Door No. 8

A pretty decent steak place has opened recently in the seventh district called Door no.8. They have a very special oven that heats up to a 1000°C and supposedly helps to make the steaks extra tender. Before the steak is experiencing the high heat, it is treated with the sous vide method beforehand.shooting_vienna_doorno8


I did enjoy my steak but could not really detect a difference by the special oven. Since I went with friends, we were able to try out more options and I can therefore recommend the flat iron steak. It is not only served a perfectly pink medium, the taste was super meaty and juicy. Since the steak is already filling enough, I think one side-dish is more than enough since my friends who ordered two side-dishes could not finish them.


The restaurant is quite nice, clean and modern. The prices on the other hand are not cheap and therefore I can only recommend the restaurant for a special occasion since the total price for food and drinks will add up to around 50€ (steak+side-dish+drink and depending on what you are ordering).

My only criticism is that the service is friendly but also a bit inexperienced. The waitress told us that the oven is very powerful and that we should order the level of doneness (I think I invented a word?!) lower than we actually want it to be in the end. Since I wanted a medium steak, I ordered medium rare but sadly got a very rare steak. After I asked for some more time in the oven, it came out perfectly medium. I can relate to her concern that the steaks will be overdone but her explanation did not make a lot of sense to me.


Have you been to Door no. 8 and enjoyed it?

I love recommendation so if you have a favourite steak restaurant, please let me know!
At the moment, my favourite place is Flatschers but me and the mister make pretty yummy steaks as well and we therefore seldom go out to eat steaks in general ;)


Ströck Feierabend

Ströck Feierabend is one of my go-to places on Saturdays. They offer delicious and regional food, they grow their own vegetables in Vienna and most important, they have awesome dessert ;)
As you may remember, I already blogged about their sinful crème brûlée Krapfen here.

In summer I tried out their steak sandwich which tasted pretty good but I wished there was more meat under that huge heap of arugula salad and parmesan cheese.
shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

Somehow I am not a huge fan of black forest cake, probably because my sister was obsessed with it when we were small and I got fed up after numerous of black forest cakes.
This pretty little cake was not bad, it was surprisingly light and fluffy and not heavy at all.

shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

Another time I went there with Coco after being back from London and we enjoyed those little treats of fruit cake.

shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

I sadly haven’t been there for a while as you can tell from my summery pictures but I do plan on dropping by soon.

One of my favourite seasons is Autumn and mainly because of all the great dishes you get at the moment. Nothing better than a hot stew or soup on cold and windy November days :)


Huth Da Moritz – Restaurant Review

Nearly exactly one year ago I already did a blog post about Da Moritz and was wowed by their three-course lunch.


After months of raving about their food I finally went there again with the Mister.


We didn’t nibble too much on the bread and olives since we had a three-course dinner with a 800g steak for the main course and needed the space.


Steak demands some nicely cooled coke. Perfect combination!


Antipasti da Moritz. If that isn’t a huge antipasti platter, I don’t know what is.

On the left was tasty ham, in the middle huge chunks of mozzarella with pesto, tomatoes and basil and on the right an even bigger portion of beef tartar with a super crisp bread on top. Behind the beef tartar you can make out the perfectly grilled bread with amazing tomato spread. Oh and of course the prosciutto on the thin bread sticks.


The beef tartar was my favourite! I just loved the flavours and the soft texture in contrast with the crunchy bread.


The waiter came with our 800gram Bistecca and cut it evenly into 400g pieces. We ordered it medium rare and it was definitely just medium but the beef was still very tasty and juicy.

It may look small on that large plate but we were quickly stuffed. I can recommend this dish to any meat lover!


The fries were so tasty as well, shame I could not eat that many. The were served with three dips which I forgot to take a picture of – whoopsies. Too busy eating ;)


The dinner ended with a refreshing iced tiramisu. The perfect size, I don’t think I could have eaten a bigger serving.

