Door No. 8

A pretty decent steak place has opened recently in the seventh district called Door no.8. They have a very special oven that heats up to a 1000°C and supposedly helps to make the steaks extra tender. Before the steak is experiencing the high heat, it is treated with the sous vide method beforehand.shooting_vienna_doorno8


I did enjoy my steak but could not really detect a difference by the special oven. Since I went with friends, we were able to try out more options and I can therefore recommend the flat iron steak. It is not only served a perfectly pink medium, the taste was super meaty and juicy. Since the steak is already filling enough, I think one side-dish is more than enough since my friends who ordered two side-dishes could not finish them.


The restaurant is quite nice, clean and modern. The prices on the other hand are not cheap and therefore I can only recommend the restaurant for a special occasion since the total price for food and drinks will add up to around 50€ (steak+side-dish+drink and depending on what you are ordering).

My only criticism is that the service is friendly but also a bit inexperienced. The waitress told us that the oven is very powerful and that we should order the level of doneness (I think I invented a word?!) lower than we actually want it to be in the end. Since I wanted a medium steak, I ordered medium rare but sadly got a very rare steak. After I asked for some more time in the oven, it came out perfectly medium. I can relate to her concern that the steaks will be overdone but her explanation did not make a lot of sense to me.


Have you been to Door no. 8 and enjoyed it?

I love recommendation so if you have a favourite steak restaurant, please let me know!
At the moment, my favourite place is Flatschers but me and the mister make pretty yummy steaks as well and we therefore seldom go out to eat steaks in general ;)


7 thoughts on “Door No. 8

    1. Will be looking forward to your post when you had the chance to try it. Maybe you have more refined taste-buds than me ;) Yeah me too but customer service is in Austria, compared to other countries, not that high and also it is a newly opened restaurant so I am not too strict here.. :)

  1. yummy das sieht wirklich super lecker aus. das kannte ich noch nicht, muss ich mir merken! im flatschers war ich auch schon 2x, dort finde ich es auhc super lecker. das einzige was mich stört ist, dass sie die tische 2x pro abend vergeben und man dann sozusagen freundlich rausgeschmissen wird. sowas mag ich eigentlich gar nicht.

    1. Oh das wusste ich nicht! Das ist ja schade, aber wenn man es von Anfang an weiß kann man ja vorausplanen. Es wäre doof, wenn man einen langen Abend dort verbringen will und man es nur kurz vorher erfährt :/

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