Liquid Market

The liquid market took place on the 29th of July for the very first time and was the perfect place to try out the best cocktail bars in Vienna: Sign Lounge, Halbestadt, Miranda, Botanical Garden, and many many more.

We already bought our tickets, that included all the beverages we could drink beforehand and paid only 28€ while the normal ticket were 36€. The price wasn’t that bad considering how much you normally have to pay for a high quality cocktail.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was a chill Friday evening and everybody had a great time discovering new bars and tasting a lot of cocktails.
My favourite from the ten cocktails I had was the basil martini (it had a way cooler name but I sadly can’t recall it anymore). It was super refreshing and just the perfect combination thought of by the Sign Lounge.

I really hope that the liquid market will take place again next year and in case it does, you definitely should drop by and test the cocktails for yourself! I will be sure to post about it beforehand and therefore remind you of this lovely event :)


Tea Time with Coco

Is there anything better than meeting friends and sharing yummy food and delicious tea?


Inari sushi is so easy and simple to make, a great lunch/dinner if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!


For dessert we had apple strudel with vegan coconut ice-cream which can be found in Veganz, the new vegan supermarket.

And finally on to the best, the tea!


We started of with this Tibetan tea, sadly I cannot tell you the exact name but I can ask Coco if you want to know.


and moved on to this great oolong with peach flavour and rose petals.

Mochis were in the violet box with two flavours which were matcha and cinnamon, I was too busy munching them to snap some pictures ;)


Coco has the loveliest garden hidden away, see for yourself!


The perfect place to escape the heat in Vienna.


Guess this was more of a random post but I just had to post about that lovely oolong and another restaurant post is coming up anyway ;)


November 4 Photo Challenge – Fun

Fourth Challenge: Fun


My interpretation: Friends + taking Polaroid Pictures = Fun
I had to think a lot harder with this challenge. There is so much that is fun to me or what could be interpreted as fun.
It is a word with only three letters but quite tricky.

Random info: I settled with the Polaroid idea because I failed at taking a picture of myself looking “fun” with my Polaroid.
Be glad you can only see this photo :D

Demmer’s Tea Workshop

Demmer’s Teehaus is a teashop existing since 1981 and is specialised on loose tea and tea-accessories.
When I saw that they offer various tea workshops for only 25€, I knew I had to attend!
With max. 16 people attending and 4 people not showing up, we were about 10, which was a very comfortable group size.
We first learned the basics of tea (where it grows, what kinds there are etc.) and finally it was time for the tea tasting.

7 black teas on one table and 8 green/oolong/white teas on the other one. I am not really a huge black tea fan but was surprised how tasty the First Flush Darjeeling was. First Flush stands for the first picking and is also related to the quality of the tea, making the First Flush of high quality (and thus more expensive). I think I liked it the most of the black teas because it is similar to a green tea, being somewhat flowery and subtle.
I really disliked the black tea Keemun (China) it had a very pungent smell of something smoked, similar to smoked ham. Not something I would like to have in my tea.
The green teas I liked were: Lung Ching Chun An (China), Gyokuro Asahi (Japan), Genmaicha (Japan), Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearls (China).

I know I liked those because we all got a folder with lots of flyers and a list of the teas we would sample, so I always drew an x when I liked a tea. There is also a description of how the tea tastes, making it easier for beginners to taste those flavours. (Well it did help me when I could not describe the flavour.)

After the workshop was over we were allowed to take samples home of the teas we had and I immediately chose Gyokuro Asahi and the Darjeeling First Flush. My sister gave me some of her Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea and my Babe took Genmaicha for me so I really had most of my favourites :D

I learned quite a lot and starting with the basics is never a bad idea. The next workshop I will attend is the one for matcha and green tea.

If you want to sign up for a tea workshop aswell, here is the link:

Instagram Vienna II

We are so lucky to have so many sunny autumn days at the moment here in Vienna, I love it! It makes the cold creeping up a bit more bearable.

Now to some positive recaps of those two weeks:

  • my love and me celebrated our 22 month’s together by eating delicious burgers at Burgermacher. I had the Chili burger which was really yummy. I love that they have seasonal burgers and always come up with new tasty ideas. And their homemade ketchup.. I could eat it everyday.


  •  I won tickets to Viennafair, which is an art fair. It was quite interesting!shooting_vienna

shooting_vienna shooting_vienna


  • Ice dream factory is closing today for their winter break but before they close up they donate for every ice-cream which is bought till today 1 Euro to the Gruft, which is an organization helping the homeless. Of course I had to buy some ice-cream then!
    I had: Granma’s apple cake, monkey bread (babana ice cream with choco) and snow white strawberry (white choco with strawberries).shooting_vienna
  • At Coco’s place we had a takoyaki party (takoyaki = delicious japanese ball-shaped food made from batter and other ingredients (traditionally octopus) you like to add. In our case we added spring onions, cabbage, corn and cheese)


  • Yesterday I attended the flea market Happy Shit Shopping and found lots of great stuff. shooting_vienna

I spend in total 19€ for 6 lovely items! I especially love those brown Tamaris shoes, since I always wanted to have shoes like these and I got them for only 6€!


