Matcha Eton Mess with Vanilla Cream and Frozen Rapsberries

One of my favourite desserts is Pavlova. Sweet baiser  that is topped with a vanilla cream and fresh fruit.

I actually just took a very basic meringue recipe and added a tablespoon of matcha and tried out the vanilla sauce I bought at the supermarket, which was made by Johanna Maier. She is a very famous Austrian chef and owns the award-winning restaurant Hubertus.

She is very active with the supermarket Spar and even writes recipes for the Spar magazine. Mostly they are a bit too fussy for my taste, I prefer simple recipes at home and gladly pay more in a restaurant than to have to clean up all the mess ;)


I had some leftovers of the matcha Pavolva I made and turned it into a revamped Eton Mess.


The matcha is not very strong but noticeable and I love the combination of vanilla with raspberries.
Generally I prefer raspberries to strawberries :)


On a side note, I love fresh cut flowers in the house and the tulips help to make spring arrive even though it is mostly rainy at the moment.

What is your favourite dessert? :)


First Pavlova attempt

Pavlova is on my list of favourite desserts and just perfect for summer!
I never tried to make one myself but finally got to do one and hopefully the other attempts will yield better results.

It did not turn out perfect since I did not beat the egg whites long enough and thus it became a big dome with lots of air inside instead of a cute pavlova nest but I am not complaining, it still tasted great and had a nice crunch to it.

From this huge fellow:


To these pavlova pieces topped with lemon curd and fruit.



I just love the sugary crunch of the meringue, the sweet and sour note of the curd and the freshness of the fruits all in one bite.

What is your perfect summer dessert at the moment? :)