The Mister and me went to a pop-up farmers market called Markterei at the Badeschiff on the week-end. Small start-ups sold their products and it was a lovely atmosphere and really informative for both of us.

We tried out different kinds of pepper, honey produced in Vienna, chili sauces and fresh herbs, to help us decide what to take home with us.

The pink pepper for 10€ had such a lovely aromatic flavour, I can’t wait to try out my own smoothies and recipes with it. I once had a smoothie at Rauch Juice Bar with pink pepper, strawberries and basil if I remember correctly and the combination of those ingredients was just so lovely and refreshing.

shooting_vienna_markterei shooting_vienna_markterei

After the Pepper from Die Pfefferei we extinguished our burning tongues with the smooth and silky honeys of Wiener Honig.

I tried honey with coconut, chestnut honey, forest honey and finally fir honey, which we both loved the most. The honey was 5€ with a refundable deposit which made it around 6,5€.


It is very rich and tastes like brown and sweet caramel. I can totally see me drizzling it on Greek yoghurt with nuts or in my matcha latte or on cooked apple slices with cinnamon. Mhm~

Our last stop was Altschachl Kräuter and a really nice lady let us try a lot of their goods before we settled with basil cress.

shooting_vienna_markterei shooting_vienna_markterei

The basil cress for 2€ as you can see can be more easily distributed over dishes without having to cut them opposed to normal basil. Also the basil plants in my appartement always seem to wither, so the basil cress seems to be a great alternative.


Ta-da a peek of my breakfast. Normally I just eat really random stuff for breakfast but a simple egg dish topped with basil cress is just a great start into a busy work and university filled day. Ehem anyways back to the herbs of altschachl.

Mustard cress was pretty nice and tangy and I never tried erdginseng before (which is also called Tu-Ren-Shen and more grown-up: Talinum paniculatum ;)) and it was a very interesting experience. And by interesting I mean weird. The leaves tasted fine, then they turned suuuuper sour and to top it all of it got a bit slimy. Weird but fun! kinda

You can find information about all producers that sell their products at Markterei here. The next event probably will be held in a month :)


Himmelblau – Restaurant review

The name Himmelblau often came up in conversations of friends and blogs and finally I had my chance to visit this charming place with Lisa yesterday.

It is near the u-bahn station Währingerstraße just one stop away with the 40 or 41 tram (and thus also perfect to reach from Schottentor).

The location is at Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district and now in summer they have a lovely schanigarten outside but we decided to stay inside, which was nice and cool.

What I immediately loved was the shabby chic interior, a very dominant white with pops of blue – that’s why the name Himmelblau which means sky blue :)



When you enter you pass by the cake showcase which is hard to pass by. So many tasty looking cakes and I had a hard time choosing.

In the end I went with the recommended summery and fresh strawberry yoghurt cake and Lisa had raspberry mascarpone and almond cake.



The cake slices were huge and we had a hard time finishing them even if they were so delicious. The prices for the cake were also only 3,8€ which surprised us both. Normal price for huge and delicious cakes? Heck yes more of that please!
To walk off some of those calories we took the tram (contradicting myself there haha) to Aumannplatz and sat there in the park surrounded my blooming roses and very active blackbirds.

I even made a video. I am quite new to making videos but I am trying to learn video editing because I want to make a vacation video when I am in London.
Do you have any experience with video editing or recommendations for those special programmes?

Joseph Brot Bistro

Finally the promised post about Joseph Brot Bistro is here! Drum roll please!

I have sometimes visited their first shop but now that their Bistro has opened I can’t help but drop there by more often because they have pâtisserie section and everything is just so beautiful.
What is better than bread than skilfully crafted pieces of desserts that look so pretty? I know stupid question.


After a hard time deciding I opted with the French vanilla crème pastry and it was way better than I expected!
Glad I listened on my gut and went with this option since my friend took the hazelnut cake but thought it was only ok.


The vanilla crème was like pudding but best of all was the pastry on top which was caramelized and gave everything a nice balanced flavour and this whole huge chunk was not at any moment boring.

The prices are quite high at Joseph Brot but I would pay 4,8€ for that delicious pastry again, so worth it!

Opocensky – Edelgreisslerei

The boyfriend and me stumbled over this little gem on Saturday when the sun was still shining..
We just had to have a quick peek through the windows to decide that we would stop for some coffee and cakes.


I went with the white poppy-seed cake with red currant? jam and the Mister had a coconut macaroon.



