Really, snow in Winter?

Well it should not really surprise any of us that there is a high possibility of snow in Winter but many people, me included did not expect that much snow in a day. I would have gladly stayed at home since we have semester holidays at the university but I had to go out to work, like lots of other people.

We fought our way towards the public transport which often was stuck but taking the car wasn’t also the best option for some. There was quite a commotion in front of my work because a post car got stuck and nearly drifted into another car and had to be freed by the police and the fire brigade.


I made a video when I went through campus to show you the fascinating wind you can enjoy from your hopefully warm location ;)





Fresh fallen Snow in Vienna

I know that I have been neglecting my blog a bit which I am really sorry about and the next weeks will be more active. Promise!
Nearly all the pictures of my trip have been edited, my exams have all been written, so there is nothing left to distract me anymore.

A quick post about the snow in Vienna before it is all about my Asia trip :)







November 26 Photo Challenge – Something Old

Photo Challenge: Something old


My interpretation: I did not upload a “real” picture of Vienna for a long time and thought this challenge was appropriate. It started to snow here in Vienna yesterday for a short time but today there were huge and lovely flakes floating from the sky so I had to include them in the picture aswell because fresh falling snow is awesome :)

History to the building: This building (even though you cannot see a lot of it in the picture) is called the Bielerhof, named after the swiss town Biel that send the Viennese people living in Floridsdorf (the 21rst district in Vienna)  food and all kinds of support after the second world war. This building is also a piece of the rotes Wien which symbolizes the time after the first world war when the social democrats ruled and built around 63 000 affordable appartements with electricity and running water in Vienna which at the time was not the norm. They are still very popular because living in a Gemeindebau is a lot cheaper than in a normal flat.