Polaroids of London

I did not snap that many Polaroids as I initially planned since I either had it in my backpack or in my hand due to it not having straps to hang around your neck and makes it a bit impractical but I am quite satisfied with most of the results.

Starting with the most cliché, the telephone boxes ;)


Oxford Street


On the South Bank


Evidence that we were at the Borough Market



The London eye


Bear near Selfridges


Selfridges itself




The Shard


Carnaby Street


Not quite sure what this building is but we sat there to rest our feet :)


And last but not least the Albert and Victoria Museum.

London here I come!

Finally my first real vacation this year! I will be gone with the Mister to the land of Harry Potter, Doctor who, Tea, Vintage Shops and much more.

I must confess I am not the easiest person to travel with because I dive into all of the tourist guides and always end up with a huuuge list of things I want to see and especially restaurants I want to visit. Luckily the hotel is very central and near Soho, not far from all those Asian restaurants and bubble tea shops!
If you have any recommendations for me please let me know! :)


November 4 Photo Challenge – Fun

Fourth Challenge: Fun


My interpretation: Friends + taking Polaroid Pictures = Fun
I had to think a lot harder with this challenge. There is so much that is fun to me or what could be interpreted as fun.
It is a word with only three letters but quite tricky.

Random info: I settled with the Polaroid idea because I failed at taking a picture of myself looking “fun” with my Polaroid.
Be glad you can only see this photo :D

Finally sunshine again~

The last weeks it was cold (around 10°C) and due to lots of rain, many places in Austria and Europe are flooded.
The situation calmed down a bit and there is even glorious sunshine today! How I have missed it!


Yesterday I had a group presentation again with my group at university for 3 hours. So glad this semester is over soon but still lots of uni work to do. Buhu.

Until then let’s hope the sun and the warmth will stay so there can finally be some summer feeling :) the past few weeks felt like winter


A little feel-good song for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U7pamZoyuE :)

(improvised) Crepe Cake with Berries


After I had to hold a presentation in my class at university (glad that it’s over, I don’t feel comfortable doing those) Nina, Andrea and me met up at Carmillas place to bake! Yay!

We were inspired by this recipe from whipperberry: http://whipperberry.com/2012/08/biscoff-raspberry-crepe-cake-recipe.html


It takes quite a while to make this many crepes and also to spread in each layer cream but with that many people it was fun and seemed quite fast. I would be too lazy doing this crepe cake on my own though ;)


PS: The not finished polaroid picture Camilla took of the cake.


Polaroid – Coco and me

Cha no ma is the best adress in Vienna to buy matcha in all forms. As tea, as ice-cream, as tiramisu and as cheesecake.
So as a matcha enthusiastic you can bet where my matcha cravings lead me if I am not baking matcha goods myself.
I probably have more matcha than any normal person should have anyways.
Erwin took the polaroid of coco (left) and me (on the right). She is such a cutie, don’t you agree? :)