Ramen at newly opened Kojiro 3

Good sushi is not that easy to find in Vienna but Kojiro at Naschmarkt is definitely one of the great places for them.

I did not try out their sushi there since I was too busy to check out their ramen options but the sushi and maki on the other table looked really yummy.

The restaurant itself did not look really special, they did not do many changes and went with the look of the restaurant Big Bowl which was there before Kojiro opened up.

The takoyaki was really delicious, crispy yet really fluffy and creamy inside. It is way to pricey though for 4 pieces on a stick they charge 4,9€.


The mister and me ordered karaage and this mini portion arrived. Sadly the pieces were too small and thus not juicy on the inside. Also quite a pricey starter for 4,9€.


I was not overly impressed with the yakisoba and the udon dishbut my focus in this restaurant is the ramen anyway.

The ramen was tasty and the noodles were perfectly al dente! To my surprise I did like Cocos choice of shoyu ramen more than my choice which was goma miso.


I also loved the flavour of pak choi. The dish is quite heavy and it kinda brought in the healthy part ;)


For dessert I ordered chestnut mochi with honey. We got mochi with black sesam filling instead which tasted really nice though, especially with the honey.


The restaurant is not bad but I’ll stick next time with ramen!
I can’t find any information about the restaurant on the internet yet but it is located at Rechte Wienzeile 25-27 Ecke Pressgasse 1040.

Japanese Garden and Autumn festival

The leaves on the trees are slowly changing colours already and I can’t wait to visit Setagaya Park in full Autumn gear!

I actually never visited this park in Summer and was surprised by how green and relaxing it was, compared to the hot and sticky public transport.

shooting_vienna_setagaya   shooting_vienna_setagaya
Lots of turtles were chilling in the water, in Autumn you mostly spot only a few. I wonder if those are being taken care of in Winter.


In the 15th of September, a Japanese Autumn festival will take place at the Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn from 2pm till 5 pm.
Maybe we will see each other there! :)

PDF Version of the Invitation


Some time has passed since my last visit to Okra and since they were celebrating their first anniversary and having special dinner deals, the Mister and me went there to see how the restaurant developed.

The menu began with makis topped with tuna and salmon. The tuna maki were very interesting and in combination with crushed peanuts.


Next up were these seared tuna pieces with honey melon and freshly grated wasabi.
I normally really dislike meat and fish paired with fruits but the dish was pretty good and the melon fit very well with fish.


When I was small I disliked most of the vegetables including eggplant but I really enjoy it now and especially loved this dish.
The eggplant was thinly cut and nicely seared with a great sauce.


Nest up were chicken skewers that were still juicy, topped with some Japanese chilli powder and served with red cabbage.


Now the main course arrived and did not disappoint. The duck was served in a tasty broth and red cabbage. The whole dish weirdly reminded me of a Christmas dish due to the seasoning with anise and  a hint of cinnamon but in a good way!


This half cooked salmon in a lemon sauce and vegetables was the clear winner and the Mister and me loved the taste of this dish!
We finished it to the last drop.


The dessert arrived and we got a chocolate sorbet, matcha cream with biscotti and a yummy dark chocolate brownie with balsamic cherries.


The matcha cream sadly disappointed because you hardly could taste the matcha flavour but we both loved the soft brownie with the sour cherries.


We were satisfied with the dishes which were solid and compared to other Japanese restaurants in Vienna very decent from the pricing.


Sakai – Restaurant Review

There are a lot of restaurants in Vienna to try out and the Restaurantwoche which just means restaurant week, which is the perfect opportunity to try out different exclusive restaurants for a special price and menu.

Since Sakai opened last year I have been wanting to try it out but never had the time but immediately called up Erwin when I saw it available for the Restaurantwochen.

shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakaiVery interesting technique for making soup. The asparagus soup was both our favourite dish of the evening.
It was mild and healthy yet with such a powerful asparagus taste.
shooting_vienna_sakaiNext up was thuna sashimi withfreshly grated wasabi and ponzu sauce. shooting_vienna_sakaishooting_vienna_sakaiLuckily there were only three slices of supposedly wagyu beef on the grill. We were already getting quite stuffed.
shooting_vienna_sakaiLast but not least the yummy dessert of strawberries with white miso, my second favourite dish.
The miso taste was really subtle and I liked this (for me) unusual combination.shooting_vienna_sakaiWhat can I say? The food was delicious and the serving was well executed, the service was friendly and attentive and the Japanenese ambience of the restaurant was refined.


Erwin has promised me to take me out to Unkai since we got to know each other 5 years ago and he finally fulfilled his promise after a bonus pay. Yay, for extra cash and therefore free food for me! But seriously, thank you again for taking me there Erwin :)

Unkai is a fancy-schmancy Japanese restaurant located at Kärntner Ring 9 in the Grand Hotel.

