Vegalinda and Achselkuss

Since the start of this year I stopped buying cosmetics that are tested on animals and am on the look out for affordable and good natural make-up. Not only because it is cruelty free but because I believe that natural ingredients are far better for the skin. And truth be told, isn’t healthy skin that barely  needs make-up better than tons of make-up?

Vegalinda is a new online shop for vegan cosmetic and is founded in Austria.
All the brands that are offered are 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is great for me. It saves me time to check labels and brands online!

The shipping costs are only 3,45€ and without charge if you order from 49€ upwards.


Into the wild from upwind candles is a soy candle in a recycled wine glass for 19,9€. It smells really fresh and not artificial.


Hibiskiss in the colour coral is a great lipstick for winter for 4,9€. My lips feel super soft and rehydrated after I have used this. At first I was not that fond of the colour since I am more into the red tones but I do really like it now.

PHB ethical beauty mineral bronzer is the only product which I am not really loving. I opted for tan but I barely see it on my skin. Not sure if it is just the wrong shade and the product is great after all. It did cost 20,95€ and is too pricey not to like :(

I did get two samples, which you can see on the picture. A cream from Lulu&Boo and soap from Dr. Bronner. I love getting samples and I really enjoyed the nourishing cream from Lulu&Boo but I still have to try out Dr. Bronners soap.

shooting_vienna_vegalinda  shooting_vienna_vegalinda

Next up is Achselkuss, I discovered this brand of natural cosmetics that offer deodorant cream on a flea market. They aparrently have not a shop yet and can only be found on events but more information is on their Facebook page. The smell is amazing and available as neutral, lavender or orange. It is especially great for people like me that put on clothes first and forget about putting on deodorant. It is so much easier to just take a small portion and spread the cream with one finger on your armpit then use a whole deodorant stick. Definitely something I can see myself giving people for Christmas, if I would not already have all my presents since Autumn ;)


All opinions are my own, I did not get sponsored to write this post.


3 thoughts on “Vegalinda and Achselkuss

  1. ich werd mir das merken und da eventuell auch mal was testen. habe darüber auch letztens nachgedacht, weil ich diese woche auf einmal eine super allergische reaktion auf ein deo entwickelt hab. nachdem mein freund gegoogelt hat, was da eigentlich alles drin ist fand ich das gleich mal ziemlich gruselig und dachte mir, ich sollte vielleicht mal nach einer natürlicheren alternative suchen…

    1. Es muss ja nicht genau dieses Produkt sein da es doch nicht so einfach zu kaufen ist aber ich kann dir natürliche Deos nur ans Herz legen. Wenn man bedenkt, dass unsere Haut das größte Organ ist, sollten wir echt mehr aufpassen was wir drauf schmieren und in unseren Körper aufgenommen wird! Kann dir empfehlen, dass du bei DM oder beim Müller in der Naturkosmetik Abteilung dich etwas umschaust :)

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