Vegan Beauty Basket March Edition

I have been super eager to receive this parcel! shooting_vienna_veganbeautybasketmarch
A present to oneself is one of the best… besides having a great time with people you love and home-made cookies ;)
Talking about presents, it was my birthday on Saturday and I had a really great time.
We stayed up really late, had great conversations and cheap booze.
I celebrated at Rupp’s, an Irish Pub at Arbeitergasse 46 which I can totally recommend! It is super cozy and they only serve vegetarian dishes (with vegan options) which I think is a nice alternative.

Ok random input end, now back to the beauty box.
The February edition which I talked already about here, wowed me a bit more but I still like all of the content except the eye-shadow colours which I sadly could not choose myself.
Eskay – Deo Cream 7€
I had the option to choose the scent here and I opted for rose with bergamot. The other options were lavender, mint and a neutral scent. I generally love deo creams and really like the consistency and scent!

Michael Droste-Laux – alkaline gem bath salt 2,5€
Since I just have a shower and no bath tube I wasn’t sure if I can try it out but apparently you can also use it as a foot- or hand bath!

Evolve organic Beauty – Hand/Body wash + lotion 4,5€ and 5,5€
I love the fresh and earthy orange scent with wood accents. Since the bottles are the perfect travel size I will save them for my next trip.

Highdroxy – Face Serum 34€
My face had some dry patches but it got a lot better after only one use of the serum. It is made up from mandelic acid and supposedly should help renew my first skin layer. From the whole box this was is my favourite item!

Purobio – Eye shadow Pallet 12,99€
I love nude shades for my eyes and would never haven chosen those colours. So either I get adventures or I will give it away to a friend who can appreciate that pallet more than me.
Have a nice week ahead of you!


7 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Basket March Edition

  1. Happy belated birthday! I agree, those eye shadow colours are hard to pull off, but would be great for occasions like New Years and glamour themed parties?

  2. Awww this drawing is so cute! I’ve never heard about that pub but I’ll check it out one day. Great to hear that you enjoyed your bday :)

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