Autumnal Augarten

The Augarten is located in the second district in Vienna and is home to the famous Augarten Porcelain.


The famous Wiener Sängerknaben have their concert hall right next to the park.

It was not really one of the parks I would visit often, to me it is not that spectacular or impressiv.
Well, besides the big Flakturm, the big and massive grey building in the background is still here from the second world war.


In this picture you can even see the tip of the Fernwärme, which provides heat and warm water to many households in Vienna.

shooting_vienna_augarten shooting_vienna_augarten

Mostly the people are jogging or walking their dog, but in summer you can come here with friends to have a good time.

I do love the autumn look it has at the moment and the cute vegetable garden I saw while going to the park.




7 thoughts on “Autumnal Augarten

  1. sehr schön! ich bin auch nicht oft im augarten, dazu ist er für regelmäßige besuche für mich zu abgelegen, aber grade im herbst finde ich die bilder mit dem flakturm immer wieder faszinierend. das erste und das dritte hab ich aus praktisch identer perspektive (und eines um 180 grad gedreht als schlussbild des grade aktuellen beitrags ^.^) :)

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