Percy cuteness

Life can be stressy but looking at cute animals helps. At least it does help me and I can relax while watching animal videos or little Percy :)


He loves to wriggle his little bum in his sand bath and also stores some food in there for some reason.


Here he is munching away on some food he stored in his hay tunnel.


And in the last picture you can see what I see when I wake him up. Look at his sleepy face asking me why the heck I woke him up.

Sorry P!

Happy Easter!

The weather today is lovely with blue skies and sunshine with only a few clouds.
Compared to yesterday and the day before, where it was grey in grey with massive clouds and random hail storms I luckily got into, it seems like the perfect spring day. I am still not very trusting in April and always bring an umbrella. You never know ;)


I also wanted to share my joy over this bunny print I got from interio yesterday.
That was quite a hassle to get a hold of it, since it is not e regular product and was just for decoration, but it finally hangs on my wall now :)
I love it! Isn’t it so super cute? Because I went there twice and was told misleading information, the nice saleslady gave it to me for free.

It would have only cost 1€ anyway but it is a nice gesture and I really appreciated it.


I wish you all lovely Easter holidays!

Goats in Vienna


Funnily enough but those pictures were shot before the “snowstorm” last Monday. I wanted to enjoy the sunny day at the gardens of Hirschstetten (I previously wrote about that beautiful garden) but discovered that they only open on the first of April. To not have gone the long way for nothing I stalked the cute goats that gladly posed for me. In the background you can see the sky line from Vienna. The 22nd district sometimes has this quiet rural feeling that you are far away from the city, even if you aren’t.


Bee & Puppycat

Have heard of Bee and Puppycat?
I am proud to say that I was part of the funding on kickstarter for this super cute series and can’t wait to receive all that fan merchandise!

That was the promo video I fell in love with07077:

And this is Episode 1:

Somehow I stumbled over the first episode on Youtube and instantly loved the show. It is super fun, Bee herself is weird in her own cute way and there is some random adventure with puppycat going on.

Something totally random and not Vienna related at all but I just wanted to promote this series more since I really like it :)

Little Britain Review

I heard of this cute coffee shop near the new WU Campus at Kriau and knew I just had to check it out sincethe trip to London made me fall in love with this vibrant city and me and the mister miss Great Britain quite a lot.

It is just a minute walk from the tube station away and looks just super cute and comfy with their shabby chic interior which is held mostly in white.
My sister and I loved it and couldn’t get over the white furniture we wished we owned while sipping on our hot chocolate.


I had white chocolate with strawberry and my sister had the hazelnut flavour which totally reminded me funnily of mugicha.

The hot chocolate is made from Whittard chocolate and I am on the verge of buying a whole box for the upcoming winter to enjoy at home.
It is just a tad expensive overpriced with 19€ per container when I can get in online for far less.

They had delicious looking cheesecakes but since we already were skipping our sports class we were reasonable and resisted the temptation.


It seems to be quite busy for breakfasts and on week-ends so do make a reservation beforehand.
When we were there in the evening it would have been quite empty if there would not have been a huge birthday party going on.

So reminiscing in a worthwhile place like this is not such a bad idea and I hopefully will return soon :)

Lipizzaner in Burggarten

I always state that I am not a horse person (I once was on a pony and instantly disliked riding animals) but there is just something about those elegant and strong animals that is fascinating.
When the Mister and me strolled through Burggarten we were surprised to see Lipizzaner with their foals in an enclosed area.



We were also surprised that the foals were brown and would only turn white when they are around six years old.



This one foal was so cute and nearly was always by his mums side!

The horses are  a great way for advertising the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, which already is a huge tourist attraction but some extra cuteness never fails ;)