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We are so lucky to have so many sunny autumn days at the moment here in Vienna, I love it! It makes the cold creeping up a bit more bearable.

Now to some positive recaps of those two weeks:

  • my love and me celebrated our 22 month’s together by eating delicious burgers at Burgermacher. I had the Chili burger which was really yummy. I love that they have seasonal burgers and always come up with new tasty ideas. And their homemade ketchup.. I could eat it everyday.


  •  I won tickets to Viennafair, which is an art fair. It was quite interesting!shooting_vienna

shooting_vienna shooting_vienna


  • Ice dream factory is closing today for their winter break but before they close up they donate for every ice-cream which is bought till today 1 Euro to the Gruft, which is an organization helping the homeless. Of course I had to buy some ice-cream then!
    I had: Granma’s apple cake, monkey bread (babana ice cream with choco) and snow white strawberry (white choco with strawberries).shooting_vienna
  • At Coco’s place we had a takoyaki party (takoyaki = delicious japanese ball-shaped food made from batter and other ingredients (traditionally octopus) you like to add. In our case we added spring onions, cabbage, corn and cheese)


  • Yesterday I attended the flea market Happy Shit Shopping and found lots of great stuff. shooting_vienna

I spend in total 19€ for 6 lovely items! I especially love those brown Tamaris shoes, since I always wanted to have shoes like these and I got them for only 6€!


  • aaand I saw a rainbow ( which I sadly do not have a picture of)

Have a great week you guys! Mine is quite stuffed with appointments and my final wisdom tooth is coming out on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


Ice dream factory

First of all I am sorry I did not post in a while.. my internet was down for at least 4 days and having to finish my work for university and working part-time did not help. Neither did the temperatures it is crazy hot here!
40°C have not yet been reached but we have a new record in Austria which is 39.9°C.

shootingvienna (1)

So not to go bonkers in this heat I recommend you a place to grab tasty homemade ice-cream with lots of toppings. The ice-cream reminds me of Ben and Jerry because of the generous amount of brownies and swirls and other treats that can be found in this cold darling. It is not common in Austria to find ice-cream mixed with brownies but they did a great job. My favourite is Snow white which is strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with little pieces of white chocolate goodness mhm~
The ice-cream is served in homemade waffles but due to the temperatures and the ice leaking fast from those thin waffles you get them in a cup with pieces of the waffle.

Ice dream factory is paired with the Pure Living Bakery in the building which sells coffee and baked goods. Beware: It can be very hot inside but outside are tables in the shade.

shootingvienna (2)

Here is the facebook page of Ice Dream Factory: