Yori – Korean Fine Dining

Yori is not only serving traditional Korean dishes, they have an amazing interior design, which I wish I could have at home.
The two dominant colours in the restaurant are red and black, with a well thought of balance. I especially love the tree wall!


A lot of fancy Japanese places have opened the last few years and I am glad there is finally a Korean restaurant with great interior yet with an affordable pricing.


For drinks they have really interesting Korean lemonades and teas. I had this very refreshing and herbal tasting lemonade with the five-flavour berry. I never had heard from this special berry before. Also I did not know that I was not supposed to eat them. I don’t recommend you trying them but they had a very interesting flavour which explains the name ;) The first few bites taste like a fresh pepper which soon turns to a herbal taste which ended in a very bitter and displeasing after-taste.


For starters we had lovely homemade kimchi and good heap of fried chicken in a honey-chili sauce.
We both wished we could have this chicken as a main-dish because it was just so juicy and delicious, while burning our tongue from the heat.


I love the side dishes that are called banchan. Sadly all of the Korean places I know in Vienna only serve those to Korean customers unlike Yori.
Our side-dishes were kimchi, small fried fish with nuts, seaweed salad and marinated quail eggs.


My order was the samgyup kimchi, thin fried pork strips with kimchi and onions. Very tasty and flavourful!


The dolsot bibimbap the Mister ordered tasted super authentic, just like in Seoul.
We went to Yori to celebrate the Birthday of the Mister and definitely will be back again. I went there again with friends last week because it was that yummy.


Contact details:

Yori – Korean Dining

Wiesingerstraße 8 1010 Wien
Telephone: 057 333 777
Monday till Saturday open from 11am till 11pm


5 thoughts on “Yori – Korean Fine Dining

    1. I know that they are not that complicated but without the stone pot that makes the rice crispy while eating it is less appealing to me. Do you have the stone pots or just eat them out of normal bowls?

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