Memobottle – Waterbottle

I absolutely love my new waterbottle I discovered on Kickstarter!
It is not a new fact that we should drink lots of water (especially in summer) but I often was really lazy to bring my normal round bottles because they did not fit into my bags. The design is just perfect, why did not anybody think of a flat bottle sooner?


I already recommended it to my friends, gifted it to some and finally got around to write about memobottle here. You can find the bottle on Amazon but I bought it directly on their website since I heard that people received fake copies of the memobottle company on amazon.


The memobottle comes in two sizes (A6 with 375ml and A5 with 750ml) and is BPA-free.
I just keep water in mine since they are not dishwasher safe and I am not too sure if the can experience discolouration by tea or other drinks.


I did not get sponsored for this post but I do can really recommend you those bottles because they are super practical and stylish at the same time :)




Located in Neubau, the hip and trendy district of Vienna, Feinkoch not only offers menus to cook at home for (single) cooks, you can also find lots of special treats for your special foodie or just for yourself ;)


You can pick a recipe and then get all the ingredients for the exact portions you need. I really like the concept which is pretty handy for people living alone. You can also check out the available recipes they have at the moment online.


It’s so cool how they used all those old wooden crates to make furniture and I especially love that white cabinet!


I like to buy the sweet bars they have, even though I am not a huge fan of chocolate, I really enjoy the chocolate bars from the grown up company!


Definitely something you should check out, especially if you love to cook but are living alone!

Vegan Beauty Basket March Edition

I have been super eager to receive this parcel! shooting_vienna_veganbeautybasketmarch
A present to oneself is one of the best… besides having a great time with people you love and home-made cookies ;)
Talking about presents, it was my birthday on Saturday and I had a really great time.
We stayed up really late, had great conversations and cheap booze.
I celebrated at Rupp’s, an Irish Pub at Arbeitergasse 46 which I can totally recommend! It is super cozy and they only serve vegetarian dishes (with vegan options) which I think is a nice alternative.

Ok random input end, now back to the beauty box.
The February edition which I talked already about here, wowed me a bit more but I still like all of the content except the eye-shadow colours which I sadly could not choose myself.
Eskay – Deo Cream 7€
I had the option to choose the scent here and I opted for rose with bergamot. The other options were lavender, mint and a neutral scent. I generally love deo creams and really like the consistency and scent!

Michael Droste-Laux – alkaline gem bath salt 2,5€
Since I just have a shower and no bath tube I wasn’t sure if I can try it out but apparently you can also use it as a foot- or hand bath!

Evolve organic Beauty – Hand/Body wash + lotion 4,5€ and 5,5€
I love the fresh and earthy orange scent with wood accents. Since the bottles are the perfect travel size I will save them for my next trip.

Highdroxy – Face Serum 34€
My face had some dry patches but it got a lot better after only one use of the serum. It is made up from mandelic acid and supposedly should help renew my first skin layer. From the whole box this was is my favourite item!

Purobio – Eye shadow Pallet 12,99€
I love nude shades for my eyes and would never haven chosen those colours. So either I get adventures or I will give it away to a friend who can appreciate that pallet more than me.
Have a nice week ahead of you!

Vegalinda and Achselkuss

Since the start of this year I stopped buying cosmetics that are tested on animals and am on the look out for affordable and good natural make-up. Not only because it is cruelty free but because I believe that natural ingredients are far better for the skin. And truth be told, isn’t healthy skin that barely  needs make-up better than tons of make-up?

Vegalinda is a new online shop for vegan cosmetic and is founded in Austria.
All the brands that are offered are 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is great for me. It saves me time to check labels and brands online!

The shipping costs are only 3,45€ and without charge if you order from 49€ upwards.


Into the wild from upwind candles is a soy candle in a recycled wine glass for 19,9€. It smells really fresh and not artificial.


Hibiskiss in the colour coral is a great lipstick for winter for 4,9€. My lips feel super soft and rehydrated after I have used this. At first I was not that fond of the colour since I am more into the red tones but I do really like it now.

