MAK – The Happy Show

MAK is the short term for Museum für Angewandte Kunst – museum of applied arts and has this very interesting exhibition about the pursuit of happiness till the 28th of March 2016. shooting_vienna_MAK shooting_vienna_MAK
Happiness is a very important topic for me since,even as a kid, I just wanted to be happy and content as an adult (who doesn’t). It may seem egoistic and naive of wanting to be happy, since a lot of factors are contributing to our own happiness (unhappiness of others?) but I base my own happiness less on people or objects and work on having a general positive outlook from within.


For me, happiness is a general state of mind and a thought process instead of a short-lived reaction to an action.
It may seem weird but to me, death is an important aspect. I think it is important to stay grounded and aware that we have a limited time on this planet and if we are not happy, we need to change it (whatever “it” is).
We need to enjoy the presence, every small moment that makes us smile and try to let go of fear. At least, that’s what is making sense to me and I can recommend you to see the exhibition and have a think about your own happiness.
Oh and if you are already in MAK, they also have a Star Wars exhibition that a lot of people seem to enjoy! (I have to confess that I am not into this fandom and therefore can’t share the enthusiasm ;)).


8 thoughts on “MAK – The Happy Show

  1. im MAK war ich außer ganz früher zu h!schoolparties noch überhaupt nie, sowas aber auch. coole sache und schöne gedanken. ich mag das mit der karotte. oder ich mag das, naja. eigentlich mag ihc es gar nicht so, aber es könnte von mir sein. ich sehe das ganz genauso, manchmal sehr zu meinem leidwesen.

    1. Das war jetzt auch mein erstes mal, so stark beworben wird das MAK auch gar nicht finde ich.
      Ja leider kann man nicht die ganze Zeit zufrieden und glücklich sein aber dafür schätzt man es um so mehr :)

  2. Very nice post, I don’t think that happiness is an egoistic desire but simply natural ;) Thanks for reminding us that we’re in charge of our own happiness and we should be working on it during our limited time!

    1. Good question Raymund!
      Yellow is a very strong colour and I do think that the right tone of yellow can lift our spirits and optimism!

      In German speaking countries the attributes to yellow are not that favourable because there is a saying: “Gelb vor Neid sein” which is literally meaning: “Being yellow of Jealousy”.

      I guess it really depends on what you feel with a specific colour!

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