Summer Samba – exotic and delicious ice-cream

I knew about Summer Samba already about a year but now I have finally made it there and let me tell you, it is worth it!
Worth what? The calories and all your money! Yeah you heard me!
Located at Yppenplatz 1, Summer Samba offers only exotic (mostly fruit) ice-cream from the area around and of Brasil.


The flavours are: Acai, Acerola, Caju, Chocolate, Goiaba, Graviola, Guave, Mango, Maracuja, Pitanga, Tapereba, Vanilla and Umbu.
On the website you can already inform yourself in advance what fruits hide behind those names, how they taste like and what vitamins they contain.
Which is really helpful not to stand there like an idiot for an eternity because you can’t decide on a flavour.

I stood in front of the menu and had a hard time choosing but the woman behind the counter was friendly, explained the different flavours and gave me a sample of Caju, which is the fruit of the cashew nut!
It is hard to describe those exotic flavours because they are fruity but in different ways, which makes it difficult for me to find the right words for their flavour.

The boyfriend took graviola and tapereba whereas I stuck with the more “boring” flavours vanilla and maracuja.
Their vanilla is one of the best, rich vanilla flavour which reminds one of vanilla pudding. The maracuja was great aswell with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.
On top we got a little extra of a different ice-cream flavour to taste and the guave really tasted like the real fresh fruit.
graviola tasted mild, it reminded us of white chocolate whereas tapereba had a strong fruity acidity.

I can’t wait to go there again and would definitely recommend you to go there! ASAP!

This is their website: