Liquid Market

The liquid market took place on the 29th of July for the very first time and was the perfect place to try out the best cocktail bars in Vienna: Sign Lounge, Halbestadt, Miranda, Botanical Garden, and many many more.

We already bought our tickets, that included all the beverages we could drink beforehand and paid only 28€ while the normal ticket were 36€. The price wasn’t that bad considering how much you normally have to pay for a high quality cocktail.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was a chill Friday evening and everybody had a great time discovering new bars and tasting a lot of cocktails.
My favourite from the ten cocktails I had was the basil martini (it had a way cooler name but I sadly can’t recall it anymore). It was super refreshing and just the perfect combination thought of by the Sign Lounge.

I really hope that the liquid market will take place again next year and in case it does, you definitely should drop by and test the cocktails for yourself! I will be sure to post about it beforehand and therefore remind you of this lovely event :)


Holi Festival in Vienna

Holi is an indian spring festival but because it is the festival of colours people seem to be drawn to it regardless of religion and because throwing colours is fun!
Since I was working there I did not have to pay for entry and after work could roam around the festival. Win Win!
The people seemed to have fun but I think some program besides the stage would have been nice and also the food and drinks you got were not very safe from the colours.
Anyways here some pictures I was able to make with my phone.

Before everything started: