My anime phase is over but I did recently get hooked on Shokugeki no Soma by a friend of mine. Thanks Khoa!
It is a cooking anime (similar to Yakiktate! Japan) and not only funny and weird, you do learn quite a lot about Japanese cuisine.
Let me tell you, you just can’t watch this anime without getting huge cravings of whatever they are cooking at the moment.

A donburi is a dish served on a bowl of rice and is mostly very quick and easy to prepare.
Oyakodon means parent and child and of course the joke here is that there is still this debate whether the chicken or the egg was there first. So it is up to you who the parent and the kid is.


I just love the combination of moist chicken with fluffy eggs on hot steaming rice!
The recipe I used, is the one from one of my very first food blogs I used to follow, many many years ago. You can go over to Happy Home Baking for the instructions and better pictures ;)
I always forget how hard it is to take nice pictures of food. I am quite the brute and don’t care too much about appearance when I eat something home-made.


At the moment I just feel a bit lazy with me having an internship in an NGO and won’t be posting that regularly. I do have a lot of things I want to share but when I come home after work I just want to grab something to eat and relax on the couch. Preferably with Shokugeki or another series ;)



Erwin has promised me to take me out to Unkai since we got to know each other 5 years ago and he finally fulfilled his promise after a bonus pay. Yay, for extra cash and therefore free food for me! But seriously, thank you again for taking me there Erwin :)

Unkai is a fancy-schmancy Japanese restaurant located at Kärntner Ring 9 in the Grand Hotel.

We opted for teppanyaki since Erwin recommended it to me, and as the person who pays I guess you have more voting power ;)
The basic teppanyaki menu starts with 55€ and goes up to 120€ per person. If you are feeling really generous and hungry.

Included was an appetizer, a salad, then you had a choice of seafood or meat and of course dessert.

I really loved their sencha tea for 4,5€. The tea was perfectly brewed and the right companion for the food.


Greetings of the kitchen was this small portion of fish, which was packed with flavour and quite yummy.


Next up was this appetizer mix with duck and vegetables. I enjoyed the cooked duck the most with that small portion of mustard and the presentation on that specific plate looks really put together for me.


Next up was the salad which we thought was a bit boring in taste. It lacked the seasoning and just got its flavour from that crab sauce.


For mains we had a teppanyaki show of our steaks. The taste was pretty good and I loved the tree different sauces that came with the steak but it was not that soft and I have done better steaks myself. This portion was quite filling and we were glad that dessert was not that big, since our tummy was already stuffed.


Erwin got the regular dessert of black sesame crème brulée with fruits while I got vanilla ice flambé.


I ended up having the flambé vanilla ice-cream with fruits and strawberry sauce. As I like to say: “There is always space for ice-cream!” ;)


The impressive toilet of the Grand Hotel.

How did I like the restaurant?

The teppanyaki chef gave us a good show and I loved the flames that burned the sake while he did my ice-cream, but in the end the fire was more spectacular and I ended having a boring vanilla ice-cream (with a  hint of sake) and fruits for 7,2€ extra.

The food was not bad and I can’t complain about the service but the food is not really worth the price tag for me.
I won’t be planning on coming back again but Erwin and me still had a fun time like always.
Vienna is still missing out on an amazing ramen or okonomiyaki joint. I hope something will open up soon!