Good start – shopping

2013 was not my year for shopping clothes. I am kinda picky and if I don’t love something at first sight I will rarely buy it. So that’s why I am glad that I found two wonderful pieces today at KULT at Westbahnhof. I wanted to have a trench coat for a long time and found one on sale for just 35€. The blue top I fell in love with was only 10€!

Here are some pictures of happy me with my new treasures.
shooting_vienna2014 shooting_vienna2014


Probably because I did not find anything I would like to buy for ages but I just love this top!

shooting_vienna2014Feeling like a secret agent.. dum dum dum!

Fashion is not really what I normally post but I got so excited today I just had to :D

Happy New Year – Hello 2014

Well it is this time of year again, 2013 passed by really quickly!
I hope every one of you will have a great evening and a much greater year ahead of you.

I started a jar I  which I would put in paper slips of good and memorable moments I had in the year 2013. Can’t wait to reread all of my great moments this year. You can start one “happy moment jar” yourself for next year and you will be surprised at the end of the year of all those happy moments :)


Me holding up the good moments of January. I sorted my moments by each month but you can choose however you like it.

My blog actually turns 1 year on the 1.1.2014 and I must say I did a pretty lousy job. I was often too lazy or uninspired to post something but this brings me to my new years resolutions.

  • First of all, more quality posts about Vienna
  • Learning Spanish – at least to A2 level
  • Finishing my Bachelor Degree in International Development
  • eating more healthy and at least sports twice a week

How about you? Do you have any specific New Year resolutions? I think it’s best if you just have a few because too many will make you feel too pressured.

November 24 Photo Challenge – Story

Photo Challenge: Story


My interpretation: At first I thought of posting a book but there is a theme coming up what I am reading so it would have been too similar. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who which I watched with my love in the cinema. It was really great, funny and well written, nobody in the cinema left disappointed. I remembered this quote of Doctor Who: “We are all stories in the end” and tried my best to portray Clara Oswin Oswald (I am so bad in facial expressions, be glad I do not post a lot of self portraits ;)) from the episode “Journey to the center of the Tardis“.

November 3 Photo Challenge – Self-Portrait

Third Challenge: Self Portrait


My interpretation: I just love how much you can alter your pictures in manual mode by playing with shutter speed, iso and aperture.
When shooting portraits I am fond of hiding, covering or just leaving out the head of a person entirely. Even without their expression you can deliver a lot of emotions this way.
Today’s challenge was fun let’s see what I come up with tomorrow ;)

Random note: My dad lend me his foldable photography background, hence the peachy background. Thanks dad!

New windows and failing my 365 Project

New windows and failing my 365 Project

On the 25th of March new windows were installed and it was insanely cold that day but I am glad to have them! I am also on this random picture of this random post because I am failing my 365 self-portrait project which I just kinda wanted to mention somewhere.. It is so hard but I keep on with it, maybe I’ll still come up with 300 at least!