Wild Animals at Zentralfriedhof

A huge point on my to-do list was to see deer at Zentralfriedhof (a huge cemetery in Vienna) and to take pictures of them, if possible.
I don’t go to cemetery’s that often but it is mostly in autumn when I am feeling melancholic, the leaves are turning brown and I need a walk in nature without other people. It is just the perfect place to dwell in the here and now, being aware of your own evanescence.


Anyway, Austria has a pretty neat documentary series which is called Universum, and since I watched an episode which resolved around wild animals living at the cemetery, I wanted to witness them by myself.


When I actually saw them by chance I was so happy and giddy!
Unlike me, they did not seem that happy about me being there ;)

shooting_vienna_zentralfriedhofshooting_vienna_zentralfriedhof shooting_vienna_zentralfriedhof
I think the two main factors that helped me achieve to see the wild animals in person were:

  • me being alone and making a lot of noise (no talking, etc.)
  • being there around dawn, when the deer are more active


Do you have any tips to take pictures of wild animals? :)