Junn Bar & Kitchen

This is the perfect place to meet friends and work colleges alike for some drinks or yummy food in a very stylish and hip restaurant. Even though it is located in the first district, the prices are fair and not too pricey.
Erwin and me decided to share a starter for two people. The starter contains six different yummy dishes for 12€, which is only 2€ per dish! Everything tasted as delicious as it looked and I was really surprised by how lovely the edamame tasted.

The cocktails they offer, not only sound cool, they have an Asian twist to it.
Even though the calpis cocktail sounds sweet, it is really strong so beware!

Food wise I went with a brown wheat bao which tasted nice even though it was quite hard to eat elegantly with everything dripping onto the plate. Not date-night approved ;)


The ramen Erwin had looked neat with lots of toppings but compared to Karma ramen you definitely could taste that the noodles weren’t home-made.


For desserts we decided on coconut mochi filled with peanut and sesame sauce with some fruit. Like most Asian restaurants they don’t have a huge selection on desserts.

I heard that the lunch offer is really great so I hope to return for that soon!




March – Restaurant discoveries

I noticed that I neglected my food posts and since I have accumulated already a number of pictures I thought I would make a compromise and stuff them into one post :)
It seems that in March I had quite the cravings for Asian food!

Sapporo Inn – Am Heumarkt 9, 1030

Yu ciang aubergine
Shao lun bao
hot and sour soup
Acht Schätze – pretty sure it is not translated to “eight treasures” into English right?
wan tan pockets
Dan Dan noodles and lamb skewers

The shao lun bao here have been praised a lot online and since they are not easily found in Vienna, I just had to try them! If you go there, be sure to also try their yu xian aubergine dish, it tastes amazing. The service could be a bit more attentive and it is a bit cold but the food makes me come back!

Beijing Kitchen – G1,, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 71, 1030

Jaozi, Dalu Mian and Zhajiang Mian
Baozi with vegetable filling
Xian Bing with meat filling

Definitely not a beauty (inside and outside) and a very casual restaurant, you can find authentic Beijing cuisine here. The dim-sum are all made fresh and the noodles are also all handmade. Everything is really cheap and the portions are huge so you definitely will be taking some food home like us to enjoy later on ;)

Chinazentrum – Rechte Wienzeile 29, 1040 Wien

me eating and the food from left to right is: congee, deep fried taro pockets and radish cake







With my friend Jannica who speaks mandarin I finally dared to enter haha
They have a lot of options but we specifically were after dim-sum because they have the most extensive dim-sum list I found in Vienna. Everything was yummy and I especially enjoyed the deep-fried taro pockets filled with pork. The century eggs with congee weren’t so bad, better than the first time I tried them ;)

Hot Pot Chen – Linke Wienzeile 20, 1040

Dim-sum variation

I will be trying out the hot pot this evening actually so I can’t say anything about it yet but the dim-sum were all freshly made and super yummy! Not quite sure why they served it with sweet and hot chilli sauce but the price 3,5€ per portion is quite cheap! It is very new and therefore you can’t find anything online yet.

Door No. 8

A pretty decent steak place has opened recently in the seventh district called Door no.8. They have a very special oven that heats up to a 1000°C and supposedly helps to make the steaks extra tender. Before the steak is experiencing the high heat, it is treated with the sous vide method beforehand.shooting_vienna_doorno8


I did enjoy my steak but could not really detect a difference by the special oven. Since I went with friends, we were able to try out more options and I can therefore recommend the flat iron steak. It is not only served a perfectly pink medium, the taste was super meaty and juicy. Since the steak is already filling enough, I think one side-dish is more than enough since my friends who ordered two side-dishes could not finish them.


The restaurant is quite nice, clean and modern. The prices on the other hand are not cheap and therefore I can only recommend the restaurant for a special occasion since the total price for food and drinks will add up to around 50€ (steak+side-dish+drink and depending on what you are ordering).

My only criticism is that the service is friendly but also a bit inexperienced. The waitress told us that the oven is very powerful and that we should order the level of doneness (I think I invented a word?!) lower than we actually want it to be in the end. Since I wanted a medium steak, I ordered medium rare but sadly got a very rare steak. After I asked for some more time in the oven, it came out perfectly medium. I can relate to her concern that the steaks will be overdone but her explanation did not make a lot of sense to me.


Have you been to Door no. 8 and enjoyed it?

