Magical Theme for March: shapes and figures

Since it is spring and sunshine makes me go adventuring outside, I decided to search for shapes and figures in nature.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
We spend a lot of time in front of a screen nowadays. Not just on a pc/laptop but also on the mobile phone.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
I started to read more novels again, especially while enjoying the warm rays of sun outside and wanted to give you a book recommendation.

shooting_vienna_magicmarch shooting_vienna_magicmarch
The book is written by Dave Eggers and is called “The Circle”.
It is about a world similar to ours and the protagonist, Mae and how she changes due to technology. In this dystopian novel, the internet has undergone a change and all those individual profiles on different pages we know, have melted into one single profile for a person on the internet and how transfixed people become on their online presence and by connecting online, that they forget to live in the actual world. It made me enjoy nature even more!
The only thing that I did not like is how flat the characters seem but the book definitely made me more wary of the internet, the data we leave behind and the time we spend or waste.
Have you heard of the novel? I always love to read dystopian novels so suggestions are very welcome :)


5 thoughts on “Magical Theme for March: shapes and figures

  1. Ich kenne das Buch auch nicht, aber ich bin auch ein miserabler Leser was Romane betrifft :/ Aber bestimmt ein sehr interessantes Thema! Deine Naturfotos finde ich jedenfalls richtig schön und machen Lust mehr Zeit draußen zu verbringen :)

  2. This is a such beautiful post, Beatrice! I especially love the first photo. I agree–we spend way too much time in front of computers these days. I’ve been meaning to get out in nature and also get around to reading a new book I bought. This is just the right prompt for me. :)

  3. Wow I so loved that 3rd picture, it will be a nice desktop wallpaper. And yes I do look at the screen almost nearly 12 hours a day whether its computer or phone.

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