Often, when I am in a bad mood or just generally feel grumpy, food will lift up my mood by a big notch.
I know that it is often just a mind-set but once in a while I think it is ok to be unsatisfied.
It gives you the opportunity to reflect and makes you think about actions you need to undertake to improve yourself and your life.


Anyway, in German we call something a Stimmungsaufheller, that literally means to brighten up your mood.
The Mister is very thoughtful and knows that I love the millefeuille from Joseph Brot.

At the moment they even have a different versions with fruit (but I still prefer the original one!).
The other piece we shared was a brownie tart with raspberries and white chocolate cream.

There is no chance anyone can be grumpy after those ;)

Cooling down

The temperature in Vienna is this week constantly over 30 degrees.
I don’t want to complain but it does get pretty exhausting to do anything in this heat outside!

My favourite thing is to explore unfamiliar and strange hallways that store the cold, all without any air conditioning.
Sadly my new apartment has a very hot staircase but if you sneak into old buildings, you will often find a cooling draft that is welcoming you.

shooting_vienna_hallway  shooting_vienna_hallwayshooting_vienna_hallway

I am curious what your secret weapon is against the heat. Let me know ;)

Drinks in Summer

The temperatures which have been quite pleasant so far rose and we have around 30-33°C here in Vienna.

I am far more comfortable with temperatures around 20-25°C and shy away from the heat as much as I can.
Since keeping yourself hydrated in summer is very important I thought I’d make a short post about different drinks that are perfect for my summer!

The first drinks I want to mention are the biological (alcohol-free) cocktails from Voelkel, which can be found at Denn’s Biomarkt. I especially love the flavour of Caipirinha and Chai Mango, so refreshing and authentic! Pina Colada did not taste that great though, better to make it yourself!


My favourite Fentimans drink is the CherryTree Cola. It is super sweet and reminds me of my favourite cherry coke gummi bears from Bärenland.


You gotta try them, half a kilo is just about 3,8€ and they have the perfect soft texture.


Qcucumber water is not something I can drink pure since the cucumber taste is too strong for my liking but it is great for cocktails. Especially great for cucumber enthusiasts ;)
I have seen it being sold at the Pie Factory and 12munchies.


Last but not least, cooled down Korean barley tea. I can’t give up on tea no matter the temperature! Got mine from Coco but you can get barley tea from Nakwon, the korean supermarket in Vienna. I just love the nutty flavour it has.



Summer Portraits

I love taking pictures and am a lot more comfortable behind the camera instead in front of it.
Since Coco decided that she wants to become a make-up artist I let myself be the guinea pig and brought my camera along for the experiment.
Make-up and hair were done by Coco as well as the pictures. The editing afterwards were done by me.



Next outfit and in the beautiful garden of Coco I showed you last time!






It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out quite nice. Even though my natural smile like in the last picture always makes me look like I am plotting something with an evil smile.


8-Bit Sunglasses

My Facebook feed is overflowing with people in bathing suits or pictures of swimming pools and lakes. Summer is great but since I have a sun allergy I stay mostly indoors all day if I have the chance and crawl out around 4pm when the sun is less aggressive and more bearable.
To make summer more fun I recently bought new sunglasses in 8-bit style. I love them and never forget my sunglasses at home anymore.


In case you also want to get a pair, jump over to sheinside, mine cost roughly about 10€ or 13$.


#nomakeup #hidingbehindglasses etc. ;)

Cheers and have a great week ahead!


Summer Samba – exotic and delicious ice-cream

I knew about Summer Samba already about a year but now I have finally made it there and let me tell you, it is worth it!
Worth what? The calories and all your money! Yeah you heard me!
Located at Yppenplatz 1, Summer Samba offers only exotic (mostly fruit) ice-cream from the area around and of Brasil.


The flavours are: Acai, Acerola, Caju, Chocolate, Goiaba, Graviola, Guave, Mango, Maracuja, Pitanga, Tapereba, Vanilla and Umbu.
On the website you can already inform yourself in advance what fruits hide behind those names, how they taste like and what vitamins they contain.
Which is really helpful not to stand there like an idiot for an eternity because you can’t decide on a flavour.

I stood in front of the menu and had a hard time choosing but the woman behind the counter was friendly, explained the different flavours and gave me a sample of Caju, which is the fruit of the cashew nut!
It is hard to describe those exotic flavours because they are fruity but in different ways, which makes it difficult for me to find the right words for their flavour.

The boyfriend took graviola and tapereba whereas I stuck with the more “boring” flavours vanilla and maracuja.
Their vanilla is one of the best, rich vanilla flavour which reminds one of vanilla pudding. The maracuja was great aswell with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.
On top we got a little extra of a different ice-cream flavour to taste and the guave really tasted like the real fresh fruit.
graviola tasted mild, it reminded us of white chocolate whereas tapereba had a strong fruity acidity.

I can’t wait to go there again and would definitely recommend you to go there! ASAP!

This is their website:


Alte Donau

Alte Donau is the german name for old Danube and it is a side branch but not connected to the main river called Neue Donau which of course means new Danube :)

shootingvienna81 (1)

It is a great spot in summer and I am glad to not live far away from it. You can swim in the Danube and rent different kind of boats (if you are feeling lazy you can rent an electric one) to roam around on the water.
The Angelibad brings back memories.. it is a bathing beach with swimming pools and also offer mini-golf, which I love to play by the way. Nevermind that I am not a great player it’s a lot of fun!


Also there is a water park nearby which is a sanctuary for different kinds of birds like the great herons but of course also to ducks and swans.
Of course there also has to be a good place for ice-cream which is Birnders Eisdiele. I already posted about the pumpkin seed ice-cream which I had from there and is a must-try!


PS: I did not update because I was busy with university and came back only yesterday

from my trip to Bosnia but I will post now again more often (after my last exam on friday) :)