Vegan Beauty Basket – February Edition

Since I changed my shopping last year to cruelty-free make-up, I also wanted to use more natural ingredients for my biggest organ, the skin.
Most of the natural cosmetic brands are very new to me and it can be quite expensive to try out lots of new products. I am glad that I found the vegan beauty basket because everything they offer is 100% vegan and cruelty free and the value of the box is always higher than what you pay!

I waited till the end of the month so I will be able to review the products better and how I like them, opposed to an unboxing where I can just tell you the products.

Inner Soul Organics (20€) – It smells heavenly of roses and jasmin and is a great body peel. You can also use it as bath salts (that’s what the instructions said) but since I don’t have a bath I will stick to it being a scrub. My skin feels not only scrubbed and cleaned, the skin is wonderfully smooth since jojoba extract has been added.

Pure Skin Food Toner (15,90€) – It supposedly should smell like roses, I am actually not too fond of the smell but it is really refreshing and soaks in really fast while hydrating the skin. In the evening, I like to seal the toner in with the kiehls midnight recovery concentrate, both work really well together. The pure skin food toner definitely works better than other toners I tried.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel (12,5€) – My skin has sometimes red patches after showering and this gel is perfect for soothing my skin. You can also share it with a Mister in your life, since it is good after a shave or just general after hair-removal or a sunbath.

Rivelles Eyecream (38€) – Wow, an expensive eye-cream. I am sharing this with the Mister. I actually don’t really have wrinkles and for me it is easier to see a difference on somebody else you see everyday than on myself with no wrinkles to begin with ;) The cream is light and is also absorbed quite fast.

Neobio Concealer Stick (3,99€)- Normally they always have one product where you can choose either the colour, the smell or other factors and I wish they would have given the option for the concealer stick since a lot of people have a lot of different skin tones and this is definitely not fitting everyone. For me it would be fine for my whiter winter skin but I am not too fond of the texture. It somehow does not blend in that smoothly and looks cakey on me.

i+m Ginseng Zaubernuss Fußcreme (8€) – I like the foot cream, especially in winter and how quickly it dries. Nothing more annoying then wanting to snuggle into the warm bed and having to wait for your feet to dry :P

The only things I did not try are the small samples from White Rabbit Skincare day and night cream. Both are supposed to be very mild and soothing and I will try them out asap. I must admit I forgot about them, sitting in my cupboard since the sample is really small.


In every basket you will find at least 5 items. You can order the basket as a present, once to test it out or monthly, which you can cancel any time after 3 months. There are no shipping charges if you live in Germany and the delivery to Austria and Switzerland is around 5€. In case you live in a different EU country you can just send them an email and ask them about the shipping price. I don’t think it is too bad since the box is worth more than the normal price plus shipping. For 3 months plus shipping I paid 87,63€ compared to the value of the February box alone which was around 100€ it is a real bargain.

Do you have any boxes you like or do you not like those surprise packets?

All opinions are my own, I did not get send the box or got paid writing about it. I am just really impressed by their offer and products and want to share my experience with you :)


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