Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of the most visited museums in Vienna and they have over 30 Million pieces in their collection, making it one of the best collections in the world.
It is great for families with young kids and offers free entry for anyone younger than 19. I loved it when I was small and I felt really nostalgic visiting it.

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm

The mammal section was my favourite as a kid but I weirdly was fascinated in the geology section.
Probably because I never paid much attention to it or maybe because stones were not too appealing to my younger self..
What is your favourite section to see at a natural history museum?

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm

Dinosaurs in a fancy old building? Check!


Grand entrance of the museum. The king back in the day had lots of cash to spend.

shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm shooting_vienna_nhm
Not sure what kind of art installation that was but I loved the reflections it has to offer!

Museums are definitely great in winter and when the weather is grey and unappealing.
What is your favourite activity on a grey winter day?


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