I love recommendation so if you have a favourite steak restaurant, please let me know!
At the moment, my favourite place is Flatschers but me and the mister make pretty yummy steaks as well and we therefore seldom go out to eat steaks in general ;)

Yori – Korean Fine Dining

Yori is not only serving traditional Korean dishes, they have an amazing interior design, which I wish I could have at home.
The two dominant colours in the restaurant are red and black, with a well thought of balance. I especially love the tree wall!


A lot of fancy Japanese places have opened the last few years and I am glad there is finally a Korean restaurant with great interior yet with an affordable pricing.


For drinks they have really interesting Korean lemonades and teas. I had this very refreshing and herbal tasting lemonade with the five-flavour berry. I never had heard from this special berry before. Also I did not know that I was not supposed to eat them. I don’t recommend you trying them but they had a very interesting flavour which explains the name ;) The first few bites taste like a fresh pepper which soon turns to a herbal taste which ended in a very bitter and displeasing after-taste.


For starters we had lovely homemade kimchi and good heap of fried chicken in a honey-chili sauce.
We both wished we could have this chicken as a main-dish because it was just so juicy and delicious, while burning our tongue from the heat.


I love the side dishes that are called banchan. Sadly all of the Korean places I know in Vienna only serve those to Korean customers unlike Yori.
Our side-dishes were kimchi, small fried fish with nuts, seaweed salad and marinated quail eggs.


My order was the samgyup kimchi, thin fried pork strips with kimchi and onions. Very tasty and flavourful!


The dolsot bibimbap the Mister ordered tasted super authentic, just like in Seoul.
We went to Yori to celebrate the Birthday of the Mister and definitely will be back again. I went there again with friends last week because it was that yummy.


Contact details:

Yori – Korean Dining

Wiesingerstraße 8 1010 Wien
Telephone: 057 333 777
Monday till Saturday open from 11am till 11pm

Ramen at newly opened Kojiro 3

Good sushi is not that easy to find in Vienna but Kojiro at Naschmarkt is definitely one of the great places for them.

I did not try out their sushi there since I was too busy to check out their ramen options but the sushi and maki on the other table looked really yummy.

The restaurant itself did not look really special, they did not do many changes and went with the look of the restaurant Big Bowl which was there before Kojiro opened up.

The takoyaki was really delicious, crispy yet really fluffy and creamy inside. It is way to pricey though for 4 pieces on a stick they charge 4,9€.


The mister and me ordered karaage and this mini portion arrived. Sadly the pieces were too small and thus not juicy on the inside. Also quite a pricey starter for 4,9€.


I was not overly impressed with the yakisoba and the udon dishbut my focus in this restaurant is the ramen anyway.

The ramen was tasty and the noodles were perfectly al dente! To my surprise I did like Cocos choice of shoyu ramen more than my choice which was goma miso.


I also loved the flavour of pak choi. The dish is quite heavy and it kinda brought in the healthy part ;)


For dessert I ordered chestnut mochi with honey. We got mochi with black sesam filling instead which tasted really nice though, especially with the honey.


The restaurant is not bad but I’ll stick next time with ramen!
I can’t find any information about the restaurant on the internet yet but it is located at Rechte Wienzeile 25-27 Ecke Pressgasse 1040.

Taste of India

I am not often in the mood for Indian food but if I am craving some curry, the Mister and me will always go to Taste of India.
On their website, you can find a link to a coupon of 3€ but you can’t turn it in if you took the lunch menu.

It has become our favourite Indian restaurant, even if we haven’t tried a lot of them in Vienna I think I can still say it is one of the better ones.
The service is very friendly and they always ask, how hot you would like your dish. Ordering a none spicy dish for kids or people who can’t handle any heat is fine too!


Am I the only one who gets bloated after a mango lassi? I still love to order it though, mango lassi is perfect in combination with spicy food :)
We especially love their lunch menus which are only 7,9€ and include a soup, a main dish, rice and salad. One of the options is always vegetarian.
You can always check out their lunch offers on their website.

shooting_vienna_ToIshooting_vienna_ToI shooting_vienna_ToI

The portions in Indian restaurants always look tiny but I often struggle to finish them.

Do you have any recommendations for Indian restaurants in Vienna? What is your favourite Indian dish? :)

Pizzeria Da Filippo

My family discovered this lovely Pizzeria with Spanish dishes through friends some years ago and we have been going there since.
Not only are the waiters very attentive, the portions are big and very tasty. Perfect for sharing!
Even though it is called Pizzeria I would advise you to order anything else than a pizza. Not because they are bad but because the other dishes are so good and far more interesting. Pizza can be ought on every other corner unlike some really good piccata ala milanese (12,9€), which is my favourite dish there btw. You get two pieces of beef which are wrapped in crispy baked parmesan and served on spaghetti in tomato sauce. So delicious!


