Liquid Market

The liquid market took place on the 29th of July for the very first time and was the perfect place to try out the best cocktail bars in Vienna: Sign Lounge, Halbestadt, Miranda, Botanical Garden, and many many more.

We already bought our tickets, that included all the beverages we could drink beforehand and paid only 28€ while the normal ticket were 36€. The price wasn’t that bad considering how much you normally have to pay for a high quality cocktail.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was a chill Friday evening and everybody had a great time discovering new bars and tasting a lot of cocktails.
My favourite from the ten cocktails I had was the basil martini (it had a way cooler name but I sadly can’t recall it anymore). It was super refreshing and just the perfect combination thought of by the Sign Lounge.

I really hope that the liquid market will take place again next year and in case it does, you definitely should drop by and test the cocktails for yourself! I will be sure to post about it beforehand and therefore remind you of this lovely event :)

National Park Donau Auen

It already has been a very long wish for me to visit a national park in Austria and thanks to Igersvienna (an instagram group) I finally had the chance to visit one.


The national park Donau Auen is the nearest to Vienna and definitely worth a visit even though there are no impressive mountain tops, you get to see (nearly) untouched nature by boat and do some work-out with your arms while paddling along the river ;)

shooting_vienna_donauauen shooting_vienna_donauauen

We got there with a rented van and it is definitely easier to go there by car than take the public transport (which I am not even sure is an option..)


The park rangers told us lots of interesting information about the park and its inhabitants.I won’t get too much into detail here because you should hear it for yourself when you are there :)


We got to see lots of (water)birds and even a turtle could not be disturbed by us and seemed to enjoy two boats full of people snapping picture after picture.


I loved the view, especially when you glide by Hainburgh an der Donau which is really photogenic and such a cute town.


The tour is definitely something many people would enjoy, especially kids so for summer, this is definitely an activity for the whole family.
My smile is not lying! :D


Warm April Days / in-season calendar

The weather in Vienna and especially the temperatures are really nice and warm for April.

shooting_vienna_april2016 shooting_vienna_april2016

The cherry trees and magnolias have been in a lovely bloom already and the leaves of the trees are fresh and light green. Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons!
The farmers market has more goods to offer and the buzz is back on a Saturday at Naschmarkt. To help me plan on what seasonal goods to cook with, I bought an in-season calendar over amazon (and not just because the pictures are so pretty :)). You can click on the pictures to see them in full-size.


I had a fun photo-shooting at the Japanese garden in Vienna with me as the model. As soon as I get the pictures I will put them up for you to see but it will take some time since the photographer is quite busy and on holiday at the moment.

Magical Theme for March: shapes and figures

Since it is spring and sunshine makes me go adventuring outside, I decided to search for shapes and figures in nature.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
We spend a lot of time in front of a screen nowadays. Not just on a pc/laptop but also on the mobile phone.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
I started to read more novels again, especially while enjoying the warm rays of sun outside and wanted to give you a book recommendation.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
The book is written by Dave Eggers and is called “The Circle”.
It is about a world similar to ours and the protagonist, Mae and how she changes due to technology. In this dystopian novel, the internet has undergone a change and all those individual profiles on different pages we know, have melted into one single profile for a person on the internet and how transfixed people become on their online presence and by connecting online, that they forget to live in the actual world. It made me enjoy nature even more!
The only thing that I did not like is how flat the characters seem but the book definitely made me more wary of the internet, the data we leave behind and the time we spend or waste.
Have you heard of the novel? I always love to read dystopian novels so suggestions are very welcome :)

Graffiti and Murals at Capistranigasse

Right near Mariahilferstraße in a side street, you can enjoy street art at Capistranigasse.



I have seen quite a few Instagram posts about those different pieces already and finally found the time to look at them myself.

shooting_vienna_Capistrani shooting_vienna_Capistrani

The most popular mural seems to be the colourful girl :)

But I also really like the very personal style of this mural done by Frau Isa.

shooting_vienna_CapistraniI posted this on Monday on Instagram #Mondayface ;)


You should have a quick peek yourself if you have the time and enjoy graffiti or murals. I always get a bit confused which is which but supposedly “Legal” graffiti is called a mural. Is that correct? Please let me know if you know the difference!

MAK – The Happy Show

MAK is the short term for Museum für Angewandte Kunst – museum of applied arts and has this very interesting exhibition about the pursuit of happiness till the 28th of March 2016. shooting_vienna_MAK shooting_vienna_MAK
Happiness is a very important topic for me since,even as a kid, I just wanted to be happy and content as an adult (who doesn’t). It may seem egoistic and naive of wanting to be happy, since a lot of factors are contributing to our own happiness (unhappiness of others?) but I base my own happiness less on people or objects and work on having a general positive outlook from within.


For me, happiness is a general state of mind and a thought process instead of a short-lived reaction to an action.
It may seem weird but to me, death is an important aspect. I think it is important to stay grounded and aware that we have a limited time on this planet and if we are not happy, we need to change it (whatever “it” is).
We need to enjoy the presence, every small moment that makes us smile and try to let go of fear. At least, that’s what is making sense to me and I can recommend you to see the exhibition and have a think about your own happiness.
Oh and if you are already in MAK, they also have a Star Wars exhibition that a lot of people seem to enjoy! (I have to confess that I am not into this fandom and therefore can’t share the enthusiasm ;)).

