National Park Donau Auen

It already has been a very long wish for me to visit a national park in Austria and thanks to Igersvienna (an instagram group) I finally had the chance to visit one.


The national park Donau Auen is the nearest to Vienna and definitely worth a visit even though there are no impressive mountain tops, you get to see (nearly) untouched nature by boat and do some work-out with your arms while paddling along the river ;)

shooting_vienna_donauauen shooting_vienna_donauauen

We got there with a rented van and it is definitely easier to go there by car than take the public transport (which I am not even sure is an option..)


The park rangers told us lots of interesting information about the park and its inhabitants.I won’t get too much into detail here because you should hear it for yourself when you are there :)


We got to see lots of (water)birds and even a turtle could not be disturbed by us and seemed to enjoy two boats full of people snapping picture after picture.


I loved the view, especially when you glide by Hainburgh an der Donau which is really photogenic and such a cute town.


The tour is definitely something many people would enjoy, especially kids so for summer, this is definitely an activity for the whole family.
My smile is not lying! :D



5 thoughts on “National Park Donau Auen

  1. ur schön!! ich war im frühen frühling ja endlich mal in der lobau, die gehört da ja glaub ich auch dazu. hab mir geschworen bald wieder zu kommen :)

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