Yori – Korean Fine Dining

Yori is not only serving traditional Korean dishes, they have an amazing interior design, which I wish I could have at home.
The two dominant colours in the restaurant are red and black, with a well thought of balance. I especially love the tree wall!


A lot of fancy Japanese places have opened the last few years and I am glad there is finally a Korean restaurant with great interior yet with an affordable pricing.


For drinks they have really interesting Korean lemonades and teas. I had this very refreshing and herbal tasting lemonade with the five-flavour berry. I never had heard from this special berry before. Also I did not know that I was not supposed to eat them. I don’t recommend you trying them but they had a very interesting flavour which explains the name ;) The first few bites taste like a fresh pepper which soon turns to a herbal taste which ended in a very bitter and displeasing after-taste.


For starters we had lovely homemade kimchi and good heap of fried chicken in a honey-chili sauce.
We both wished we could have this chicken as a main-dish because it was just so juicy and delicious, while burning our tongue from the heat.


I love the side dishes that are called banchan. Sadly all of the Korean places I know in Vienna only serve those to Korean customers unlike Yori.
Our side-dishes were kimchi, small fried fish with nuts, seaweed salad and marinated quail eggs.


My order was the samgyup kimchi, thin fried pork strips with kimchi and onions. Very tasty and flavourful!


The dolsot bibimbap the Mister ordered tasted super authentic, just like in Seoul.
We went to Yori to celebrate the Birthday of the Mister and definitely will be back again. I went there again with friends last week because it was that yummy.


Contact details:

Yori – Korean Dining

Wiesingerstraße 8 1010 Wien
Telephone: 057 333 777
Monday till Saturday open from 11am till 11pm


Ramen at newly opened Kojiro 3

Good sushi is not that easy to find in Vienna but Kojiro at Naschmarkt is definitely one of the great places for them.

I did not try out their sushi there since I was too busy to check out their ramen options but the sushi and maki on the other table looked really yummy.

The restaurant itself did not look really special, they did not do many changes and went with the look of the restaurant Big Bowl which was there before Kojiro opened up.

The takoyaki was really delicious, crispy yet really fluffy and creamy inside. It is way to pricey though for 4 pieces on a stick they charge 4,9€.


The mister and me ordered karaage and this mini portion arrived. Sadly the pieces were too small and thus not juicy on the inside. Also quite a pricey starter for 4,9€.


I was not overly impressed with the yakisoba and the udon dishbut my focus in this restaurant is the ramen anyway.

The ramen was tasty and the noodles were perfectly al dente! To my surprise I did like Cocos choice of shoyu ramen more than my choice which was goma miso.


I also loved the flavour of pak choi. The dish is quite heavy and it kinda brought in the healthy part ;)


For dessert I ordered chestnut mochi with honey. We got mochi with black sesam filling instead which tasted really nice though, especially with the honey.


The restaurant is not bad but I’ll stick next time with ramen!
I can’t find any information about the restaurant on the internet yet but it is located at Rechte Wienzeile 25-27 Ecke Pressgasse 1040.

Taste of India

I am not often in the mood for Indian food but if I am craving some curry, the Mister and me will always go to Taste of India.
On their website, you can find a link to a coupon of 3€ but you can’t turn it in if you took the lunch menu.

It has become our favourite Indian restaurant, even if we haven’t tried a lot of them in Vienna I think I can still say it is one of the better ones.
The service is very friendly and they always ask, how hot you would like your dish. Ordering a none spicy dish for kids or people who can’t handle any heat is fine too!


Am I the only one who gets bloated after a mango lassi? I still love to order it though, mango lassi is perfect in combination with spicy food :)
We especially love their lunch menus which are only 7,9€ and include a soup, a main dish, rice and salad. One of the options is always vegetarian.
You can always check out their lunch offers on their website.

shooting_vienna_ToIshooting_vienna_ToI shooting_vienna_ToI

The portions in Indian restaurants always look tiny but I often struggle to finish them.

Do you have any recommendations for Indian restaurants in Vienna? What is your favourite Indian dish? :)

Pizzeria Da Filippo

My family discovered this lovely Pizzeria with Spanish dishes through friends some years ago and we have been going there since.
Not only are the waiters very attentive, the portions are big and very tasty. Perfect for sharing!
Even though it is called Pizzeria I would advise you to order anything else than a pizza. Not because they are bad but because the other dishes are so good and far more interesting. Pizza can be ought on every other corner unlike some really good piccata ala milanese (12,9€), which is my favourite dish there btw. You get two pieces of beef which are wrapped in crispy baked parmesan and served on spaghetti in tomato sauce. So delicious!


When we were there last time we also ordered lamb chops served on baby potatos (15,9€) and beef roasted on a spit (12,2€).
Don’t forget to ask for a doggy bag if you can’t finish everything. It is nice to munch on the left overs :)

Cold brew green tea

It is gradually getting cooler the next days but for now I still prefer to drink tea cold instead of hot.


What I really like is this ginger lemon green tea brewed with cold water in the fridge for 20 minutes.
I use a bit more tea than what I would usually use for a normal brew but again, I did not weigh it out and just went with my gut.


I just go by trial and error, but if you like more detailed directions you can easily find those on google :)


Have you heard of cold-brewing or have you tried it out yourself?
I heard that white and green teas don’t need that long to infuse but that black tea needs the longest, with infusion times being several hours.