  • aaand I saw a rainbow ( which I sadly do not have a picture of)

Have a great week you guys! Mine is quite stuffed with appointments and my final wisdom tooth is coming out on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Instagram Vienna I

Since I am still really busy with various things (mostly university work I still haven’t finished yet which I should have one month ago) here is  a short post with some Instagram pictures of darling Vienna ;)


The flak tower in Augarten. I like the look of it even if most people don’t, because it is a part of Austrian history and is a reminder of the second world war. Fun fact: It is the highest flak tower in Vienna.


Zwetschkenknödel = plum dumplings = deliciousness


Amazing pumpkin pie from The Pie Factory (Spitalgasse 15) near Uni campus.


Fleamarket of famous tea or/and coffee houses. I just had to go! Located at the Ottakringer brewery, the wafts of beer could not be ignored ;)

This pretty boy I bought at this flea market for only 6€.


Yummy cupcakes from Guerilla Bakery at Feinkoch. I just loved the cheesecake with raspberry sauce!

and finally some warming and tasty Hojicha Latte from Cha no ma which is not on their menue

Have a nice week everybody!

Kiel – Vacation pictures

Finally my first “real” holiday for 2013! I could finally see my dear friend in Germany again and we had a great time.
Here are some pictures I shot with my phone and instagram. My uni work which I should hand in soon and my first day at my new job tomorrow give me some stress so that’s why only a quick blog post with loads of pics as an excuse of my absence.
Kiel is in the far north of Germany, famous for its international sailing event and base of the german navy.


Vienna from above, you can spot Schönbrunn at the right corner.


Lots of brick buildings.. reminds me of Amsterdam


Kiellinie in the best weather ;)


more water and boats


awesome cookie cutter, I just had to buy it!


chillin at home with some cool socks


super nice dawn with some massive cloud


Frauke and me with some sunshine :) finally!




more brick buildings, a church

Frauke and me again, smiling like mad :D

enjoying one of my many fish sandwiches. Super yummy and fresh fish! Mhm~
Hope you all have a great week!

Shooting Linz

Summer seems to be fading away already and on Saturday I escaped rainy Vienna for sunny and warm Linz.
Sounds like a good deal. Yeah it was! Lisa showed me around her home town and I really enjoyed my short day trip.

shootinglinz (1)

shootinglinz (2)

I was looking forward to Izakaya but sadly the restaurant had to be closed today.. oh well can’t be helped.

shootinglinz (3)

We decided to eat instead some austrian cuisine and ate in Stieglbräu zum Klosterhof.

shootinglinz (5)

Lots of meat! That’s why I rarely eat austrian dishes, the portions are too big and it feels unhealthy but once in a while it’s ok. I guess ;)
shootinglinz (6)

After food we decided to get rid of those calories and enjoyed the exhibition Höhenrausch were you could climb a tower which felt at least 100 meters high even though it is only about 30 meters but anyway great view over the city.  :D

The ants were made by the artist Rafael Gòmezbarros and I don’t know if they had a special meaning but they were a great for pictures.

shootinglinz (8)

shootinglinz (9)

Lisa having fun in the bamboo tunnel.

shootinglinz (10)

Peeking at the church which is overtaken by the ants.

shootinglinz (11)

Inside the bamboo building it was great to sit in some shade and relax even though the bamboo was not the most comfortable material :)

shootinglinz (12)

A better view of the ants on the church with some lens flare.

shootinglinz (13)

A view on the restaurant we had lunch.

shootinglinz (14)

People enjoying the view.

shootinglinz (15)

shootinglinz (16)

shootinglinz (17)

Out on the streets again we stumbled over this cute stall selling corn. Oh it smelled delicious!

shootinglinz (18)

Elections for the National Council are soon in Austria and the new NEOS party is distributing flyers. Yes their colour is pink ;)
shootinglinz (19)

Up up to have a nice view over Linz.

shootinglinz (20)

shootinglinz (21)

Sinfully delicious. I love Schaumrollen and these were freshly made and divine.

The dough is puff pastry and the filling is egg white with sugar. Very sweet but so yummy!

I could have stuffed my face and tummy with those if I would not have been so stuffed from lunch.

shootinglinz (22)

The bakery Jindrak sells amazing cakes since 1929 and their strawberry Kardinalschnitte was so good I ate two of them..
I also bought Esterhazyschnitte for the boyfriend which he loves and which I liked a lot because of its nutty flavour.

Kardinalschnitte is a very fluffy sponge cake with baiser topping and marmelade as filling. It tastes very light but these are far away from being a low calorie dessert so beware ;) Esterhazyschnitte is made up of hazelnut cake with creme and the distinct glaze on top which is a black pattern on white background.
The prices were not bad considering the great quality, the pieces cost around 2,50€.
And oh I would drive to Linz again only for those yummy cakes :)

Polaroid – Coco and me

Cha no ma is the best adress in Vienna to buy matcha in all forms. As tea, as ice-cream, as tiramisu and as cheesecake.
So as a matcha enthusiastic you can bet where my matcha cravings lead me if I am not baking matcha goods myself.
I probably have more matcha than any normal person should have anyways.
Erwin took the polaroid of coco (left) and me (on the right). She is such a cutie, don’t you agree? :)