Banh Mi

Vienna is not known for being a huge or important metropolis but the food scene here is developing and looks to be a lot more promising.
The first Banh Mi shop opened in December and is as far as I know the only place that offer those delicious Vietnamese (but French inspired) sandwiches. It is located at Faulmanngasse 1, 1040 and worth a visit!


When eating Vietnamese I always make the mistake and forget to order my dishes without coriander. Did you know that a gene is responsible for people either loving or hating coriander? For some it can even taste like soap. Luckily for me it doesn’t, I just dislike it ;)


I have tried the five-spiced pork banh mi and the chili lemongrass beef banh mi. While I loved the flavour of both dishes, the pork banh mi is by far my favourite. The taste is just amazing and due to the pickles it even tastes and feels a bit healthy ;)

For drinks they have lemonades from this cute brand called John Lemon. I love puns and was amused by that name for hours :)

My yummy Banh Mi covered in coriander before I picked off those greens and dumped them (with much delight for Kerstin) on her sandwich.
Lesson Nr1: If you go out for Vietnamese food and constantly forget to say: “no coriander please” bring a friend who loves coriander. Problem solved :)

shooting_vienna_banhmi shooting_vienna_banhmi

There is always one cake for dessert and some Vietnamese coffee in case you want something sweet after that huge sandwich. I shared the banana cake with Kerstin and to my surprise enjoyed the coffee (not a huge coffee lover) that the owner kindly gave us for free.

Cute place with friendly staff and yummy food. What more can you ask for?


7 thoughts on “Banh Mi

  1. Ich brauchte zwar ein Weilchen um mich an den Geschmack von Koriander zu gewöhnen, aber nun liebe ich es! Kanns kaum erwarten es auzuprobieren ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so excited! And I am sure my friends will be, too, since I can now stop complaining about not having a Banh Mi place in Vienna. Yay!

      1. I sure did. Every time I heard of new Vietnamese restaurant in Vienna, I immediately checked their menu, just to be disappointed. When I lived in the U.S., I had banh mi at least once a week for lunch and I just couldn’t believe that they hadn’t made it to Vienna. Maybe they’ll be the next big thing after the burger craze :-)

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