Street Food Cinema in August

Uhm I kinda wanted to write about that since some weeks. I am a bit late with this but better late than never also you still have the chance to attend on the last day of this event. Yay!

Street Kitchen Food Market can be found at Hohe Warte near the tube station Heiligenstadt where they not only offer delicious food and drinks, the entrance fee of 4€ includes a movie in the evening. This movie is of course, what else, related to food namely Lunchbox.



Now to the more interesting part, the food!
There were quite a lot of food stalls we did not know yet and we tried out the ribs from Longhorn Texas Grill, a burger from Grill and Roll, Korean fried chicken from Stephan and for dessert some churros from Rumba Y Mambo.

shootng_vienna_streetfood    shootng_vienna_streetfood

Our favourite were hands down the Korean chicken pieces which were double fried. Super tasty especially in combination with the spicy radish kimchi and some cooling radishes.We also had the thai iced tea since the radishes did have some nice heat. The portion was enough for two, I just forgot to take a picture in the beginning which explains this white gap on the right of the picture..


Our second favourite was the burger. The bun was bought and crumbled so easily, we were smothered in burger juices and also the meat was more raw than pinkish but it still was very tasty. The churros were alright but a bit tough since they were already fried and re-fried. The ribs with sauerkraut was a neat combination but the flavour did not impress me that much. I expected more Texasness if you know what I mean ;)


When the Mister and me went it was solely for the food and after trying out a few we were up for a nap at home and missed out on the cultural part of the feast.


Sadly I did not have enough tummy space for it all!


Often, when I am in a bad mood or just generally feel grumpy, food will lift up my mood by a big notch.
I know that it is often just a mind-set but once in a while I think it is ok to be unsatisfied.
It gives you the opportunity to reflect and makes you think about actions you need to undertake to improve yourself and your life.


Anyway, in German we call something a Stimmungsaufheller, that literally means to brighten up your mood.
The Mister is very thoughtful and knows that I love the millefeuille from Joseph Brot.

At the moment they even have a different versions with fruit (but I still prefer the original one!).
The other piece we shared was a brownie tart with raspberries and white chocolate cream.

There is no chance anyone can be grumpy after those ;)


One of my newest additions of places I frequently visit is Vollpension.


This cute coffee and cake place opened about 3 months ago at Schleifmühlgasse 16 and from the interior it not only just feels like you are visiting your grandma, there are actual grandmas working in this shop and baking delicious cakes.

I love this idea because the grandmas are not only able to earn money to their low pension but they know they are needed and are not socially isolted. Which is sadly most often the case with elderly people.

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
On the positive side, they always have new cakes and I never saw the same cakes whenever I had one but then the negative side is that you will seldom have the opportunity to have your favourite cake again and will forever mourn it until you find a new favourite, and then mourn this one and so on. ;)

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
They also have a daily lunch menu and brunch on the week-ends, so if you are not a cake person you can also find something else there!
But seriously, who does not like cake?

Tea Shop in Bratislava

There is a special tea shop in Bratislava at Radlinského 24C that is specialised in high grade tea, with a lovely tea house joined to the tea shop.


After aimlessly looking around for 5 minutes (since we did not have accurate directions) we stumbled over it and thankfully rested our feet in their garden while browsing their extensive menu card which is only written in Slovak but there are helpful pictures and the friendly waitress can speak English.



We both instantly decided on the matcha and aloe vera drink to refresh ourselves and fruity cheesecakes.

shooting_vienna_bratislavatea shooting_vienna_bratislavatea

Luckily for us, the owner was in the house and had time for us to browse the tea shop.
The shop is closed on Fridays and always during the week-end so coming by to buy some tea must be done during the week, which is not possible for most Viennese. You could call him in advance though and ask him if he has the time to sell tea for you which he offered us.


I was so excited in this tea shop and darted from one corner to the next, eyeing all those beautiful tea pots.
We do already have quite a collection and we settled on two teacups which you will be seeing soon :)

shooting_vienna_bratislavatea shooting_vienna_bratislavatea

Beautiful and handmade tea pots in all kinds of sizes and colours.

The owner was very friendly and could explain and recommend lots of Chinese teas to us in English. I was so happy when he opened a fresh bag of An Ji Bai Cha for me to smell. It is really such a huge difference how you store your tea and how fresh and intense the scent can be compared to old samples.

We spend more than 100€ and got a rare first flush rohini exotic 50g bag for free, which I was a very nice gesture and is really appreciated!

Sadly I can’t think of a tea shop here in Vienna that can compare with this jewel but I am glad that we found it and we have enough tea for at least end of this year if not longer. I can’t wait to try them out and since the temperatures in Vienna are normal again there will be some tea posts coming up soon.


Vidoni is a recently opened ice-cream shop with lots of vegan options near Landstraße (next to Joseph Brot) with interesting flavour combinations and a medium offer of outdoor seats.

I love the look of their logo especially their font!

Texture wise vegan ice-cream is of course not comparable to normal ice-cream but what I also like about them is that they don’t use soy milk.
I am not a huge fan of soy milk since it has a very strong taste of its own and distracts the pureness of taste.
The milk they are using is made from organic oats, coconuts and rice which are more flavour neutral in my opinion.

shooting_vienna_vidoni shooting_vienna_vidoni
The flavour I had was matcha with lemon, which was really sour and refreshing, while the Mister enjoyed tropic and vanilla.
They even offer delivery from the first to the third district by bike so you won’t have to get out into the heat yourself and enjoy it from home :)