Blooming Portraits

All the blossoms have vanished already and made space for the lush green that is taking over Vienna again. The temperatures are gradually getting warmer and I really am looking forward to the great weather.

I had the photo shooting with another blogger Agata, here Photography site can be found here and her blog here.

1 (6)

I asked my friends over facebook what picture they liked the most and apparently it is this one with the magnolias. Not the one I would have chosen if I am being honest!

1 (4)

1 (1)

As you may know I love the Japanese garden and am way more comfortable behind the camera but Agata did a really good job and managed to capture me in moments where I did not look super awkward.

1 (5)

This is one of my favourites and it feels a lot more like spring than the other one.

Do you have a favourite picture? :)




11 thoughts on “Blooming Portraits

  1. I really like them all but the first one has a certain magic… The flowers with your beautiful dress – you look like straight from a fairy tale :)

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