Markterei this weekend

The Markterei is happening this weekend again at the Badeschiff and I am already super excited!

Not just because my favourite cupcake shop Brass Monkeys will be there, no also because Hy Kitchen and their delicious burgers will be there with lots of other regional producers. You can check the whole list on their facebook page and see for yourself what sellers will be attending.


I am really looking forward to Saturday and if you don’t have any plans yet, do come and check it out! :)



The Mister and me went to a pop-up farmers market called Markterei at the Badeschiff on the week-end. Small start-ups sold their products and it was a lovely atmosphere and really informative for both of us.

We tried out different kinds of pepper, honey produced in Vienna, chili sauces and fresh herbs, to help us decide what to take home with us.

The pink pepper for 10€ had such a lovely aromatic flavour, I can’t wait to try out my own smoothies and recipes with it. I once had a smoothie at Rauch Juice Bar with pink pepper, strawberries and basil if I remember correctly and the combination of those ingredients was just so lovely and refreshing.

shooting_vienna_markterei shooting_vienna_markterei

After the Pepper from Die Pfefferei we extinguished our burning tongues with the smooth and silky honeys of Wiener Honig.

I tried honey with coconut, chestnut honey, forest honey and finally fir honey, which we both loved the most. The honey was 5€ with a refundable deposit which made it around 6,5€.


It is very rich and tastes like brown and sweet caramel. I can totally see me drizzling it on Greek yoghurt with nuts or in my matcha latte or on cooked apple slices with cinnamon. Mhm~

Our last stop was Altschachl Kräuter and a really nice lady let us try a lot of their goods before we settled with basil cress.

shooting_vienna_markterei shooting_vienna_markterei

The basil cress for 2€ as you can see can be more easily distributed over dishes without having to cut them opposed to normal basil. Also the basil plants in my appartement always seem to wither, so the basil cress seems to be a great alternative.


Ta-da a peek of my breakfast. Normally I just eat really random stuff for breakfast but a simple egg dish topped with basil cress is just a great start into a busy work and university filled day. Ehem anyways back to the herbs of altschachl.

Mustard cress was pretty nice and tangy and I never tried erdginseng before (which is also called Tu-Ren-Shen and more grown-up: Talinum paniculatum ;)) and it was a very interesting experience. And by interesting I mean weird. The leaves tasted fine, then they turned suuuuper sour and to top it all of it got a bit slimy. Weird but fun! kinda

You can find information about all producers that sell their products at Markterei here. The next event probably will be held in a month :)