Vidoni is a recently opened ice-cream shop with lots of vegan options near Landstraße (next to Joseph Brot) with interesting flavour combinations and a medium offer of outdoor seats.

I love the look of their logo especially their font!

Texture wise vegan ice-cream is of course not comparable to normal ice-cream but what I also like about them is that they don’t use soy milk.
I am not a huge fan of soy milk since it has a very strong taste of its own and distracts the pureness of taste.
The milk they are using is made from organic oats, coconuts and rice which are more flavour neutral in my opinion.

shooting_vienna_vidoni shooting_vienna_vidoni
The flavour I had was matcha with lemon, which was really sour and refreshing, while the Mister enjoyed tropic and vanilla.
They even offer delivery from the first to the third district by bike so you won’t have to get out into the heat yourself and enjoy it from home :)

Gelateria la Romana

A new gelateria has opened in Vienna and since discovering it last week, I have visited the place already three times.
Gelateria la Romana was founded in 1947 in Italy but came as a franchise to Vienna. Lucky us!
The shop is held in white with cute decorations while the staff is very friendly and seem to be mostly from Italy as well.
Since all the flavours are only written in Italian and the menu with a translation is still in the making you have to ask the staff who will kindly give you lots of samples.

My two favourites at the moment is the one with hazelnut which totally tastes like nutella and amarena, which contains chocolate and nut brittle.
Not only that their ice-cream is very different, they are the first I know of that offer FREE chocolate to fill your cone. There are two chocolate streams, one with milk and the other one with white chocolate. I even got freshly made plain whipped cream and another time with coffee taste.

Yesterday I showed Coco the gelateria and she was just as delighted as I was.
She enjoyed a crepe filled with vanilla cream and lots of berries for 5€ while I had three scoops for 3€.

shooting_vienna_gelateriaromana shooting_vienna_gelateriaromana

The only flavours that did not convince me where the fruity flavours that were too sweet for my taste but the milky and nutty flavours are really great!
I am curious if all the free options, like the chocolate and the whipped cream will remain free or if it is just for the new opening.


Schelato is a newly opened ice-cream shop in the 8th district (near Veganista but pshht!).
Since I love ice-cream and June is here with appropriate temperatures, I can’t say no to an ice-cream opportunity.
Schelato has some weird flavours and can be very experimental, in my case they offered that day blue cheese ice-cream.
It was not as bad as expected but not really anything I would pay for, the flavours of my two scoops of mango and strawberry were just too good!


I hoped to get some rhubarb flavour but was quite satisfied with my choices!


Eisgreissler is a great ice-cream shop which specialises on regional and seasonal ice-cream made with biological Austrian milk and no additives/preservatives whatsoever. Even the soy milk ice-cream is made from Austrian produced soy which impressed me. When Eisgreissler opened in 2011 nobody would have thought how huge their success will be, since at Schwedenplatz there is a great number of ice-cream shops. Every time I would walk by their shop at Rotenturmstraße 14 there is a huuuuge line. They even hired securities in summer to help people queue properly. crazy!

I am glad they opened a second location in Vienna at Neubaugasse since I am not really fond of queuing.  So when I strolled by on Sunday and saw an empty shop I knew I was up for some ice-cream!


I love their interior, especially the combination of white and blue.



I chose pumpkin seed and butter cookie ice-cream. So delicious and perfect for the hot weather!


They have lots of very interesting combinations some of them lass tasty than others (thinking of the wild garlic ice-cream here) but I do love their goat cheese ice-cream.
It tastes more like goats milk and paired with something fresh and fruity like elderberries or pear ice-cream is the perfect combination.


Ferrari Natural Gelato

If you take a walk in Vienna you always stumble over new shops and restaurants. Yesterday the Mister and me wanted to go to Kurt (my favourite frozen yoghurt place) but discovered this newly opened two days ago to be correct gelato place! Since we are both huge gelato fans the frozen yoghurt had to wait.