The food was delicious and great but the Bistecca was too much for us. We probably should not have had the entrée but then we would have missed that amazing beef tartar. harhar.
Finally got to make that joke ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Huth- Da Max – Restaurant Review

At the moment we have Restaurantwoche in Austria which means that in specific uptown restaurants you can dine a lot cheaper than you normally would.
I totally forgot to post about this special offer but there is another Restaurantwoche in Summer which I will let you know beforehand!
The website is here if you want to check it out.
A three course lunch is 19€ and a three course dinner is 29€ excluding drinks. Also if a restaurant has two or more Hauben (which are awards and I don’t know the english translation for that but you know what I mean, right?) you have to pay 10€ extra.

The boyfriend and me went yesterday to Da Max and we were positively impressed, mainly by the super soft Angus steak but let’s start from the beginning.

I liked the dark ambience, my camera not so much but please bear with the pictures I managed to take :)


The three-course menu offered two options with an additional vegetarian option if you asked for it.

For starters the boyfriend went with US roast beef with mustard sauce and pignoli-pepperonata while I had molten cheese with caramelized onions and apples.


Very fresh and light, I would have liked a bit more seasoning on this roast beef though. The bread had this characteristic smoky flavour from the charcoal-grill. Mhm!


My wonderful and gooey molten cheese! Perfect combination with the caramelized onions and the sweet apple, I really enjoyed this dish.

For mains we both took the Angus beef which was medium rare and perfectly soft, grilled over a charcoal-grill and served with vegetable terrine and parmesan-potato creme. The flavour of the meat was amazing and it felt like a fluffy cloud in your mouth.


After the two courses we were already pretty stuffed, I don’t know how we managed the desserts but we did somehow.

Desserts were picked and I ended up with a massive creme brulée on fire with complimenting mocha ice cream and berries while the boyfriend had lemon cake and vanilla ice cream.


Great crust on the creme brulée and the combination with the mocha fit very well.


The cake lacked a bit the lemon taste, it was very subtle but all in all a well done cake!

The service was attentive and very charming, I can definitely recommend you this place and shall return again to try out their burgers!
But for now my food baby and me wish you a good night ;)

El Gaucho – Restaurant Review

El Gaucho opened on the 26.9.13 in Vienna and is one of three restaurants, the other ones being in Baden and Graz.
The restaurant is located in the Design Tower at Praterstraße 1.


For our two-year anniversary we decided to try out their steak and we were not disappointed food and service-wise.

First of all the service was very attentive and it seemed that there was always a waiter near you even though the restaurant is weirdly shaped.
The ambience was ok, no smoking allowed and the noise level was not very high, the tables were too close together though.


Now to the more interesting part, the food.

For the first course they offered us two different kinds of bread (white and the other one brown with tomatoes and a hint of honey), with a generous serving of black olives ham and of course butter (2,90€ each). I liked the waiter for not taking away the bread so we could eat the steaks with the already provided bread.


I chose the 300g rib eye steak (23€) with green beans and bacon as a side dish (3€).

The steak came out medium and was really soft and yummy sadly I did have a lot of fat on my steak which made up at least 30g.

I loved the beans though, this side dish was so yummy I could have eaten this as my main dish!
Different kinds of beans (snow peas, string beans and edamame) were mixed with garlic and bacon. The balance of all the ingredients was perfect.

My beloved took the gaucho skewer with also 300g meat (28€) and steak fries (3€) and chimichurri hot (2€) as side dishes.
His meat was not as fatty as mine and was even softer and more flavourful.
I am used to different chimichurri, this was mediocre and not spicy but still complemented the steak nicely.
The people on the table next to us were also not too fond if their version of chimichurri so I’d recommend to skip it and order the beans!!



All in all I can recommend the restaurant, I may come back for lunch to try out their burger but there are other steak restaurants I still need to try out.

November 30 Photo Challenge – What makes me smile

Photo Challenge: What makes me smile


The answer for this picture? Good food of course and spending some quality time with people I like and tasty food. This is me with a steak sandwich by the way. It was awesome. Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce is the perfect breakfast ;)

Yay the  Photo Challenge is finally over and I can return to studying without having to worry about today’s picture theme. It was fun though and I am glad I finished the challenge with just three skipped photo themes. My arms feel so heavy and dead because of my piloxing class today but I will post something tomorrow, just wanted to have the official last picture of november finally online :)

Hello December <3