Since I moved in summer I call the 5th district which Viennese call Margareten, my (new) home.
It is traditionally a district for working people and has still low rent prices yet is very near to Naschmarkt and kinda in between the inner district and Schönbrunn.

shooting_vienna_margareten shooting_vienna_margareten

Funfact, the 5th district has the highest numbers of Gemeindewohnung. Those are specially built by the government and have the advantage of being lot cheaper than normal flats. They are often boring-looking and brown but sometimes you spot cute mosaics on them.
I could do another post about the mosaics but I am not that tempted to go outside in the cold and wander about when I can curl up in front of the heater ;)

shooting_vienna_margareten shooting_vienna_margareten

Depending on when they were built, some are a lot nicer than others and Reumannhof is often named to be one of the nicest.
It is a rough beauty with a hidden charm for me.

shooting_vienna_margareten shooting_vienna_margareten shooting_vienna_margareten

I still miss the fresher air I had over the Danube but living in the city is just so much more convenient.


3 thoughts on “Margareten

  1. da wohnst du ja quasi bei mir ums eck :) ja, margareten hat in den letzten jahren definitiv einen aufschwung erlebt und ist dennoch leistbar, ich kenne einige, die in den letzten jahren dahin übersiedelt sind. grüße aus mariahilf :)

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