One of my newest additions of places I frequently visit is Vollpension.


This cute coffee and cake place opened about 3 months ago at Schleifmühlgasse 16 and from the interior it not only just feels like you are visiting your grandma, there are actual grandmas working in this shop and baking delicious cakes.

I love this idea because the grandmas are not only able to earn money to their low pension but they know they are needed and are not socially isolted. Which is sadly most often the case with elderly people.

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
On the positive side, they always have new cakes and I never saw the same cakes whenever I had one but then the negative side is that you will seldom have the opportunity to have your favourite cake again and will forever mourn it until you find a new favourite, and then mourn this one and so on. ;)

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
They also have a daily lunch menu and brunch on the week-ends, so if you are not a cake person you can also find something else there!
But seriously, who does not like cake?


Magic Matcha Custard Cake

Have you heard of the magic custard cake?
You make one dough and in the oven that one mass magically transforms into two different layers. On top is a yummy cake layer and at the bottom a pudding like texture.
I wanted to try this cake out for ages and since my sister came over for a tea afternoon I thought it was time to take on the challenge and see for myself!

I got the Magic Matcha Custard Cake from Raspberri Cupcakes so please check out her wonderful recipe on her website. Maybe I’ll try out a chocolate version next time but I really loved the matcha flavour with a similar mochi texture of a pudding.
Making the dough was not really hard, it does take some time and lots of washing up later though but all is worth it! ;)




Forgot to take pictures of the tea put we had white oolong with rose and lychee flavour from Haas&Haas!

Tart’a Tata

Nothing better than strolling around the city and tanking up on energy with some cakes. Sadly our favourite go-to place, namely Brass monkey (cupcakes!!), is closed for vacation. Tart’a Tata had to substitute and we weren’t disappointed.


They have an open view kitchen and the huge tarts cooling off at the window are the perfect advertisement.




I went with this lovely brownie fraised 3,9€ and the Mister had the chocolate cake version of mine for 3,8€.
They also had huge macarons! Maybe next time.


Both tasted great, I loved his cake more though. It was still warm, out of the oven and was gooey chocolatey but not too heavy, with a nice crunch from the base.

So do try out their tarts if you have the chance or let me know if you have any favourites from Tart’a Tata :)


Coffe and Cake

Another Himmelblau visit!
I just cannot resist their yummy cakes!



Lots of sweet and ripe berries baked into cakes.


This huge slice of raspberry cheesecake enjoyed with sparkling water and raspberry syrup. I loved the slightly sweet and sour note from the raspberries.

Raspberries are one of my favourite summer fruits! Do you have any? :)

The Mister finally arrived and took the apple galette with crumbles and a coffee.


So moist and crunchy! Another winner!


I love sweet afternoons!

Himmelblau – Restaurant review

The name Himmelblau often came up in conversations of friends and blogs and finally I had my chance to visit this charming place with Lisa yesterday.

It is near the u-bahn station Währingerstraße just one stop away with the 40 or 41 tram (and thus also perfect to reach from Schottentor).

The location is at Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district and now in summer they have a lovely schanigarten outside but we decided to stay inside, which was nice and cool.

What I immediately loved was the shabby chic interior, a very dominant white with pops of blue – that’s why the name Himmelblau which means sky blue :)



When you enter you pass by the cake showcase which is hard to pass by. So many tasty looking cakes and I had a hard time choosing.

In the end I went with the recommended summery and fresh strawberry yoghurt cake and Lisa had raspberry mascarpone and almond cake.



The cake slices were huge and we had a hard time finishing them even if they were so delicious. The prices for the cake were also only 3,8€ which surprised us both. Normal price for huge and delicious cakes? Heck yes more of that please!
To walk off some of those calories we took the tram (contradicting myself there haha) to Aumannplatz and sat there in the park surrounded my blooming roses and very active blackbirds.

I even made a video. I am quite new to making videos but I am trying to learn video editing because I want to make a vacation video when I am in London.
Do you have any experience with video editing or recommendations for those special programmes?

Amaretto Fig Gugelhupf

Finally I managed to make time and bake this Gugelhupf I have been wanting to try out since spring but was waiting for the right moment. Since figs are now in season and all. Yeah kinda not true but it was a good timing since are cheap and abundant now.


I stumbled upon this recipe from the magazine Sweet Paul and knew I had to try it out.
The cake is super moist, soft and delicious! Sadly I cannot taste any hint of amaretto put poured myself some raspberry amaretto drink instead.
The cinnamon gives it a nice spice but I wished I had put more of it since the taste of the fig and cinnamon make this cake very seasonal and in the mood for autumn.


And yes I forgot to add the powdered sugar for decorations but I am still so proud of my first Gugelhupf which turned out really nice that I think it does not really need that ;) The surface does not look perfect because I did not wait for the Gugelhupf to cool down completely but appearance does not matter that much to me if the food is delicious anyways!