We opted for teppanyaki since Erwin recommended it to me, and as the person who pays I guess you have more voting power ;)
The basic teppanyaki menu starts with 55€ and goes up to 120€ per person. If you are feeling really generous and hungry.

Included was an appetizer, a salad, then you had a choice of seafood or meat and of course dessert.

I really loved their sencha tea for 4,5€. The tea was perfectly brewed and the right companion for the food.


Greetings of the kitchen was this small portion of fish, which was packed with flavour and quite yummy.


Next up was this appetizer mix with duck and vegetables. I enjoyed the cooked duck the most with that small portion of mustard and the presentation on that specific plate looks really put together for me.


Next up was the salad which we thought was a bit boring in taste. It lacked the seasoning and just got its flavour from that crab sauce.


For mains we had a teppanyaki show of our steaks. The taste was pretty good and I loved the tree different sauces that came with the steak but it was not that soft and I have done better steaks myself. This portion was quite filling and we were glad that dessert was not that big, since our tummy was already stuffed.


Erwin got the regular dessert of black sesame crème brulée with fruits while I got vanilla ice flambé.


I ended up having the flambé vanilla ice-cream with fruits and strawberry sauce. As I like to say: “There is always space for ice-cream!” ;)


The impressive toilet of the Grand Hotel.

How did I like the restaurant?

The teppanyaki chef gave us a good show and I loved the flames that burned the sake while he did my ice-cream, but in the end the fire was more spectacular and I ended having a boring vanilla ice-cream (with a  hint of sake) and fruits for 7,2€ extra.

The food was not bad and I can’t complain about the service but the food is not really worth the price tag for me.
I won’t be planning on coming back again but Erwin and me still had a fun time like always.
Vienna is still missing out on an amazing ramen or okonomiyaki joint. I hope something will open up soon!



Okra – Restaurant Review

Okra is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in the second district near Taborstraße and was highly praised by newspapers.
The Mister and me naturally had to check it out and hoped that we would get more than the usual Japanese dishes.
I really miss okonomiyaki, tonkatsu or takoyaki being served here in Austria but sadly again none of that on the menu.


For starters we shared the sake sashimi which was lovely seasoned with ponzu and daikon.


The ramen intrigued us both since we are huge ramen fans and we hoped for a delicious fatty broth, springy noodles and some egg yolk action.
Miso ramen are both our favourite so we opted for this one and I went with the unagi maki. I just love unagi but it is really rare to find it here or really expensive.


The miso ramen were not bad, but we were a bit disappointed since our expectations of superawesomeramen were not met.


My unagi on my maki tasted good, the maki were mediocre though and not very uniform in size.

Would I come back here? Maybe. I know that restaurants have their ups and downs and you can’t say that a restaurant is horrible, well more mediocre in that case, from one visit.
My hopes of an amazing Japanese place in Vienna were let down a bit though.


November 10 Photo Challenge – I do this everyday

Photo Challenge: I do this everyday


My interpretation: I first of all thought of all the mundane things one does all day, sleeping, brushing teeth, eating etc. but I wanted to be a bit more personal and decided to shoot my daily tea and newly bought tea can. I always was a tea person but recently I got more into it and now drink daily green tea. I like Sencha a lot :)

Random info: I bought the tea can at Demmers Teehaus and the brand is Zero Japan.

And yes I had to skip the challenge yesterday because I was super busy the whole day and then when I was home it was already so late and the light sucked and since I held up quite well I thought it wouldn’t be too bad if I would skip this one. The challenge was technology.

November 6 Photo Challenge – Something new

Photo Challenge: Something new


My interpretation: Pictures of new items I got or bought today. I visited Coco today to help her sort out her things and got lots of cute clothes mostly japanese brands.
Also some matcha, stickers and other cute items from Japan. Thanks a lot <3 I bought a B hook and also got Jiaogulan tea for free from somebody of share&care which I added to the first picture. :)

Dangos with white chocolate and matcha dip

First of all I am not really sorry about all this matcha spam. Maybe a tiny bit.


Lisa, Jules and me decided to make those dangos after I showed them this recipe: http://scandifoodie.blogspot.co.at/2010/07/dango-with-matcha-chocolate-fondue_20.html

The texture of the dango did not seem right because it was far from a fluffy mochi and a lot more dense. I think another method would have resulted in better and softer dango but this chocolate matcha dip is heavenly! We all agreed that this was the best part and had to hold back not to lick the bowl since Lisa wanted to save some dangos with dip for her sister.
Good I have left over high quality white chocolate, I can make some more matcha dip just for myself hehe

Japanese Garden in Vienna – Setagaya park


Even though the trees are dressed in green fresh leaves I have to post about the trees in bloom in the Japanese garden in Vienna. It is located in the 18th district of Vienna and is perfect to relax, to take pictures, to watch turtles bathing in the sun, to watch Koi swim aimlessly around and stalk birds trying to find food for their ever so hungry babies.