Memobottle – Waterbottle

I absolutely love my new waterbottle I discovered on Kickstarter!
It is not a new fact that we should drink lots of water (especially in summer) but I often was really lazy to bring my normal round bottles because they did not fit into my bags. The design is just perfect, why did not anybody think of a flat bottle sooner?


I already recommended it to my friends, gifted it to some and finally got around to write about memobottle here. You can find the bottle on Amazon but I bought it directly on their website since I heard that people received fake copies of the memobottle company on amazon.


The memobottle comes in two sizes (A6 with 375ml and A5 with 750ml) and is BPA-free.
I just keep water in mine since they are not dishwasher safe and I am not too sure if the can experience discolouration by tea or other drinks.


I did not get sponsored for this post but I do can really recommend you those bottles because they are super practical and stylish at the same time :)