Tea Monday – An Ji Bai Cha

An Ji Bai Cha is needle-like a green tea and the name actually means white tea but it refers to the unprocessed white tea leave colour.
Apparently there was a legend in a 900 year old Chinese book about a a tea plant with white leaves and only in the 1980s did they discovered this legendary white tea bush.


It is not just a really cool story, the taste is nothing compared to a “regular” green tea.
For me it has a fruity taste with a hint of lychee. The second brew is sweeter with no hint of tartness and very smooth.

You can infuse the tea for 1-2 minutes with 70-75°C. I prefer 2 minutes steeping time because the taste is a lot stronger.


Since my parents brought me a pack of An Ji Bai Cha from Paper&Tea, I was sold on it and searched for it in Vienna after finishing it. I wasn’t that lucky because I discovered that it is quite a rare tea. The harvesting season is very short, only about 30 days in spring since the leaves eventually turn green when temperatures rise. Probably a factor on why they did not discover this tea sooner ;)

I bought mine at this lovely tea shop in Bratislava and can only recommend you (if you have the time) to visit the shop. It has lots of great rare quality teas for a fair price because the owner is in personal contact with the tea farmers in Asia.

Have a nice week ahead of you!



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