PHB ethical beauty mineral bronzer is the only product which I am not really loving. I opted for tan but I barely see it on my skin. Not sure if it is just the wrong shade and the product is great after all. It did cost 20,95€ and is too pricey not to like :(

I did get two samples, which you can see on the picture. A cream from Lulu&Boo and soap from Dr. Bronner. I love getting samples and I really enjoyed the nourishing cream from Lulu&Boo but I still have to try out Dr. Bronners soap.

shooting_vienna_vegalinda  shooting_vienna_vegalinda

Next up is Achselkuss, I discovered this brand of natural cosmetics that offer deodorant cream on a flea market. They aparrently have not a shop yet and can only be found on events but more information is on their Facebook page. The smell is amazing and available as neutral, lavender or orange. It is especially great for people like me that put on clothes first and forget about putting on deodorant. It is so much easier to just take a small portion and spread the cream with one finger on your armpit then use a whole deodorant stick. Definitely something I can see myself giving people for Christmas, if I would not already have all my presents since Autumn ;)


All opinions are my own, I did not get sponsored to write this post.


Vienna has been lacking modern tea places, especially for young people and I am glad that Teastories opened end of March at Westbahnhof in the Westbahnhof shopping area.


Karina and Davy are not only siblings but the two co-founders of Teastories and I got the chance to get to know Teastories better, through an interview with her. Both have an international background, having lived in different cities and wanting to retail something international in Vienna. Nothing better than opening a tea shop, with tea being grown and harvested all over the world!


Karina explained that the quotes that are listed on the teas, mostly come from friends and families and have a very special meaning to them.
I think it is really cute that their tea with the containing stories are in a shelf, which is titled tea library.

Karina mentioned that their concept is really important to them and how closely they worked with their Mexican graphic designers, Anagrama. If you look at their logo below, you notice that the quotation mark can also be seen as two tea leaves. How clever!
All those small details show, how much thoughts both have put into this tea shop.


The foundation is the puristic look, letting the products be in the spotlight and carefully implementing their tea stories. Their declared goal is to reach everybody, not just the classic tea drinkers and I am very positive that they will succeed.


Not only do they offer tea but also lots of tea accessories and best of all, cute cups. You can never have enough tea cups! The “Yours” and “Mine” tea mugs are so cute!


I enjoyed this matcha latte during our conversation. I loved that the matcha was not overly sweet but the matcha taste could have been a bit stronger in my opinion.
Matcha latte and Thai tea are their best-selling drinks, with the matcha being biological from a Japanese supplier.


This man enjoyed listening to our conversation and offered to pose for a picture. So thank you, unknown stranger!
Karina was so nice and gave me a lot of teas to try at home, which I will tell you all about in my next post, to not make this one super long.
So stay tuned :)

PS: If you drop by, don’t forget to get yourself a loyalty card!

Diptyque – Tam Dao

I was searching for quite some time to find “my” perfume and I am glad to say that I have finally found it. Even better, the Mister bought it for my Birthday, which is today :)

First things first, Diptyque is a French brand that first started out with unisex eau de toilette and later produced eau the perfums and candles, without any animal testing.
There are quite known between bloggers but not that easily to find in shops.

I just know Duft and Kultur at Tuchlauben, that sell their products at a very fair price which is identical to the online price without the shipping cost.
Not just a win in that situation but a great place to find presents for the people you love or just yourself ;)

shooting_vienna_diptique shooting_vienna_diptique
The Mister and me seldom walk out of there without having bought anything.

The people working there are really helpful and there is just such a wide variety of products, starting from perfumes and candles to shower gels, soaps, home decor, French tea, Japanese spa bathrobes and many many more.


Back to Diptique, the scent I surprisingly was instantly hooked on was Tam Dao, which I originally thought would be more for the mister.
Tam Dao is a spicy and woody scent, which is made up from; sandalwood, rosewood, cypress, ambergris.
I just love the smell and a lot of people compliment me on it and how well it fits me.
I am glad to finally have found my perfume. Have you found yours yet?
What scent of Diptique do you prefer? And are you more the flowery, spicy/woody or citrus perfume type?

Markterei & Verjus

At the last Markterei the Mister and me stuffed our faces with delicious pulled pork burgers from Hy Kitchen and cupcakes from Brass Monkey.



After the burger and a cupcake it was shopping time and we bought Verjus, which is juice made of immature green grapes.
It can be used for marinades, soups, sauces or risotto and many more, just need to find out!
Verjus has a mild acidity and can be used as a substitute for vinegar, lemon and more obviously, wine.

