Liquid Market

The liquid market took place on the 29th of July for the very first time and was the perfect place to try out the best cocktail bars in Vienna: Sign Lounge, Halbestadt, Miranda, Botanical Garden, and many many more.

We already bought our tickets, that included all the beverages we could drink beforehand and paid only 28€ while the normal ticket were 36€. The price wasn’t that bad considering how much you normally have to pay for a high quality cocktail.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was a chill Friday evening and everybody had a great time discovering new bars and tasting a lot of cocktails.
My favourite from the ten cocktails I had was the basil martini (it had a way cooler name but I sadly can’t recall it anymore). It was super refreshing and just the perfect combination thought of by the Sign Lounge.

I really hope that the liquid market will take place again next year and in case it does, you definitely should drop by and test the cocktails for yourself! I will be sure to post about it beforehand and therefore remind you of this lovely event :)


Japanese Garden and Autumn festival

The leaves on the trees are slowly changing colours already and I can’t wait to visit Setagaya Park in full Autumn gear!

I actually never visited this park in Summer and was surprised by how green and relaxing it was, compared to the hot and sticky public transport.

shooting_vienna_setagaya   shooting_vienna_setagaya
Lots of turtles were chilling in the water, in Autumn you mostly spot only a few. I wonder if those are being taken care of in Winter.


In the 15th of September, a Japanese Autumn festival will take place at the Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn from 2pm till 5 pm.
Maybe we will see each other there! :)

PDF Version of the Invitation

Mariahilferstraße Opening

Mariahilferstraße is a very popular shopping street in Vienna, starting at Westbahnhof going all the way down to Museumsquartier.
They started to turn the shopping street into a pedestrian and bike zone after a referendum and I really love how it turned out!


Tomorrow there will be an opening party from 10am till 7pm with lots of sporty activities and musical entertainment.
Of course I am more interested about the culinary aspect ;)
Apparently Gerngroß will offer some grass and chairs to sit to have picknick.


Rachel Khoo in Vienna

Rachel Khoo is a successful TV cook and cookbook author, getting more and more popular.
I really enjoy watching her show “The Little Paris Kitchen”and I just had to go to this book presentation in Thalia.


There were quite a lot of other fans present and Thalia announced that this book event is the most popular one they ever had.
Since Rachel is half Austrian (and half Malaysian) she spoke a cute mix of German and English, having grown up in Great Britain.
She looked so pretty in a flattering light green Dirndl, made by Lena Hoschek.

She seems so nice and funny. After the presentation of her newest book “Kitchen Notebook” we got to ask her some questions before it the book signing. Some of the most funniest answers: Soem one asked if she ever cried in the kitchen because of a failed recipe. “No, I don’t cry I get into Gordon Ramsay mode.” Her favourite Austrian dish is from her grandma, Voralberger Kässpätzle. Her mum would send her some stinky cheese from Voralberg, so that the postman would not steal it. ;)

It was a great opportunity to meet her in person and I wish her all the best and hope to see more of her in the future :)
She is very active on social media, so you can follow her blog and instagram for example.

Have you heard of Rachel Khoo? Do you have a favourite recipe from her?
I must confess that I haven’t cooked nearly half the recipes I wanted but I am still very fond of this salad.

CareerFair 2015

Do you have time tomorrow from 10am till 5pm to be at the Austria Center?

People who are looking for jobs, want to check out their options for further education or just people who would like to network, have their opportunity tomorrow. Careerfair is Austria-wide the only exhibition for young people with international goals.

You can have a look at the workshops they offer here.

The whole event is for free, you just need to register for it and the workshops you would like to attend :)


©Careerfair- Networking Youth Career



Not your typical flea market, the Mondscheinbazar starts at 5pm till 11pm, with musicians giving live performances while you roam around. There will even be Burlesque performances, which I have never seen live before! Drinks and food will be available as well, so the entrance fee of 3€ is decent.

Mondscheinbazar ©Mondscheinbazar

It takes place in the tenth district in the ex-Anker Expedithalle, Puchsbaumgasse 1c. Directions how to get there can be found here on their website.
There is a facebook event page in case you want to read up more details.