Blooming Portraits

All the blossoms have vanished already and made space for the lush green that is taking over Vienna again. The temperatures are gradually getting warmer and I really am looking forward to the great weather.

I had the photo shooting with another blogger Agata, here Photography site can be found here and her blog here.

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I asked my friends over facebook what picture they liked the most and apparently it is this one with the magnolias. Not the one I would have chosen if I am being honest!

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As you may know I love the Japanese garden and am way more comfortable behind the camera but Agata did a really good job and managed to capture me in moments where I did not look super awkward.

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This is one of my favourites and it feels a lot more like spring than the other one.

Do you have a favourite picture? :)




Summer Portraits

I love taking pictures and am a lot more comfortable behind the camera instead in front of it.
Since Coco decided that she wants to become a make-up artist I let myself be the guinea pig and brought my camera along for the experiment.
Make-up and hair were done by Coco as well as the pictures. The editing afterwards were done by me.



Next outfit and in the beautiful garden of Coco I showed you last time!






It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out quite nice. Even though my natural smile like in the last picture always makes me look like I am plotting something with an evil smile.


Levitation II

When I stumbled over those lovely walls with graffiti in the 4th district I knew the boyfriend had to take some pictures with me and those beauties.
Time for another levitation attempt!
The results are a lot better than last time and I got better at jumping without looking too weird. I think those sunglasses help as does the different angle.




Have a nice week everyone!

And… watch out! Winter is coming! How can you not make a Stark reference with a crow like that. I had to! Can’t wait for the next book to be published, in the mean time the series helps the wait :)


November 30 Photo Challenge – What makes me smile

Photo Challenge: What makes me smile


The answer for this picture? Good food of course and spending some quality time with people I like and tasty food. This is me with a steak sandwich by the way. It was awesome. Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce is the perfect breakfast ;)

Yay the  Photo Challenge is finally over and I can return to studying without having to worry about today’s picture theme. It was fun though and I am glad I finished the challenge with just three skipped photo themes. My arms feel so heavy and dead because of my piloxing class today but I will post something tomorrow, just wanted to have the official last picture of november finally online :)

Hello December <3

November 24 Photo Challenge – Story

Photo Challenge: Story


My interpretation: At first I thought of posting a book but there is a theme coming up what I am reading so it would have been too similar. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who which I watched with my love in the cinema. It was really great, funny and well written, nobody in the cinema left disappointed. I remembered this quote of Doctor Who: “We are all stories in the end” and tried my best to portray Clara Oswin Oswald (I am so bad in facial expressions, be glad I do not post a lot of self portraits ;)) from the episode “Journey to the center of the Tardis“.

November 3 Photo Challenge – Self-Portrait

Third Challenge: Self Portrait


My interpretation: I just love how much you can alter your pictures in manual mode by playing with shutter speed, iso and aperture.
When shooting portraits I am fond of hiding, covering or just leaving out the head of a person entirely. Even without their expression you can deliver a lot of emotions this way.
Today’s challenge was fun let’s see what I come up with tomorrow ;)

Random note: My dad lend me his foldable photography background, hence the peachy background. Thanks dad!