Last Autumn days

The weather was surprisingly warm for Autumn and I can’t recall this season to have been that dry and filled with blue skies. Perfect for enjoying those last sun rays and splashes of colour before boring old winter is coming back ;)

Here are some impressions in that order of :Volksgarten in the inner district of Vienna, Donaupark and the vineyards in Stammersdorf, on the outskirts of Vienna.


I love the orange colour of the Buddhist monks and how it matches the trees :)

shootin_vienna_Autumndays shootin_vienna_Autumndaysshootin_vienna_Autumndays

Most of the cellars at Stammersdorf seemed really old and abandoned.  Guess it is too much work for most of the families.

shootin_vienna_Autumndays shootin_vienna_Autumndays
The meteorologists have stated the end for those sunny days and  I guess we have to go back to heating our flat again.
At least we have the money to heat and a roof on top of our heads compared to other people so I don’t really want to complain here.


9 thoughts on “Last Autumn days

  1. Haha how did you manage to get the monks in, that almost looks like a scene in Thailand ;) And the abandoned cellars of Stammersdorf look really cool!

      1. oh ja :) obwohl ich da in wien meist nicht sooo die großen hoffnungen hab… da hoff ich meist schon auf einen schönen frühling ;) (also bis dezember gehts gut, danach: bäh!)

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