7 Things you should know when visiting Vienna

This post is something completely different and new but I thought about why I am blogging and one of my main inspiration is to not only post my photography and keep myself motivated, I am always reading up blogs when I am going on vacation and love to read tips and guides from locals. It took me some time to think about things most people and tourists may not know about Vienna and hopefully are helpful to some of you :)


1) When arriving at the airport, you don’t have to take the CAT to the city centre.
I don’t know anybody who uses the CAT unless you are on a business trip and need to save time, or are a tourist and don’t know that there are other options. The CAT is a fast train that brings to Vienna in around 15min and costs one-way 11€ but you can also take the Schnellbahn for only 2,2€. True, the S-bahn takes way longer (25 mins.) but it is a lot cheaper and both trains are only available twice every hour.
Most tourists and even some Austrians don’t know that you should buy your ticket from the airport only till the city borders because the Viennese public transport covers the rest automatically.

2) Cash is accepted everywhere unlike credit cards.

In Austria, it is not very common as in other places, to pay with credit card.
Most places only accept cash so keep that in mind when exchanging money, it is better to withdraw a bigger sum.

3) Where to exchange your money.

As in most cities, at big tourist destinations you always have the option to exchange your money but those places are just rip-offs. I can recommend you the bank Schellhammer & Schattera which is located near Stephansplatz, here. It is a bank with religious values and that’s why the customers are not cheated with fees. I also got the most accurate exchange rate from Euros into Dollars from them.

4) Sunday equals no-shopping-day.

Most of you may know this but Austria is a catholic country and nearly everything is closed on Sundays. If you want to go shopping, you need to plan it on some other day. This day should be reserved for sight-seeing or other activities that does not involve shops. You can find some supermarkets at bigger train stations that are open but prepare for long queues!

5) Always stand on the right side of the escalator.

This is a huge sign for Viennese that you are a tourist or from the countryside ;)
There are signs posted around the stations to stand right but most tourists are probably too excited to notice these. You may encounter a grumpy Viennese who asks you to stand on your right side so he/she can pass. I actually really like the rule to stand on your right because the people who are in a rush can run up on the left side (also the escalators here are pretty slow so I rarely just stand on the right).

6) How much should you tip in Vienna?

Austria is not really strict about giving tips. Of course you are more than welcome to leave tips for any service you were happy with and if you were not satisfied, you can leave no tips. With small sums most people just round up to the next big number to make it even. For example, if something cost 4,5€ you can give 5€ or if it is 6,7€ you can give 7,5€. With bigger sums in restaurants, most people usually give around 10% but there is really no rule here and you just give what you are comfortable with, according to the service.

7) You should order tap water instead of still mineral water.

Vienna has one of the cleanest waters in the world and you can absolutely drink the tap water here. Depending on the district, the taste can vary but it will never taste like chlorine as in other cities. You can safe money by ordering tap water in restaurants which is often free or about 50cents. Other drinks that are cheap and popular here is soda water with lemon or raspberry flavour.


I hope my list helps you while visiting Vienna. In case you have any questions just let me know in the comments but you can also send me a personal email at!

12 magical themes for 2016

Paleica is a dear photographer blogger with stunning pictures and she had the lovely idea of a photography project. Every month, she would set a theme and fellow bloggers would post their interpretation and pictures of that specific theme. This months theme are: signs and fonts.

shooting_vienna_Signs&fonts shooting_vienna_Signs&fonts

shooting_vienna_Signs&fonts shooting_vienna_Signs&fonts shooting_vienna_Signs&fonts

I just included the pictures I took for this month since I want to actively go out for the theme and avoid using pictures from my hard drive.

In case you are interested, you are more than welcome to join and information can be found on Paleicas page (it is in German but easily translated with Google translator :))

Guerilla Gardening – New Year Resolution

Friends and family members that know me, will not be surprised by this but I got lost in my neighbourhood while grocery shopping (I decided on a different route home). While it could have been really annoying, I love to wander streets I have never been to and notice all those tiny details one is usually too busy to see.

In the 12th district, only some meters away from Gürtel, a high traffic area, you can find cute little guerilla gardens with pops of green. Well, since it is winter it is not that colourful yet but I can’t wait for spring to come and see what they look like.

Those gardens fit perfectly to my yearly theme of actively helping bees since the massive amount of bees dying, have a long lasting affect, not only on humans and the honey production. One of the main points I found to help bees is to provide more green space and flowers and to buy organic food. Which makes sense since herbicide is poisoning insects and designed to kill them.

Vienna is supporting people with money for gardening projects. One project per district can be funded with up to 3600€, which is quite a big sum! Apparently there are also 5100 bee colonies living in Vienna, one is even located on the roof of the Rathaus.

Can’t wait for spring!!

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of the most visited museums in Vienna and they have over 30 Million pieces in their collection, making it one of the best collections in the world.
It is great for families with young kids and offers free entry for anyone younger than 19. I loved it when I was small and I felt really nostalgic visiting it.

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm

The mammal section was my favourite as a kid but I weirdly was fascinated in the geology section.
Probably because I never paid much attention to it or maybe because stones were not too appealing to my younger self..
What is your favourite section to see at a natural history museum?

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm

Dinosaurs in a fancy old building? Check!


Grand entrance of the museum. The king back in the day had lots of cash to spend.

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm
Not sure what kind of art installation that was but I loved the reflections it has to offer!

Museums are definitely great in winter and when the weather is grey and unappealing.
What is your favourite activity on a grey winter day?