When we were there last time we also ordered lamb chops served on baby potatos (15,9€) and beef roasted on a spit (12,2€).
Don’t forget to ask for a doggy bag if you can’t finish everything. It is nice to munch on the left overs :)


Some time has passed since my last visit to Okra and since they were celebrating their first anniversary and having special dinner deals, the Mister and me went there to see how the restaurant developed.

The menu began with makis topped with tuna and salmon. The tuna maki were very interesting and in combination with crushed peanuts.


Next up were these seared tuna pieces with honey melon and freshly grated wasabi.
I normally really dislike meat and fish paired with fruits but the dish was pretty good and the melon fit very well with fish.


When I was small I disliked most of the vegetables including eggplant but I really enjoy it now and especially loved this dish.
The eggplant was thinly cut and nicely seared with a great sauce.


Nest up were chicken skewers that were still juicy, topped with some Japanese chilli powder and served with red cabbage.


Now the main course arrived and did not disappoint. The duck was served in a tasty broth and red cabbage. The whole dish weirdly reminded me of a Christmas dish due to the seasoning with anise and  a hint of cinnamon but in a good way!


This half cooked salmon in a lemon sauce and vegetables was the clear winner and the Mister and me loved the taste of this dish!
We finished it to the last drop.


The dessert arrived and we got a chocolate sorbet, matcha cream with biscotti and a yummy dark chocolate brownie with balsamic cherries.


The matcha cream sadly disappointed because you hardly could taste the matcha flavour but we both loved the soft brownie with the sour cherries.


We were satisfied with the dishes which were solid and compared to other Japanese restaurants in Vienna very decent from the pricing.


Sakai – Restaurant Review

There are a lot of restaurants in Vienna to try out and the Restaurantwoche which just means restaurant week, which is the perfect opportunity to try out different exclusive restaurants for a special price and menu.

Since Sakai opened last year I have been wanting to try it out but never had the time but immediately called up Erwin when I saw it available for the Restaurantwochen.

shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakaiVery interesting technique for making soup. The asparagus soup was both our favourite dish of the evening.
It was mild and healthy yet with such a powerful asparagus taste.
shooting_vienna_sakaiNext up was thuna sashimi withfreshly grated wasabi and ponzu sauce. shooting_vienna_sakaishooting_vienna_sakaiLuckily there were only three slices of supposedly wagyu beef on the grill. We were already getting quite stuffed.
shooting_vienna_sakaiLast but not least the yummy dessert of strawberries with white miso, my second favourite dish.
The miso taste was really subtle and I liked this (for me) unusual combination.shooting_vienna_sakaiWhat can I say? The food was delicious and the serving was well executed, the service was friendly and attentive and the Japanenese ambience of the restaurant was refined.

Hotel Falkensteiner – Grill Friday

Last friday I had my official university graduation ceremony.
Since I “only” aquired a bachelor degree it did not seem that special to me but for my parents I opted for an official celebration which was quite interesting. I will do a post about that to let you help decide if you want to do one as well.

After everything was done we could not wait to go to the Hotel Falkensteiner and try out their barbecue-Friday.


shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner

You pay 39€ per person with one beer included and can eat as much from the side dishes buffet, the barbecue menu card and the dessert card as often as you wish to.


Everything was arranged very neatly and appetizing and the service was attentive and friendly.

shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner

After I tried the mixed grilled vegetables and munched on some prosciutto we moved onto the grill menu.
My favourite dish was the grilled lamb which I topped with chimichurri. The meat was so tender and the chimichurri was the perfect combination.


The mister enjoyed a lot of their beef steaks which were really nicely marinated and perfectly grilled to medium rare.
We also tried their salmon trout but I forgot to make a picture. Very soft and tasty as well!


After a big portion of grilled corn I was getting stuffed already and it got closer to dessert time.

The three choices were: grilled pineapple with caramel sauce, panna cotta with different flavours and tray-baked-cakes.
I just love grilled pineapples and had two servings of those and a lemongrass panna cotta. There was no place for the cake but I do not regret those pineapples! I liked the panna cotta from the mister a bit more which were the flavours vanilla and summer fruits.


We were all very happy with our choice to try out hotel Falkensteiner and can freely recommend it to any person! (probably not vegans though!)