My cake was tasty and good but the macaroon blew my mind. It was rich, sinful, sweet and absolutely delicious.
It reminded me a bit of the Mariazeller gingerbread. The owner said that he makes everything himself except for the macaroons, these are made by a grandma in the Waldviertel.

The Mister liked his coffee as well.



Generally you can come here for lunch or just cakes or do some special grocery shopping.
Bread baked in a wood stove, biological food from Austria, fine cheese, need I say more?




Opocensky is located on Favoritenstraße 25.
Mo, Tu, Sa, 11-5 We, Th, Fr, 11-9

November 24 Photo Challenge – Story

Photo Challenge: Story


My interpretation: At first I thought of posting a book but there is a theme coming up what I am reading so it would have been too similar. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who which I watched with my love in the cinema. It was really great, funny and well written, nobody in the cinema left disappointed. I remembered this quote of Doctor Who: “We are all stories in the end” and tried my best to portray Clara Oswin Oswald (I am so bad in facial expressions, be glad I do not post a lot of self portraits ;)) from the episode “Journey to the center of the Tardis“.

Milchreis (Milchrisotto)

shootingvienna106 (1)

Milchreis (rice pudding) is a typical comfort food for me. Simple yet delicious.

So when the boyfriend came home with two wonderful Tahiti vanilla, I knew it had to be a simple dish to let the vanilla shine.

Due to the risotto rice it was more chewy than usual but everything fit perfectly together. Slightly acidic strawberries were the perfect companion for this sweet rice pudding.
Wish I had some more!




Da Moritz – Restaurant Review

Due to the Restaurantwochen my Dad and me reserved lunch at Da Moritz. With this special week you could get a three-course lunch for 19€ and a three-course dinner for 29€ at fine dining places in Vienna.
Here is their website so you can participate next time and get to know new restaurants for less money.
Da Moritz is located in the first district and serves Italian food. I did not know what to expect and was hugely positively surprised and wowed.


We got served soft white italian bread, black and green olives and brown bread with carrots.
I really liked the olives, they were not salty and it fit really well with the brown bread.
This dish was not included and cost 2€ per person.


My dad had poached char on pea-mint cream with sweet and sour honey melon.
I just tasted a tiny bit of the fish which had a great texture, I loved this presentation!


I had belly pork from a duroc pig with pointed pepper, smoked aubergine and young herbs.
This pork was so amazing! Hands down! I believe it was the best pork I ever had in my life.
Soft and succulent, if pork always tasted like this I could easily eat it everyday!

shootingvienna 100

The main dish of my dad was the red snapper filet on puntalette – vegetable salad, pesto and radish foam.
I was too busy with my main dish to try it but he seemed very pleased with it.


Rumpsteak with mango and olive polenta with java pepper and braised chicory was my main dish.
And yes it was as amazing as it looks! Normally I am not a fan of meat paired with fruits but it fit perfectly.
The mangos had the right amount of sweetness and with the olives and the polenta and the steak it had a great flavour combination.

shootingvienna 102

My dad chose the cold peach soup with curd and grenadine.
Again the flavours here were fantastic and paired very nicely.


I had the liquid chocolate cake with passionfruit sorbet.
liquid chocolate cakes are the more boring desserts since chefs are not that great with dessert.
It was alright but the passionfruit sorbet made up for it with it’s sourness.

In case you want to check out their website.

Huth- Da Moritz Website:

(improvised) Crepe Cake with Berries


After I had to hold a presentation in my class at university (glad that it’s over, I don’t feel comfortable doing those) Nina, Andrea and me met up at Carmillas place to bake! Yay!

We were inspired by this recipe from whipperberry:


It takes quite a while to make this many crepes and also to spread in each layer cream but with that many people it was fun and seemed quite fast. I would be too lazy doing this crepe cake on my own though ;)


PS: The not finished polaroid picture Camilla took of the cake.


Matcha Almond Cookies


Finally I managed to bake something again and since I love matcha it had to be something delicious like matcha cookies! There are not too many matcha combinations but the bold green tea paired with almonds is definitely delicious. No white chocolate needed here but would be a nice extra I guess.
They were super easy and quite fast to make (if you ignore the chill time) and the end result is quite rewarding! Mhm~ too bad I did not have too many for myself my friends were fast with devouring them :)
My next project will be a matcha lemon gugelhupf with white choco glaze.

The recipe can be found here: