to complain about.


Oh and they have a special offer that if you take 5 cupcakes the 6th is for free ;)

Some more Instagram pictures to show you:





Heidi Chocolate

Heidi chocolate was founded 1994 in Switzerland and belongs to the Meinl group since April.

I first discovered Heidi chocolate in Poland where I had an Amazonas edition with the flavour, dark chocolate, passion fruit, lime and almond.
It tasted really great and I am delighted that Heidi chocolate is now also sold in Vienna (at the Meinl on Graben)


There are lots of intriguing flavour combinations. These are the ones the boyfriend got me:

Pear and Almonds – self explanatory ;)

Mexico – Dark chocolate with Guava, Papaya and Chili

Himalaya – Goji berries, Pomegranate and Ginger.

Sicilia – Pistachio, Blood Orange and Basil

Florentine – Milk chocolate with caramelized Almonds

I loved Sicilia the most because the chocolate was fruity yet very rich with spices. It kinda reminded me of gingerbread if that makes sense.

Mexico and Himalaya both were not bad with a very fruity smell.
The Florentine chocolate was really crispy and crunchy with a slight hint of salt.

My least favourite was the Almond with Pears because the Pear flavour tasted too artificial.

shootingvienna109 Himalaya Chocolate looking fancy :)