Guerilla Gardening – New Year Resolution

Friends and family members that know me, will not be surprised by this but I got lost in my neighbourhood while grocery shopping (I decided on a different route home). While it could have been really annoying, I love to wander streets I have never been to and notice all those tiny details one is usually too busy to see.

In the 12th district, only some meters away from Gürtel, a high traffic area, you can find cute little guerilla gardens with pops of green. Well, since it is winter it is not that colourful yet but I can’t wait for spring to come and see what they look like.

Those gardens fit perfectly to my yearly theme of actively helping bees since the massive amount of bees dying, have a long lasting affect, not only on humans and the honey production. One of the main points I found to help bees is to provide more green space and flowers and to buy organic food. Which makes sense since herbicide is poisoning insects and designed to kill them.

Vienna is supporting people with money for gardening projects. One project per district can be funded with up to 3600€, which is quite a big sum! Apparently there are also 5100 bee colonies living in Vienna, one is even located on the roof of the Rathaus.

Can’t wait for spring!!


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