Plan your trip to Tokyo with Odigo and Apps

I have been longing to visit Japan for about 11 years now and finally me and the Mister have the time and money to fulfill this wish of mine. Since I can be over the top with planning things and I just can’t seem to live without to-do lists, I already wrote out everything I want to see/do, what I want to take pictures of and of course, what I want to eat. I get too excited and pack my travel bag way too early (weeks in advance) and have weekly dreams revolving about my trip to Japan. Only a week to go, whoop whoop!

It just shows how excited I am and just thinking about this trip is getting me all fired up!
The platform that helped me out a lot with planning this trip is Odigo which is a great online tool to sort all activities by day. What I like best is that you see each activity/place on a map and therefore lose less time by trying to do two things that are on the opposite of Tokyo.


You can see the route I planned on Odigo, it is great for sharing since Erwin will also accompany us and we can compare our plans quite easily like this.
When you are done with your planning you have the option to download the travel itinerary, you created as a PDF file.


Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists

iPhone Screenshot 1

Other tools that are very helpful for your Japan trip are apps. The ones I installed are the Japanese railway guide (can also be used offline), a GPS tracker to see where I have been, maps me (also offline available) and of course google translate.

We are going to book a pocket wi-fi which seems to be the best option.
You can also use the wi-fi at Starbucks Japan but you need to be registered in this network first and need to confirm your e-mail, which is of course best done beforehand or in your hotel is possible.


Do you have any tipps for me regarding my Tokyo trip? I would love to hear from you :)

This post is not sponsored by Odigo or anyone else, everything is my own opinion.