We entered the small shop and immediately got lots of samples to try. We loved the raspberry and nougat ice cream, the dark choco was a bit too intense for us.
In the end I went with cassata and pistachio which both tasted really authentic and delicious.
The Mister had raspberry, vanilla and nougat.
The other flavours intrigue me a lot, for example dolce Samuel which is white choco ice cream with hazelnut crunch or dolce Gino which is ricotta creme with caramelized figs!

shoting_vienna_ferrarigelat shoting_vienna_ferrarigelat

I forgot the exact prices but I think two scoops were 2,5€? I will be there soon again and update this post, in the meantime if you crave interesting and yummy gelato don’t hesitate and go there asap! It is located at Krugerstraße which is a side street of Kärtnerstraße near Karlsplatz. They don’t have a website yet so I can’t tell you the exact address but it is not too hard to find :)

Ice dream factory

First of all I am sorry I did not post in a while.. my internet was down for at least 4 days and having to finish my work for university and working part-time did not help. Neither did the temperatures it is crazy hot here!
40°C have not yet been reached but we have a new record in Austria which is 39.9°C.

shootingvienna (1)

So not to go bonkers in this heat I recommend you a place to grab tasty homemade ice-cream with lots of toppings. The ice-cream reminds me of Ben and Jerry because of the generous amount of brownies and swirls and other treats that can be found in this cold darling. It is not common in Austria to find ice-cream mixed with brownies but they did a great job. My favourite is Snow white which is strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with little pieces of white chocolate goodness mhm~
The ice-cream is served in homemade waffles but due to the temperatures and the ice leaking fast from those thin waffles you get them in a cup with pieces of the waffle.

Ice dream factory is paired with the Pure Living Bakery in the building which sells coffee and baked goods. Beware: It can be very hot inside but outside are tables in the shade.

shootingvienna (2)

Here is the facebook page of Ice Dream Factory:

Summer Samba – exotic and delicious ice-cream

I knew about Summer Samba already about a year but now I have finally made it there and let me tell you, it is worth it!
Worth what? The calories and all your money! Yeah you heard me!
Located at Yppenplatz 1, Summer Samba offers only exotic (mostly fruit) ice-cream from the area around and of Brasil.


The flavours are: Acai, Acerola, Caju, Chocolate, Goiaba, Graviola, Guave, Mango, Maracuja, Pitanga, Tapereba, Vanilla and Umbu.
On the website you can already inform yourself in advance what fruits hide behind those names, how they taste like and what vitamins they contain.
Which is really helpful not to stand there like an idiot for an eternity because you can’t decide on a flavour.

I stood in front of the menu and had a hard time choosing but the woman behind the counter was friendly, explained the different flavours and gave me a sample of Caju, which is the fruit of the cashew nut!
It is hard to describe those exotic flavours because they are fruity but in different ways, which makes it difficult for me to find the right words for their flavour.

The boyfriend took graviola and tapereba whereas I stuck with the more “boring” flavours vanilla and maracuja.
Their vanilla is one of the best, rich vanilla flavour which reminds one of vanilla pudding. The maracuja was great aswell with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.
On top we got a little extra of a different ice-cream flavour to taste and the guave really tasted like the real fresh fruit.
graviola tasted mild, it reminded us of white chocolate whereas tapereba had a strong fruity acidity.

I can’t wait to go there again and would definitely recommend you to go there! ASAP!

This is their website:


Oreo Ice-cream Sandwich



When I went to Billa and saw these Oreo ice-cream sandwiches I quickly grabbed a bag and could not wait to sink my teeth in those. The cookies are soft (and even a tiny bit salty or am I imagining things?) with the ice-cream being a bit bland but very smooth. The different textures come nicely together and it is hard to stop yourself from eating all at once. At the moment they are only 1.99€ at Billa for a pack of four ice-cream sandwiches. Not getting paid for the advertisement ;)


Kürbiskern Eis – Pumpkin Seed Ice-cream

I had an evening stroll at the “Alte Donau” old Danube and (accidently of course..what else?) stumbled over a little ice-cream shop. When I saw pumpkin seed ice-cream I knew I had to try it! The taste was quite subtle and reminded me of pistachio but it was very tasty with tiny bits of pumpkin seeds to boost the flavour and remind the person that it is indeed pumkin seed.
Steiermark and in English Styria is a region in Austria, famous for it’s pumpkin seed oil. I heard rumours that they would dunk their vanilla ice-cream in this oil and decided I would rather go with this version. Glad I did, definitely would eat this flavour again.
Le gasp the picture is from my phone, please forgive me! shootingvienna40