Heidi Chocolate

Heidi chocolate was founded 1994 in Switzerland and belongs to the Meinl group since April.

I first discovered Heidi chocolate in Poland where I had an Amazonas edition with the flavour, dark chocolate, passion fruit, lime and almond.
It tasted really great and I am delighted that Heidi chocolate is now also sold in Vienna (at the Meinl on Graben)


There are lots of intriguing flavour combinations. These are the ones the boyfriend got me:

Pear and Almonds – self explanatory ;)

Mexico – Dark chocolate with Guava, Papaya and Chili

Himalaya – Goji berries, Pomegranate and Ginger.

Sicilia – Pistachio, Blood Orange and Basil

Florentine – Milk chocolate with caramelized Almonds

I loved Sicilia the most because the chocolate was fruity yet very rich with spices. It kinda reminded me of gingerbread if that makes sense.

Mexico and Himalaya both were not bad with a very fruity smell.
The Florentine chocolate was really crispy and crunchy with a slight hint of salt.

My least favourite was the Almond with Pears because the Pear flavour tasted too artificial.

shootingvienna109 Himalaya Chocolate looking fancy :)