Graffiti and Murals at Capistranigasse

Right near Mariahilferstraße in a side street, you can enjoy street art at Capistranigasse.



I have seen quite a few Instagram posts about those different pieces already and finally found the time to look at them myself.

shooting_vienna_Capistrani shooting_vienna_Capistrani

The most popular mural seems to be the colourful girl :)

But I also really like the very personal style of this mural done by Frau Isa.

shooting_vienna_CapistraniI posted this on Monday on Instagram #Mondayface ;)


You should have a quick peek yourself if you have the time and enjoy graffiti or murals. I always get a bit confused which is which but supposedly “Legal” graffiti is called a mural. Is that correct? Please let me know if you know the difference!


Stencil Art

Some shots of stencil art I spotted in the seventh district to not make my blog all about food again ;)
I actually wanted to post this yesterday but my internet was dead till today.
Really interesting how dependent we all are to be connected but I enjoyed my offline-day by watching plastic planet.

shooting_vienna_stencilart  shooting_vienna_stencilartshooting_vienna_stencilart

The movie was eye-opening and I am being more aware now of possible dangers by plastic objects we all are using daily. The worldwide problem of too much pollution and garbage was nothing new to me but I did not know how bad some plastics could affect ones health by mimicking hormones. I wonder how high the BPA content is in my body..

Amazing Polar Bear Graffiti

During our trip to OBI ( a home improvement center) the Mister and me discovered this wonderful graffiti and need to share it with you!

Nychos from Rabbiteyemovement created this amazing piece on a 24 meter wall in only 4 days, this year in April.

shooting_vienna_nychos  shooting_vienna_nychos

The peeps of Rabbiteyemovement can be found at Gumpendorferstraße, where you can check out their pieces of work while enjoying a piece of cake and coffee. I have never been inside since it is near Brass Monkey and you know where I always end at..


You can find it at the tram station Quellenstraße/Knöllgasse. Impossible to miss ;)

Street Art near Museumsquartier

Graffiti and Street art can be really inspiring or pretty. For some it is just vandalism and ugly but I think you have to differentiate between the artists. For me, it makes space a lot more interesting (depending where) and I appreciate the different styles that street artists have.





There are a lot of small stencil arts all over Vienna if you keep your eyes open for them :)

Graffiti in Mariahilf

Lots of beautiful/interesting street art can be found in Vienna and after finishing my thesis I am planning on showing you more of that!
There are some legal graffiti places people can use, more information here with a nice map.

I stumbled upon those which were probably made by the same artist by the looks of them and also not far away from each other.




And then this beautiful garage door.


I just love the style and the colours that were used :)

Hope you had a nice week-end!

Levitation II

When I stumbled over those lovely walls with graffiti in the 4th district I knew the boyfriend had to take some pictures with me and those beauties.
Time for another levitation attempt!
The results are a lot better than last time and I got better at jumping without looking too weird. I think those sunglasses help as does the different angle.




Have a nice week everyone!

And… watch out! Winter is coming! How can you not make a Stark reference with a crow like that. I had to! Can’t wait for the next book to be published, in the mean time the series helps the wait :)



Donaukanal near Schwedenplatz is a great place in summer to sit in the shade by the water enjoying the breeze or to go to the Strandbar (beach bar).
Near Schottenring is Flex, a club for local and international musical artists and dj’s. I have only been there once for the Trouble over Tokyo concert which was fantastic!
Characteristic for the Donaukanal is that the graffiti are more or less legal.

shootingvienna (6)

Aventure Time!


Doing some horrible posing. I like to be behind the camera but when somebody takes a picture of me I am like a confused bunny.

shootingvienna (5)

shootingvienna (3)

This frog graffiti in the background is amazingly done!

shootingvienna (7)

Spraying on the Wiener Wand at Roßauer Lände is legal the rest is not but as you can see nobody really cares.

I think it’s a great place and it would be dull without graffiti art  especially since some are really nicely done by people with great talent.