Recipe for Amaretto Fig Gugelhupf:

In German on page 57: http://issuu.com/falkemediaek/docs/sweetpaul_01-2013

– 450g dried figs (if you use fresh figs the cooking time is much faster, I had a mix between fresh and dried figs though since the recipe is all about the flavour of dried figs)

-480ml water

– 120 ml Amaretto

– 1 Tsp Vanilla extract

– 300g brown sugar

– 240 ml cooking oil

– 3 Eggs L

– 360g Flour

– 2 Tsp Baking flour

– 1/2 Tsp Salt

– 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

– 1/2 Tsp powdered Ginger

– 1/4 cardamom

– 130g roasted and chopped Walnuts

– powdered sugar for coating

1) Preheat the oven at 175° degrees. 2) Cook the figs in the water on medium heat until they are soft.
3) Purèe with the Amaretto and Vanilla extract. 4) Combine sugar, oil and eggs in a bowl and blend. 5) Add the fig mixture and blend again.
6) Add the flour, baking powder, salt, spices and walnuts to the mixture. 7) Put the dough in an already buttered and floured Gugelhupf shape.
8) Bake it for approx. an hour. Test it with a chopstick if it is done. 9) Let it cool and then let the cake unmold, finally putting the powdered sugar on top and you are finished to enjoy this delicious Gugelhupf!


Shooting Linz

Summer seems to be fading away already and on Saturday I escaped rainy Vienna for sunny and warm Linz.
Sounds like a good deal. Yeah it was! Lisa showed me around her home town and I really enjoyed my short day trip.

shootinglinz (1)

shootinglinz (2)

I was looking forward to Izakaya but sadly the restaurant had to be closed today.. oh well can’t be helped.

shootinglinz (3)

We decided to eat instead some austrian cuisine and ate in Stieglbräu zum Klosterhof.

shootinglinz (5)

Lots of meat! That’s why I rarely eat austrian dishes, the portions are too big and it feels unhealthy but once in a while it’s ok. I guess ;)
shootinglinz (6)

After food we decided to get rid of those calories and enjoyed the exhibition Höhenrausch were you could climb a tower which felt at least 100 meters high even though it is only about 30 meters but anyway great view over the city.  :D

The ants were made by the artist Rafael Gòmezbarros and I don’t know if they had a special meaning but they were a great for pictures.

shootinglinz (8)

shootinglinz (9)

Lisa having fun in the bamboo tunnel.

shootinglinz (10)

Peeking at the church which is overtaken by the ants.

shootinglinz (11)

Inside the bamboo building it was great to sit in some shade and relax even though the bamboo was not the most comfortable material :)

shootinglinz (12)

A better view of the ants on the church with some lens flare.

shootinglinz (13)

A view on the restaurant we had lunch.

shootinglinz (14)

People enjoying the view.

shootinglinz (15)

shootinglinz (16)

shootinglinz (17)

Out on the streets again we stumbled over this cute stall selling corn. Oh it smelled delicious!

shootinglinz (18)

Elections for the National Council are soon in Austria and the new NEOS party is distributing flyers. Yes their colour is pink ;)
shootinglinz (19)

Up up to have a nice view over Linz.

shootinglinz (20)

shootinglinz (21)

Sinfully delicious. I love Schaumrollen and these were freshly made and divine.

The dough is puff pastry and the filling is egg white with sugar. Very sweet but so yummy!

I could have stuffed my face and tummy with those if I would not have been so stuffed from lunch.

shootinglinz (22)

The bakery Jindrak sells amazing cakes since 1929 and their strawberry Kardinalschnitte was so good I ate two of them..
I also bought Esterhazyschnitte for the boyfriend which he loves and which I liked a lot because of its nutty flavour.

Kardinalschnitte is a very fluffy sponge cake with baiser topping and marmelade as filling. It tastes very light but these are far away from being a low calorie dessert so beware ;) Esterhazyschnitte is made up of hazelnut cake with creme and the distinct glaze on top which is a black pattern on white background.
The prices were not bad considering the great quality, the pieces cost around 2,50€.
And oh I would drive to Linz again only for those yummy cakes :)

(improvised) Crepe Cake with Berries


After I had to hold a presentation in my class at university (glad that it’s over, I don’t feel comfortable doing those) Nina, Andrea and me met up at Carmillas place to bake! Yay!

We were inspired by this recipe from whipperberry: http://whipperberry.com/2012/08/biscoff-raspberry-crepe-cake-recipe.html


It takes quite a while to make this many crepes and also to spread in each layer cream but with that many people it was fun and seemed quite fast. I would be too lazy doing this crepe cake on my own though ;)


PS: The not finished polaroid picture Camilla took of the cake.