We also bought a Verglüher which is Verjus with christmas spices and amaretto and it was the best Glühwein I ever had!
The flavours worked perfectly together and I can’t wait to open the bottle of ours and use that cute enamel cup.


I am not sure where you can buy them in Vienna but you can check out their shop online  and they will probably attend the next Markterei again.

Jo Malone

As you may know I recently have been a bit obsessed with the Jo Malone fragrances and have been sneaking around the Douglas at Kärtnerstraße quite a few times, just to get a sniff of their wonderful candles and colognes.


I finally bought myself a gift set to try out different kind  of fragrances on my skin and I think those small bottles are great for travels. It always takes ages for me to finish a whole bottle of 50ml or 100ml and think that those 9ml are perfect. Jo Malone recommends to try out and layer the different fragrances to get your personal note and different outcomes, which I think is really cool (but haven’t tried out – oops).


First of the two fragrances I just didn’t like: Lavender and Amber and Lemon, Basil and Mandarin.
I was surprised when I read that Lavender and Amber fragrance was meant for men. It reminded me of an old lady and I just didn’t like the smell at all on myself and I felt a bit uncomfortable the whole day while wearing it.

The lemon, basil and mandarin fragrance smelled okayish but did not work well with my natural smell and I felt like a 60 year old man, but in a bad way ;)

Now  to the colognes that worked well with me and smelled great.

Peony and blush Suede is a very sweet and flowery smell that brings back memories of warm sunny days. Nice and very feminin!

Blackberry and Bay is the perfect autumn smell for me. Dark and fruity but not too sweet.

And now to the fragrance which I liked the most of the set: Pear and Fresia. This is a spring smell for me, which is my favourite season (besides Autumn) and just works best for me. It is another sweet smell but quite fresh at the same time.


Even though I really like to wear Jo Malone fragrances I am not sure if I am going to buy another cologne of the brand because in my opinion it is just too pricey. Yes, they do really nice cologne but in the end it is just cologne and the huge downside of Jo Malone is that the fragrances don’t last very long. Which is a shame of course since the bottles are really pricey. I will happily use my colognes but will be on the hunt for a more suitable smell and brand. I think my next perfume purchase will be from Tom Ford :)

Markterei this weekend

The Markterei is happening this weekend again at the Badeschiff and I am already super excited!

Not just because my favourite cupcake shop Brass Monkeys will be there, no also because Hy Kitchen and their delicious burgers will be there with lots of other regional producers. You can check the whole list on their facebook page and see for yourself what sellers will be attending.


I am really looking forward to Saturday and if you don’t have any plans yet, do come and check it out! :)

Woman Day – Shopping

A bit late since the woman day was on the 16h of October but I wasn’t sure if a shopping post would be of interest to anyone but here it is anyway ;)

I love woman day because you get up to minus 60% in 51 selected shops and who doesn’t love a good bargain?
Since I was stuck at university and work I just shopped online at Douglas and ordered all the things on my wish-list. Success!


It always feels like opening a present and I was delighted when I found out that Douglas send me a Jo Malone sample of their red roses perfume.
I just love that smell, it is made out of 6 different types of roses and reminds me of a heavenly turkish delight.


Just recently the Mister and I discovered the wonderful world of scents by Jo Malone and since then I have been hooked and can’t get past the Douglas at Kärnterstraße without sniffing at their sample bottles. Oud and Bergamot is definitely winner, labeled unisex but quite dark and manly I just love how well it fits the Mister.
Do you have a favourite scent from Jo Malone? I really love those unisex perfumes but can’t decide which one I should buy.


Hair bands that don’t leave a bent in my hair? Definitely needed those for my work!


It is a weird feeling, similar to Thai cream since your skin feels really cold and tingly but I am satisfied with the results, my skin is super smooth and my butt feels a lot firmer from just using it a week.

I have been in need of a good lip brush and decided to try out Zoeva. I love that the brush can be easily transformed into a long or small brush, great for travelling!


And last but not least some lip balm from Dr. Hauschka since my lips get easily chapped in autumn and winter.


Did you purchase anything on woman day? :)