November 30 Photo Challenge – What makes me smile

Photo Challenge: What makes me smile


The answer for this picture? Good food of course and spending some quality time with people I like and tasty food. This is me with a steak sandwich by the way. It was awesome. Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce is the perfect breakfast ;)

Yay the  Photo Challenge is finally over and I can return to studying without having to worry about today’s picture theme. It was fun though and I am glad I finished the challenge with just three skipped photo themes. My arms feel so heavy and dead because of my piloxing class today but I will post something tomorrow, just wanted to have the official last picture of november finally online :)

Hello December <3

November 29 Photo Challenge – Wake up

Photo Challenge: Wake up


On the right side of my bead is this poster print I got from Erwin last Christmas (which I requested and fell in love with on etsy). Those are quotes from the Series “IT Crowd” one of my favourite shows and definitely one of the funniest. You gotta love Moss, Roy and Jen!

November 27 Photo Challenge – What I read

Photo Challenge: What I read


I am a huuuuuge HP fan and recently began to re-read every HP book again. Oh these childhood memories!
Also I borrowed the e-book reader from my dad to read the Hunger Games Trilogy (just finished book one). I am generally fond of dystopian literature but the focus is for my taste too much on love since I adore Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World which really focuses on how screwed up the society is. I deliberately left out my university literature by the way ;)

November 26 Photo Challenge – Something Old

Photo Challenge: Something old


My interpretation: I did not upload a “real” picture of Vienna for a long time and thought this challenge was appropriate. It started to snow here in Vienna yesterday for a short time but today there were huge and lovely flakes floating from the sky so I had to include them in the picture aswell because fresh falling snow is awesome :)

History to the building: This building (even though you cannot see a lot of it in the picture) is called the Bielerhof, named after the swiss town Biel that send the Viennese people living in Floridsdorf (the 21rst district in Vienna)  food and all kinds of support after the second world war. This building is also a piece of the rotes Wien which symbolizes the time after the first world war when the social democrats ruled and built around 63 000 affordable appartements with electricity and running water in Vienna which at the time was not the norm. They are still very popular because living in a Gemeindebau is a lot cheaper than in a normal flat.

November 24 Photo Challenge – Story

Photo Challenge: Story


My interpretation: At first I thought of posting a book but there is a theme coming up what I am reading so it would have been too similar. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who which I watched with my love in the cinema. It was really great, funny and well written, nobody in the cinema left disappointed. I remembered this quote of Doctor Who: “We are all stories in the end” and tried my best to portray Clara Oswin Oswald (I am so bad in facial expressions, be glad I do not post a lot of self portraits ;)) from the episode “Journey to the center of the Tardis“.

November 23 Photo Challenge – Kindness

Photo Challenge: Kindness


My interpretation: Caritas is a big (christian) aid organisation which was already founded before the first world war, which I did not know. I wanted to something nice this Christmas and offered to be a Christkindl to someone. This means that I would get a letter from someone through Caritas and would fulfill Christmas wishes with a fixed amount to spent. I was glad when a letter arrived that all wishes had been granted already but that I could instead donate for homeless people warm hats, scarves and gloves. I am happy to oblige and want to share kindness through my actions. I can’t imagine to be outside the whole cold winter, with no warm bed, no warm showers, no warm shelter and not knowing if I get warm food.  In case you want to send a small package aswell containing these items (and sweets are welcome too) you can send the package to:

Caritas Canisibus

Römergasse 64-66

1160 Wien

November 21 Photo Challenge – Recipe

Photo Challenge: Recipe


My interpretation: Winter is soup time and technically this is no soup but it is super tasty and so easy and quick to make! It is originally from Tirol. I got the recipe out of Sarah Wieners cookbook Herdhelden. If you are interested in making Brezensuppe I will translate it in English.

November 20 Photo Challenge – Close up

Photo challenge: Close up


My interpretation: Can you guess what kind of object this is? I thought of taking a close up of my basil plant but since I already had the plant theme I thought a close up of the privacy film which is on my window would be a much more interesting subject, I love those little waves one does not notice without a close up.  I played a bit with the contrast in my digital lightroom but the colours were already there :)

November 19 Photo Challenge – In my bag

Photo challenge: In my bag


I guess I am a minimalist in many ways and also do not carry around a lot of items.

What I have in my bag today: my mp3 player, my calendar, my notebook for uni with a small plastic bag for my pens and my fountain pen (my handwriting looks neater with it), my mobile phone (duh), my purse with not a lot of money but more ID cards :D, pepper spray (just to be safe), my frog purse from Naruto for coin money, my water, some mint candies, chewing gum, hand cream, a japanese lip balm with apple and honey flavour aaand that was it :)

Random info: The bag is from S.Oliver and I love the size, it is especially handy for carrying my DSLR, since my camera bag has a really uncomfy strap.